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CONTOUR BASICS PLAYBOOK: A how-to guide to get acquainted with Contour. When complex projects fail, too often the root cause is a lack of clarity and agreement on the requirements. Modern development methods teach us to embrace changing requirements any time during the development process. But, how do we keep track of changes, keep our teams in sync on the details and keep stakeholders happy as plans naturally evolve? That’s where Contour comes in. Contour’s capabilities include requirements collaboration, requirements reuse, traceability, coverage, change management, test management, project dashboards and other features to empower your team to leverage their collective genius and deliver projects on-time. All of this functionality is delivered in a simple, Web-based application.

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Contour at a glance. Welcome to Contour. As you get started, use the chart below to familiarize yourself with the solution.

1. Projects and Review Center

Easily tab between your projects and the Review Center, where you can initiate and participate in reviews of a set of items.

2. Project Tabs

Click on the “Contour User” dropdown menu to enter Contour adminstration. From here, you can manage your organization, including the permissions, licenses and third-party integrations.

Use the Explorer, Filters, Baselines, Releases and Tests tabs to organize items and easily navigate as you manage your projects.

6. Views, Actions and Export

3. System Hierarchy

7. Contour Workspace

Within the Explorer tab, you can create a system hierarchy to organize your project. Click on a folder to view a set of items or click an item to view details.

4. Tag Cloud

Add tags as you’re creating and editing items. Common tags show up in your tag cloud, displayed here. Click on a tag to display the associated items.


5. Contour Administration (Admins only)

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Use this bar above the main window to export items, change your view and update items. This is your main window within Contour to work within a list of items or edit the details of an item.

8. Trial Toolbar

The trial toolbar is available to you throughout your trial. From this toolbar, you can import data, create projects, invite colleages, initiate reviews and contact Jama. / 1.800.679.3058

build great products™

Contour highlights. To jump start your trial, take a quick look at how to use a few of the most popular features.

Keep everyone in sync with Contour’s Review Center. Send a specific set of requirements out to the team and stakeholders to review and provide feedback in-line. Participants in the review can join the real-time discussion, propose edits, flag issues, vote for prioritized features, and approve and electronically sign-off on requirements for an official record of the agreed-upon scope. To initiate a review, click the “Reviews” tab on the upper left.

Capture feedback and edit in context. Whether you’re editing requirements, test cases or other items, you can edit alongside the item’s full discussion. In this example, Derwyn is editing a test case per Ben’s request from within a test plan review. To edit an item within a review: 1. Begin a review. To edit during a review, you must be the review author. 2. Click into the item that you would like to edit. 3. Click “Edit Item” on the upper right of the window.

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Assemble customized project views. As a Contour administrator, customize and assemble project-level views of activity and data using widgets within the dashboard. From the dashboard, you can quickly export Contour data for easy reporting. 1. Login as an administrator. 2. To configure the dashboard, click “Change Layout” button on the upper right. 3. To create a new widget, click “Add a Widget.” 4. To edit a widget, click the Settings icon within the widget’s pane.

Track full traceability. Track the relationships between requirements, use cases, test cases, defects and other related items. Understand the impact a change has on other requirements and related items instantly. In this example, view the relationships associated with this requirement. 1. Click into a requirement. 2. Click on the “Relationships” tab in the bottom half of the main window. 3. To see this view, click “Visual Layout.” To relate items, click “Relate Item(s)” on the right.


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Manage and execute tests. With test management integrated within Contour, ensure all requirements are met by creating, executing and managing test cases to validate the software you’re building and reduce defects. In this example, begin a test run: 1. Click into test plans from the Test Plan project icon. 2. Click “Test Runs” on the upper right of the main window. 3. Click the play button next to the test you’d like to run. 4. The “Start Test Run” window will open. Click “Start Test Run” to begin.

Manage change throughout the development lifecycle. Track the complete version history of requirements and other items. 1. Click into a requirement or other item. 2. Click on the “Versions” tab in the bottom half of the main window. 3. Select the versions you would like to compare. 4. Click the “Compare” button to the right. 5. The “Version Compare” will open. To show the detailed changes, click the “Show Details” button on the upper right.

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build great products™

About Jama Software Thousands of users worldwide. Billions in R&D projects managed within Contour. Jama Software is the leader in collaborative requirements management solutions for improving enterprise collaboration and managing complex software development projects. Its Web application, Jama Contour, helps organizations manage the entire requirements management lifecycle through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that brings people, process and data together to ensure software quality is delivered as specified. Customers, from agile start-ups to the largest and most sophisticated technology and IT organizations in the world, turn to Jama to help drive innovation, improve the decision-making process and harness the collective genius of all stakeholders involved in building great software. For more information please visit:

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Contour basics playbook