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JENNETT’S PARK CE SCHOOL ! Team In Place For September ! With only 80 days left before The Jennett’s Park CE School opens, Ms Soulsby (Head Teacher) has lined up an impressive team already. The appointment of Mr Simon Cotterill as Deputy Head Teacher will bring great expertise to the school, and he has already started working to help prepare for the school opening in September. Most of the staff have now been appointed (recruitment is still on-going ) and will form an outstanding team providing wonderful learning opportunities and experiences for the children.

Nursery Class (& EYFS Team Leader) Reception Class Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5/6

Miss Jennifer Allen Miss Laura Mahoney Miss Sophie Adams Mr Stuart Hempson-Jones Miss Georgina Smith Miss Lauren Dewar Miss Kerrie Loft

More about the team and new school can be found at The Jennett’s Park CE school web-site.

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Delicious Gardens

Indoor Delights

Wonderful Lighting Inside or Out

Creature Comforts Creature Comforts Visit Garden Trading Click Here Page 4

The Jennett’s Park Community Association are looking forward to the September opening of the new Community Centre and compliment the builders on their rapid progress over the past few months. The building sits along side the new school and forms part of the Neighbourhood square that will make a great meeting place for young and old alike.

Bookings to use the facilities are already being taken and will include groups such as JP Tots, Pilates, and weightwatchers. A youth cafe is also being planned and general social evenings will all take place. An introduction opening day event is being planned and any interested groups who wish to take part should contact Caroline Elkins on or check the web site

Artist inprestion of The New Neighbourhood Square Page 5

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Local Halls for Hire Reasonable Rates St Sebastian’s Memorial Hall Nine Mile Ride, RG40 3BA Recently redecorated this hall is suitable for various events and holds up to 96 people. It is equipped with a stage, good parking & a small kitchen with crockery. Long term bookings are available and the hall can be hired in conjunction with the Howard Palmer Room

Howard Palmer Room At St Sebastian's Memorial Hall

Decorated recently to an excellent standard, this hall is ideal for meetings & small gatherings it holds up to 40 people and has a small bar and kitchen area.

Hatch Ride School Hall Hatch Ride, Crowthorne, RG45 6LP

Great for larger gatherings, holding up to 200 people. Only available for evening and weekend bookings. This hall has its own entrance, small kitchen and ample parking.

For hall hire & enquiries Tel: 01344 771425 Or email: Page 7

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25th June 2011 From 7-30pm At The Temp Community Centre Peacock Lane Next To Peacock Pub


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For More Details And To Become an Owner Page 10

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Great Hollands Bowls Club Summer Open Day Great Hollands is your bowls club and is open to both sexes and all abilities from twelve years upwards. We love new members, both experienced and beginners and you will be made to feel very welcome at the club. We believe everyone should be able to try the game before committing to membership and on Sunday 3rd July from 12 – 6 we are holding our annual open day. Everyone is invited to come along to the club and 'have a go' at bowls or just to watch and talk to someone about the sport. Equipment and Instruction will be available, all we ask is that you bring along a pair of flat soled shoes to wear on the green. There will be stalls, tombola and a BBQ aiming to raise funds for MacMillan cancer support and of course the licensed bar will be open. The mayor of Bracknell will officially open the day by rolling up the first bowl. We love bowls and truly believe it is the sport for all ages and abilities, so why not come along and have ago, we would love to see you. If you can't make it on Sunday 3rd July, give us a ring and we'll be happy to sort out a time when you can have a go on another date. For further details about bowling, membership or giving it a a try please contact Lee on 01344 222503 or David on 01344 423365 or see our website Page 13

PINEWOOD MINIATURE RAILWAY A joyful ride through the woods Pinewood (Wokingham) Miniature Railway has been running trains for 25 years, delighting children of all ages. Located at the Pinewood Leisure Centre our railway runs for nearly half a mile through a woodland setting. Why not come down and have a ride! We are open on 'the third Sunday of the month', from April to October - running trains from 1:30 pm to 4 pm. Tickets cost just 80 pence each or get 8 for £5, saving 20%. Children under three travel free. Light refreshments are now available too, so do feel free to stay longer and watch the trains go by ! We also run 'Special Events' such as our popular 'Birthday parties' (where the railway is yours for 2 hours) and 'Santa Specials'.

