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City College, Harlem ​hi guys and welcome back so today I'm going to film the TMI tag for you and we're going to jump straight into it so today I am wearing this blue jumper I got recently from new look and I have a white like tank top underneath that i got from H&M I've got some shiny black leggings on and if you see from Primark and because I'm oh so sexy I have a pair of snowman slippers on that i got from new look and I also have my chain necklace that i got from Claire's accessories have a bow ring that i ordered from ebay and one of these I don't even know what you would call this kind of a ring but my sister sent me this for my birthday i think it was and i believe that that is from Primark yes um you know no breakup is fun but um I don't know if I would say that I ever had a terrible breakup and you know not one of those kind of things were burning each other staff and none of that so I would have to say no I am 5 foot nine and a half inches and yes the half an inch counts depending on where in the world you are from Iowa 50 kilos 110 pounds or seven stone 12 no I have no tattoos currently I really really really really really want a tattoo I've wanted a tattoo for years but I'm really scared I I'm a total pansy and I am terrible with pain and plus I want to get one like on my ribs and I'm probably the most ticklish person you've ever met in your life and I terrified that they would like you know graze against my ribs or something and I would move because it tickled and then I would end up with like a tattoo line down my side which would not be a good look so no I don't have any tattoos but yes I really really want one yes I have my ears pierced and I have my belly button pierced okay so this doesn't really count I guess because they're not really a couple but I really really want them to be a couple so I've just decided that it counts and that is Stefan and Caroline from the Vampire Diaries I think they should get together if you agree like thumbs up the video and you never know maybe we can make it happen so the one thing you're going to learn about me while you're watching this video is that I'm really really bad at picking favorites I don't know what it is but I can't ever just pick like one thing that I like the most so for my favorite shows I would have to say is pretty little liars revenge The Vampire Diaries the originals and yes I am a geek so I don't know if there's like a favorite band that I have and but I am like into total cheesy pop music that kind of music that you listen to and it instantly makes you happy so like Beyonce britney spears i love the old whitney houston's christina aguilera's all of that kind of fun happy stuff Beyonce lady gaga katy perry like any of that stuff at the minute east eggs like i am a major chocoholic and since I've been living in Holland you just don't get the same thing for Easter that you do back in England like east of my favorite holiday you have the right to eat chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner if you want to which I do every single day but Easter you know nobody says to judge so I miss that like Cadbury's chocolate is my favorite chocolate in the entire world and you can't get that in this country and they also don't have like the same kind of Easter exit we have at home or the same variety of Easter eggs that we have at home so I really really miss Easter eggs like if any of my family are watching this right now feel free to you know put some in a box send them my way don't forget the Cadbury's Creme Eggs again trying to pick a favorite song of all time for me is like way too typical um I have a lot of songs that bring back like really happy memories and again you know along the cheesy happy pop music line i also love music from musicals so any music from the musical rent i absolutely love and that gives me so many memories of entertaining years ago and so many of the great friends i made back then and but again i also love anything happy i'm really really into Beyonce's love on top of the minute I am 27 I am a Scorpio in our zodiac and in like the Chinese one I'm a tiger so this is something that before the relationship i'm currently in is not something that I would have even known that I look for in a partner I've been with my partner now for almost six years and he makes me feel so special every single day there's not one day that goes by that he doesn't tell me that he thinks I'm beautiful or any of that stuff he makes me feel like a queen every day so that is definitely something that I think everybody should look for in a partner life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass it's about learning to dance in the rain so this is like really widespread I love more of the older classic actors and actresses if you will and you know Julia Roberts Anthony Hopkins Bruce Willis all of those kind of people and in a minute I really love Jennifer Lawrence Amy Adams though again those kind of people Mila Kunis I think they're really funny I'm really entertaining and they're quite a breath of fresh air at the minute okay this one's easy pink loud so this depends why I'm sad or maybe who made me sad or something like that but it is either curled up in a ball like total fetal position on my bed or having a big cuddle from my boyfriend so this really depends like what I have to do if it's a day that I don't need to wash my hair or anything it can literally take me two minutes like i'm in i wash my body I'm out and I'm done but if it's one of those days that you know you need to wash your hair and the deep conditioner and the exfoliator and shaving and all of that jazz like half

