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Healthy Food Suggestions under 100 calories It is a known fact that lot of people now, especially women, are weight conscious more than ever. If you go to a gym, you will probably see the building bursting with people on the treadmill, on the cycling machine or joining group exercise classes. If you go to the local supermarket, you will see a lot of people flocking to the fresh produce section to restore their salad ingredients. In the world of calorie counting and waist and weight watching, it is important to know these days the different healthy food items that are less than 100 calories. If you are on a strict diet and you still want a little bit of everything without totally ruling them out of your life, here are some food ideas that you can follow.

Breads Everyone practically loves breads. Even if it is a healthy food, a lot of people still feel guilty munching on it given the carbohydrates from the starch and the flour that is it made of. Instead of ruling breads out of your life, have your daily bread intake in tiny portions. A plain medium bagel for breakfast is only 75 calories. A half of cornbread packs on 95 calories and a medium English muffin has 68 calories. Instead of adding butter to your bread, eat it as is or with low-fat cheese as an alternative.

Cereals Even if a lot of people eat cereals as a diet food, it is still loaded with calories. A half cup of cooked oatmeal has 75 calories and another half cup of grits packs on 70 calories. Eat your 1/2 cup of cereals with dried fruits such as a dried mango, which packs on 30 calories for 2 medium strips, so you have a complete and satisfying meal for breakfast. Adding fruits to your cereals is good as you also get the vitamins and minerals you need. Further, when eating cereals, go for cooked ones instead of those that are ready to eat as the latter may contain more sugar. As with people who are on a diet would say, more sugar means more calories.

Crackers Just like cereals, crackers, although they may not look it, are packed with heavy calories too. Instead of eating the entire packet of crackers, have a sheet of graham crackers that are only 55 calories. 5 pieces of saltine crackers have 60 calories and your plain animal crackers that you can nick from your child's snack stash have 85 calories. Indulging on crackers is also a good choice whenever you need to boost your energy within the day. Crackers are healthy items too as they are loaded with fibre that can help in cleansing your digestive tracts. Fruit snacks 3 cups of air popped popcorn packs on 55 calories. And as mentioned earlier, you can have dried mango as a snack since a strip has 16 calories. Eat at least 5 to 6 pieces of it and you are still within the 100 calorie limit. If you cannot resist reaching for that bag of baked pretzels, have 5 pieces of it to satisfy your craving and you are only ingesting 55 calories inside your body. With so many yummy and healthy food items that you can eat in portions, you can stay within your diet goals in a breeze. Check my site for more ideas.

Healthy Food Suggestions under 100 calories  

In the world of calorie counting and waist and weight watching, it is important to know these days the different healthy food items that are...