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The Key Benefits Of Selecting A Cantilever Umbrella Many people have homes with extraordinary backyards where they spend lots of time enjoying the atmosphere sitting in their patio furniture or possibly swinging in a hammock. A cantilever umbrella is one accessory that really puts the icing on the cake; an outdoor patio umbrella that offers beneficial features to keep you and your family shaded, comfortable, and in style. This kind of umbrella is similar to an offset umbrella in that the shaft and base are configured to the side as opposed to having a center pole. With this particular design, there is another secondary pole that is connected to the main pole and the umbrella is suspended from this second pole. This lever pole can be an advantage because it makes it easy to lift and lower the umbrella canopy. It also frees up all the space under the umbrella since there is not a center pole and there is far more shade for you to enjoy. Another useful feature is that they are often lighter in weight and can be simply maneuvered around the patio area. If you're planning to move it often, choose one with a wheeled base. You are able to modify the angle of the protection without moving the umbrella and the stand when a using a model with a tilting option. This tilting mechanism is especially necessary in the mornings or evenings when the sun is at an angle. Because pole is offset, it can be more likely to tip over in high winds than one with a center pole. With a heavy base, this is compensated appropriately where the umbrella is not falling over. Several umbrella bases come with sand within them or they are hollow which lets you fill them with sand. Other bases are made with decorative metal to match the pole and an optional base weight can be integrated. This will decrease the tendency to fall over. Consider the size of the location you would like to shade when planning on purchasing a cantilever umbrella. With many umbrella sizes and shapes available, there are a tremendous number of opportunities for you to custom design your umbrella. The sizes range between 6 feet to 11 feet or even bigger. You need to measure the table to be sure the umbrella will cover it adequately if you have an outside table to cover however you do not want the shading to engulf the table so to speak. The table or area can be sufficiently shaded when selecting the correct sized umbrella. The most commonly available models are round, octagon--often called market umbrellas---and rectangular, to shade long, rectangular tables. The appearance and resilience will be impacted by the grade of fabric you choose. A lot of modern fabrics have been created to be UV resistant mainly because of the sun's relenting heat which most materials can be easily damaged from with time. The majority are synthetic and are available in several finishes, textures and colors in both solids plus prints. Choose the styles and colors you prefer to add to your outdoor decor. When not in use, protect your umbrella from the elements with an umbrella cover. Many are developed to be durable and machine washable and should help to shelter your umbrella from the bleaching rays of the sun. Staying cool in the shade is necessary for both comfort and protection from the sun any time you, your family and guests are spending time outside on the patio. A well-placed cantilever umbrella will help provide shade plus a decorative accent to your outdoor living space.

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The Key Benefits Of Selecting A Cantilever Umbrella Spend quality time on the patio with family and friends with assistance from a Camelot Living commercial cantilever umbrella. For further information on Camelot Living, visit them at their website,

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The Key Benefits Of Selecting A Cantilever Umbrella