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S&M W h a t ’ s M y N a m e ? feat. Drake C h e e rs ( D r i n k to t h at ) Fad i n g On l y G i r l ( In t h e w o r l d ) California King Bed M a n D o wn R a i n i n g M e n feat. Nicki Minaj C o m p l i cat ed Skin L o v e T h e W a y Y o u L i e ( P a r t II ) feat. Eminem Executive Producers: R o b y n R i h a nn a F e n t y a nd An t o n i o “ LA ” R e i d Co-Executive Producers: E v a n R o g e r s a nd C a r l S t u r k e n f o r S RP A & R : Ab o u “ B u ” T h i a m a nd K a r e n Kw a k Now On Your Phone: PC 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group, 825 Eighth Avenue, New York, New York 10019. Distributed by Universal Music Corp. All rights reserved.


Sandy for 45th & 3rd Music LLC and AP/BMI) Produced by Stargate (ASC Roc The n) at Dea E. LLC ic elm, Mus Wilh S. 3rd , & sen (M.S. Eriksen, T. E. Herman sen & Miles Walker for 45th Erik S. el Mikk by ed ord rec ic ment. Mus ker Studios, Paris. Vee for Empire Artist Manage and by Sandy Vee at The Bun ording Studios, Los Angeles, CA Mic Studios, NYC, Westlake Rec for Suga Wuga Music, Inc. ll. Vocals produced by Kuk Harrell r. Assisted by Bobby Campbe Josh Gudwin and Mar cos Tova rell, Vocals recorded by Kuk Har stant Veronika Bozeman. , Atlanta, GA. Additional and Assi Additional vocal production by Phil Tan at The Ninja Beat Club and is Par , dios Stu ker Bun Mixed by Sandy Vee at The agels: Ester Dean. StarGate Man Engineering: Damien Lewis. & Sandy Vee. Background Voca sen man Her Erik Tor , sen Erik All instruments by Mikkel S. D. ment: Tim Blacksmith & Danny


D What’s My Name? feat.

ed AP/BMI/SESAC/SOCAN) Produc E. Dean, T. Hale, A. Graham) (ASC , sen er man Walk Her s E. T. , Mile & sen sen Erik . Erik (M.S el S. ic LLC. Music recorded by Mikk , Los dios Stu ing ord by Stargate for 45th & 3rd Mus Rec e tlak Wes The Mic Studios, NYC and for 45th & 3rd Music LLC at Roc Inc. Vocals recorded by Harrell for Suga Wuga Music, Kuk by ed duc pro ls pbell. Drake’s vocals Angeles, CA. Voca Cam by Bob Mar cos Tovar. Assisted by Kuk Harrell, Josh Gudwin and Assisted by Noel Cadastr e at The Hit Factory, Miami, FL. recorded by Noah “40” Shebib , GA. Additional and Assistnta Phil Tan at Ninja Beat Club, Atla by d Mixe er. Jon n ndo Bra and sen & Tor Erik Hermansen. All instruments by Mikkel S. Erik ant Engineering: Damien Lewis. ksmith & Danny D. Drake Blac n. StarGate Management: Tim Dea r Este ls: Records. Voca und kgro Bac ey Entertainment/Cash Money appears courtesy of Young Mon

Cheers ( Drink To That )

A. Lavigne, S. Spock) Christy, G. Edwards, L. ry, Ive C. , nt. son Gib zi, C. e The Best Manageme S. Barthe, L. Pergoliz ld Entertainment/W -Fie c-N (A. Harr, J. Jackson, Tra for ers ar at ed by The Runn (ASCAP/BMI) Pr oduc corded by Marcos Tov a Riddick. Vocals re keb sendiz, Inaam Haq, Ma Re io by ed ton uc An od by Vocals pr les, CA . Assisted ge An Los , ios ud ueva for St an Vill by Marcos Tovar Jeff “Supa Jeff” Westlake Recording by Ben O’Neill. Mixed Music recorded by ed . ist ea Sh Ass . ad CA , Br d les an ge Dane Liska Studios, Los An inment at East West . perTrac-N-Field Enterta udios, Los Angeles, CA from “I’m With You” St ing rd co Re ake stl We LP. Contains samples at & e Up rth rs Ba y ac St : for All Fade als Voc d t. un en Entertainm mpbell. Backgro , a unit of Sony Music Assisted by Bobby Ca courtesy of RCA/Jive d k use oc ne Sp vig La ott blishil Sc , Avr formed by and Avril Lavigne Pu rds, Avril Lavigne . on behalf of itself risty, Gr aham Edwa rp Ch Co en Corp. sic ur g La Mu hin o by blis Alm en Pu e of itt Wr )/Warner-Tamerlan sic Corp. on behalf CAP Mu l (AS . rsa rp ive Co Un sic by Mu d and publishe y Hill Songs c/o WB ary Wave (BMI)/Ferr ing LLC (ASCAP)/Prim (BMI).