an hour easy if not more this is like along the same kind of lines again it depends what I'm doing like I'm more than happy to just throw my hair in a pony tail slap on some BB cream and some lip balm and go out the door so that takes me like five minutes or you know if I want to make an effort if I'm going somewhere nice if it's just one of those days that you know I really want to make an effort with myself or a day that I'm filming it can take me anywhere from like half an hour to an hour but to be honest I really enjoy that whole process so i could make it last hours if I a had the time would be if I really wanted to No thank God because I would lose so this is something that I'm kind of ashamed to admit but it's arrogance I can't help it it's you know it's just it just happens but um you know not arrogance like nasty rudeness but just that one step slightly over confidence you know that kind of a guy I'm there straightaway and that's exactly how i found my boyfriend fingernails please let me know if you agree with this because a lot of people think that I'm mad but men with fingernails just creeps me out like there should not be their nails should not be as long as mine it's just wrong I would rather a guy like to their nails down completely than a guy that has fingernails it's just disgusting let me know if you agree okay so I'm gonna make this story as short as I possibly can but am I used to be a dancer and I stopped dancing about five years ago now look like that and it wasn't really my choice to stop dancing you know it just kind of happened but I MIT I miss it every day to this day but you know it took me a really long time to find something that I was passionate about the way I was passionate about with my dancing and and you know I work a normal job I have a full-time job but you know there was nothing in my life that I was really passionate about and I was already like making my own jewelry and that kind of thing reading a lot of blogs watching a lot of videos with tips and tricks and how to use and that kind of thing so like I decided to start my blog which is the first thing that I started trying to give some tips on tutorials if things that like I wish I had when I was doing that kind of stuff and I'm obsessed with YouTube and I'd like played around with the idea for a while of making videos but kind of had that attitude of who is gonna want to watch me blabbering through a camera so I mentioned it to a friend of mine and he was like just do it like what have you got to lose nobody watches you then nothing and I took his advice and I uploaded my first video and we're getting there slowly but surely and I hope you guys enjoy watching my videos as much as I enjoy making them I am scared of fire and natural disasters like volcanoes tornadoes hurricanes tsunamis that kind of thing they terrify me and I think it's because like there's nothing you can do to stop it or whatever but they scare the bejesus out of me so I'm not really a person cries and very much i don't quite movies or TV shows or anything like that but the one thing i really do cry at is pain I do not handle pain very well at all and a couple of weeks ago I did something to the muscle like in my neck on my shoulder and I literally like woke up in the morning like this and it hurts so bad that i was in two years so yeah that was like a couple of weeks ago um a couple of hours ago so the DIY part of my name comes from the DIY the do-it-yourself and because I love to do all of that kind of stuff but I didn't just want to like pigeonhole myself into only being able to do DIY videos so that's why i added thee and me to the end of my name so i can do other things as well because i totally am obsessive makeup and nails and fashion and jewelry and all that kind of stuff so I could do the DIY stuff and anything else that kind of interested me and excited me and anything else what you guys want to see red so the last book I read was this and this is life about limits by Nick FOIA church you may have seen him like on YouTube he was on Oprah and this guy is amazing this is the most inspirational book I have ever read I suggest this book to everybody if you don't much of a reader like I say he has a lot of YouTube videos but this guy is probably the most happy person I've ever seen in my life and he has no arms and no legs and he just does everything nothing stopped him and yeah like I say it's he is incredibly inspirational his book is incredibly inspirational so if you haven't checked him out yet go ahead and check him out because I guarantee you're not going to regret it so this is the book I'm currently reading I've only got a little bit left to go but this is the lauren conrad beauty the reason I got this I was actually on pinterest and I saw one post of like the like 10 best beauty books that you should own or something like that and this appeared in there so I like Lauren Conrad I used to watch her in the hills and that kind of thing and I think she's beautiful I think she's got great style so I thought I would pick this up and give it a read and so far I really really like it and I watched the vampire diaries last night I guess that would be my boyfriend my boyfriend okay so most people are probably going to say that this doesn't count as food but I am gonna disagree my favorite food is chocolate okay I seriously like want to go everywhere everywhere in the world that is to go I want to go I want to go into Australia and Asia I want to go to America I need to go to New York and see a Broadway show if I had to pick like one I don't know I've always said I would go to Hawaii on my honeymoon so I'm gonna say Hawaii like my living room uh Channing Tatum I would say a few hours ago like insulted to my face I have no idea behind my back well who knows but like actually insulted insulted I have no idea naturally I would say chocolate but maybe some people are gonna be like that's not a sweet so if you mean like sweet sweet I always gravitate towards like the yellow and the orange sweet so i guess like those citrusy flavors I do not play any instruments although when i was a kid i did play the violin and I hated it so this one's a really tough one for me

because I have a lot of like really sentimental pieces of jewelry that people have bought me for like presents and stuff so i decided that i was going to pick any of those because i thought it would be unfair to which other whichever one that I didn't pick so I have picked this now this if you can see is like to drop heads and the reason i picked this i have like the world skinny's wrists so no bangle ever fits me well and they ever end up like hanging around down here or if my arms like down they fall off my hand and it drives me absolutely crazy and then I found this one actually on sale in pull and bear and it fits me perfectly like it stays there and it doesn't move at all so I absolutely love these if and if anybody knows where you can get like bangles or these kind of bracelets from skinny risk people please leave it in the comments because i need to get my hands on more of these I don't play sports okay there is not such a thing as a favorite chat-up line because chat-up lines suck no that would be my friend Stesha she came over to see me when she finished work over the weekend that's like a couple of days ago she bought by just for an hour or so just to come and keep me company I had the house to myself so that was really nice to see somebody for a few hours i am going to tag carry Brad she is quite new to youtube like me I think she's been around a little bit longer than I have but she's still very new and I love her videos I've watched all of her videos I actually came across her because of missglamorazzi she found her and she mentioned her own a video she put her on facebook so of course along with like thousands of other people I had to go and see what she was talking about and she was an absolutely beautiful girl and I love her videos and I would love to see her do this tag so Carrie rad I tagged you School of Social Work.

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personal uni bielefeld