July 17th — August 21st — September 18th –- October 16th You can find more information about us, what we do, and how to join us, on our webpage; or by contacting our Secretary for more information on 0118 989 4516. Pinewood Railway members are real enthusiasts and we are keen to welcome new members who want to join in, whether engine owners or not. Page 14

Just 2 of the many engines operating on the Pinewood Miniature Railway. For More

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Jennett’s Park Tots is a baby and toddler group for children from 0-5 years old based at the Jennett’s Park Community Centre next to Peacock Farm Pub. It welcomes all families from Jennett’s Park and the surrounding areas.

Sessions are every Tuesday morning during term time from 10am 11.30am and costs just £2 per family for each session.

Each week we have a different activity or event including Virgin Vie, Usborne Books, arts and crafts, Jo Jingles and even trips out!

If you are interested in finding out more, just come along one week. There is no joining fee and you can come on a week by week basis. Jennett’s Park Community Centre next to Peacock Farm Pub Contact Frances Husband 07834 364481 Helen McWhinnie 07588 951606 Page 16

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Caroline Elkins (Chairperson) Telephone 07856514940

11 - 13 High Street


Bracknell RG12 1DL

Eileen Mann ( Honorary Secretary)

Telephone 01344 484466

Telephone 01344 451041 Email

Great Hollands Primary School Wordsworth Bracknell

Great Hollands Health Centre

Telephone 01344 424911

Great Hollands Square Bracknell


RG12 8WY


Telephone 0844473614

Telephone 01344 425483

Ringmead Birch Hill

P.O. Box 3975



RG12 7PG

RG12 8ZE

Telephone 01344 421364

Telephone 01344 426861

The Square 129 Binfield Road



RG12 9LP

RG42 2BD

Telephone 01344304626

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A warm welcome awaits you from Andy and Pauline at the Pinewood Bar and Cafe Bar Opening Times

Cafe Opening Times

Monday to Saturday

Monday to Sunday

7pm to 11pm

9am to 4pm

Wide Screen TV


Pool Table


Real Ales

Tea & Coffee

Becks on Draught

Ice Cream

Decked Patio Area Everyone Welcome See website for further details Page 21


Poop, yes dogs poop everywhere. On the pavement, on the gravel paths through the woods, on the fields and yes I am alarmed to say in our CHILDREN'S play areas. Well, our dogs have got to go somewhere, when they need to go we can't stop them. We have every right to enjoy the open spaces with our dogs and we certainly don't want any more laws or regulation restricting us from doing what is one of the most pleasurable pastimes we have, to walk the dog!! BUT WAIT, what are we going to do, just look at the dangers of dogs poop. 1. Dogs poop is NOT good fertilizer. It's toxic to your lawn! The high nutrient concentration in dogs poop will burn the grass. 2. Nearly two decades ago, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classified pet waste as a dangerous pollutant in the same category as toxic chemicals and oil. 3. You may not live near water, but unscooped poop is carried by overland water flow or is washed into storm drains, ending up in far away streams, rivers and ground water. 4. Pet waste can spread parasites including hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms and Salmonella. When infected dog poop comes into contact with your lawn, the poop will eventually "disappear", but the parasite eggs can linger for years! When a human or animal comes into contact with that soil through everyday activities like walking barefoot, gardening or playing, they risk infection from those eggs ... even years after the poop is gone. 5. Pet waste is teaming with E. Coli and other harmful bacteria including fecal coliform bacteria, which causes serious kidney disorders, intestinal illness, cramps and diarrhoea in humans. (There are 23 million fecal coliform bacteria in a single gram of pet waste!) 6. Dog poop often contains roundworm larvae, which cause blindness. If a human ingests a roundworm larva, it can migrate through the body causing disease to the brain, lungs, kidneys, liver, heart or eyes. So when people (especially children) touch soil, dog toys or anything that has been in contact with dog feces and then touch their mouths, they can become infected.

So what can we do! Be a responsible dog owner scoop up your dogs poop every time

For Popper Scoopers and all your pets needs visit :THE PETS SUPERMARKET CLICK HERE

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Everything for your garden CLICK HERE









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