emaker and Jay Music recorded by Cor ey Sho by Polow Da Don for Zone 4 Inc. ed ta Monica, CA. duc San , Pro I) dios (BM Stu n) ing Dea ord E. es, Rec (J. Jon Stevenson at No Excuses a Music, Inc. Wug a Sug duced by Kuk Harrell for ker Studios, Paris. Vocals pro cos Tovar. Bun Mar The at and win Vee dy Gud San Josh by ed rell, Record Vocals recorded by Kuk Har itional Add GA. , nta Atla The Ninja Beat Club, Bozeman. Mixed by Phil Tan at r Dean. nika Este Vero ls: by Voca tion und duc kgro pro l Bac voca is. ien Lew Additional and Assistant Engineering: Dam

Only Girl (In The World)

(C. Johnson, M.S. Eriksen, T.E. Hermansen, S. Wilhelm) (ASCAP ) Produced by Stargate for 45th & 3rd Music LLC and Sandy Vee for Empire Artist Management. Music recorded by Mikkel S. Eriksen & Miles Walker for 45th & 3rd Music LLC at Roc The Mic Studios, NYC, Westlake Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA and by Sandy Vee at The Bunker Studios, Paris. Vocals produced by Kuk Harrell for Suga Wuga Music, Inc. Vocals recorded by Kuk Harrell, Josh Gudwin and Marcos Tovar. Assisted by Inaam Haq, Dane Liska and Brad Shea. Mixed by Sandy Vee at The Bunker Studios, Paris and Phil Tan at The Ninja Beat Club, Atlanta, GA. Additional and Assistant Enginee ring: Damien Lewis. All instruments by Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen & Sandy Vee. Backgr ound Vocals: Cri$tyle Johnson. StarGate Management: Tim Blacksmith & Danny D.


California King B

opyright Con (ASCAP/BMI/C e a) W at t/ ic en el D nm a, A. tertai ckson, P. Rene ac-N-Field En (A . Harr, J. Ja nners for Tr Ru e Th by ed ld Entertr ol) Pr oduc r Tr ac-N-Fie agement. Villanueva fo ” ff Je a The Best Man up ed by Jeff “S ls s, Miami, FL. Music record ic, Inc. Voca Best Studio e Th e W ga Wuga Mus at t HQ, Su rs r Bu fo ll at re tainment r ar Mar cos Tova ed by Kuk H d uc an od in w pr ls ud Voca Josh G Kuk Harrell, tional and recorded by Kyle White. by ed st si nta, GA. Addi la As At I. W b, lu e, Alex C ke Milwau Ninja Beat tic Guitars: il Tan at The ectric/Acous El . a. is w ne Le Re n Mixed by Ph amie ls: Priscilla gineering: D gr ound Voca Assistant En gland. Back En ic Er : ss Delicata. Ba

Man Down

I/ASCAP) Pr oduced by Thomas, S. Layne) (BM T. s, ma les, CA . Tho T. h, ep (S. Jos The Village, Los Ange ed by Cary Clark at sic, Inc. Mu ga Wu ga Su Sham. Music record r Kuk Harrell fo ar at Tov Vocals pr oduced by os rc dwin and Ma Kuk Harrell, Josh Gu , CA . les ge An Los , ios Vocals recorded by ud St Westlake Recording bee rra La at nny Marroquin mpbell. Mixed by Ma risCa Ch y d bb an Bo id by dr ed Ma ik ist Ass Mix assisted by Er . CA , les ta. ge An Pla n Los , tia Sound Studios

Raining Men feat. Nicki Minaj

(M. Hou gh II, R. Wou ter, T. Tho mas, T. Tho mas, O. Mar aj) (SES AC/ASCA P/ BMI ) Pro duc ed by Mel & Mus for Wal l Str eet Ent. Mus ic rec ord ed by Dan a Niel sen at Cahuen ga Pas s Stu dio, Los Ang eles, CA. Voc als pro duc ed by Kuk Har rell for Sug a Wug a Mus ic, Inc. Voc als rec ord ed by Kuk Har rell, Jos h Gud win, Mar cos Tova r and Arie l Cho baz at Plat inum Sou nd Rec ord ing Stu dios, NY; Elec tric Lady Rec ord ing Stu dios, NY and Glen woo d Stu dios, Bur ban k, CA. Ass iste d by Kob y Has s. Mixe d by Jay cen Jos hua for the Penua Pro ject /Inn ers oun d Mgm t. at Lar rab ee Sou nd Stu dios, Los Ang eles, CA. Mix ass iste d by Jesu s Gar nica . Bac kgr oun d Voc als: The ron Tho mas. Nick i Min aj app ear s cou rtesy of You ng Mon ey/U nive rsa l Mot own .

ent a i n m C. t r e nt t LL . cr e ne E dZo owase uepper e R kn ew W . or Eye , Inc r rt f e w a e a n f o r n d A n d a Mu s i c s, t S a g y” D io rick ter homas uga Wu g Stud C. “ T and Es in ” T for S y d b r o -LUV r ell ed . Rec n “B r du c gmt Bria Kuk Ha estlake Pr o y ) I nd M b u M W y d o B b / t e s r a d . d AP cor , CA va r uce /Inne ( AS C ic r e ls pr od r cos To Angeles r oject a n) s e u D P M , E. Voca and Ma ios, Los Penua arnica. art d G e tew S dwin St u . r t h J es u s u (C ” h G S o u n d hu a f o y s b ote o J d “C-N r e l l , r r ab e e c e n Jos as s i s t e d r a a h H a als y Voc Kuk A and L by Ja . Mixed by C . y d c b e d n A e ,I . xe C ,C rd ed tlak l es , . Mi , CA usic e l es eco or d r e c os A n g m p b e l l s A n g e ic r ngeles uga M nd Wes or the s s l u a o a f L L . M Los A uga W , NV a a Voc by C i os, , s hu LLC B o b d St u d gs, tudios ll for S Vegas cen Jo y n i b t. d n S as re or ay our Sou sted Rec or ding uk Har alms, L d by J s, CA . enc t As s i r ab e e e t v c e e e l e d es B ar r oo ke Re d by K The P ll. Mix rG Ang e t a at L z fo Westl r oduce udio a ampb s, Los Gil Men d n t C t u p dio arte at S y So bby n t. a c a l s St u ed b usick E nal vo s Tovar and Bo Sound uno Du c u d io P r o o u n d M A d d i t M a r c o b Ka t z r a b e e u i t a r : N S AP) d k. . n C c g Lar i i y Ro a S d a. G B , LLC y ) ( A r f o r b a R i d u d w i n i s t e d b m t. a t G a r n i c c n usic g e G a s e M Y p k s s M h . o a su R nd os . A ound ,U . by M ell, J y Je erla , CA s oby ond eles, CA c e d k H a r r n g e l es t / I n n e r i s t e d b (K . C u W d r o A , s g c u o r s s n f e K j p a A d d i os , Lo by als Pr o Mi x a Ki os, Los . St u D Voc or ded Studios enua g x i n i e c l d P In rd r ec r ding St u by A sic, eco o ced or ding ga Mu lake R ed by u d Rec c u st cor d r o e Re I) P ga W t We k e by ) (BM Westla l for Su ovar a ocals r s t e d r d s. r s e i T l v t h s e s a t s o a a rr co m’s id Rec Mi x M. M x Da K Kuk Ha d Mar Emine CA . rscope an, n l. e . , l l y a s s m e A b o e r i b l n p wi fe ed by uced ud ge h/Inte d H af Gud by Cam gy St Los An t , H . r e c o r d l s p r o , Jos h fi , b t f rma s o n E e o i l B t a a l t d f c r c e i y a u A o r s G V (A . Mu nge ed b Har d St y of Kuk Assist ke Str a e Soun urtes y b . o i e c A M e d es , C s ab l or d ear a rr r ec s Ange at L m a p p s l n i a e u Lo Voc min r oq M a r P l at a . E y n Man istian hr d by Mi xe r i d & C d a M Er i k





in m E . t fea ) i i rt a P ( Lie u o yY a W The e v o L

Executive Producers: Robyn Rihanna Fenty and Antonio “LA” Reid

Co-Executive Producers: Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken for SRP A&R: Abou “Bu” Thiam and Karen Kwak A&R Administration: Terese Joseph A&R Coordination: Scott Marcus and Leesa D. Brunson Mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound, NYC Marketing: Gabriela Schwartz Management: Roc Nation Rihanna Entertainment Creative Direction: Robyn Rihanna Fenty and Ciarra Pardo, Art Direction and Design: Robyn Rihanna Fenty , Ciarra Pardo, JP Robinson and Alex Haldi Photography: Camilla Akrans Styling: Mariel Haenn and Robert Zangardi Hair: Ursula Stephen Make-Up: Karin Darnell Photography & Art Coordination: Package Production: Carol Corless Legal Counsel: Scott Felcher and Evan Freifeld for Felcher & Freifeld, LLP Sample Clearance Agent: Deborah Mannis-Gardner for DMG Clearances, Inc. Business Affairs: Randy McMillan, Antoinette Trotman, Ian Allen, Vol Davis III, Michael Seltzer For lyrics go to

- To My Lord and Savior… 5th album already… WOW!!! This is so much more than I prayed for… Thank you! - To all my Family: Gran Gran and Grandfather for being the solid foundation of this family. Mom, Rorrey, Rajad and Dad… I miss and love you always. - To all my Friends: My girl Melissa (My #1), Noella, Sonita, Sonya and Jenn… What would I do if we weren’t attached at the hip?!?! - LA Reid: What a fun, wild journey this was and we still got hit records out of it! LOL - BU: Thanks for keeping me busy on the road! - Karen Kwak: U A BAD BITCH! - Evan, Carl and my SRP fam: I count my blessings that it started with you. Look how far we’ve come! - Roc Nation: Jay, Jay Brown and TyTy… My GANGSTA Guardian Angels! - Ciarra Pardo: There’s a real life Super Woman! You saved my life, Girl. You are brilliant! - J Pizzle: Thanks for having my back, Man! LOUD Music - Stargate: How is it possible that you guys are this f**kin’ good?! - Ester Dean: Ur my favorite… Ur a genius little b**ch! - Drake and Nicki: I’m so happy that you could share this with me. - Tricky, The Runners, Eminem, Shontelle, Rock City, Alex and Holly, Guetta, Mel and Mus, Sham, Polow, Makeba, Cri$tyle, Stacey, Corey, and LP, Ursula, Priscilla, Phil, Jaycen, Manny and Chris G. - Marcos, Kuk and Josh: All those late nights on the studio bus were worth it…Thank You guys!! - Def Jam: Lucian Grainge, Steve Bartels, My 3 G’s… Gabe, Gabby, and Gabriela, Matt Voss, Dara Michelle, Erik Olesen, Pecas, Rick Sackheim, Benny Pough, Jason Iley, Max Hole, David Joseph, JP Robinson… Thank you to everyone in the building that lifted a finger on this project. - Amanda Silverman… 3 years later and I still love you c**ty!! - Rebel One… Thanks for the support! - To Scott Felcher and Evan Freifeld, Faisel Durrani and Live Nation and my Agents at WMEE… Dave Wirtschafter and Nicole David, thanks for helping Me try something new. -To my Glam Squad: Urs, Karin, Mariel and Rob, Ja’maal, Kimmie, Mylah… We have them fooled!! They think I’M CUTE!! -To Tony, Tina, Tanisha, Jamie King, Willo, Simon Henwood, Chris Lamb, My Madhouse Band, crazy dancers and the whole tour crew… MY BOYZ!! - To Anthony Mandler, Camilla Akrans and Philip Andelman. - To Rudy, Foxy and Doritos, Pepsi Co., Optus, Kodak and Lisa THPiritus. - C-A-W………M-E-R-E!!! - BIG UP to my Bajan Massive… RAH RAH!!!! - Rihanna Navy… Nobody’s fans ROCK like you do and I love you all for that. Let’s stick together and show them what we’re made of… GET LOUD BITCHES!!!!

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