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Title: I’m Ready for My Close-up: Looking Good in Photos The camera isn’t friendly to all – one of the biggest reasons why some people are uncomfortable around it. In fact, so many dismiss the idea of having their pictures taken, as they believe they’re not goodlooking or photogenic enough. Other than resolving some self-esteem issues, there are a number of things people can do to make themselves look good in photos and find it easier to sincerely say “Cheese!”

Here are some of the best ways To look better in pictures:

Give the Best Smile Even the most sincere smiles can look bad. This is why narcissistic as it may seem, sometimes it really does pay off to practice smiling in front of a mirror. It can also help to flip through and look back at old photos and find a smile that looks the best. That smile should serve as a template for succeeding photo opportunities.

Step Out of the Light Lighting can affect the appearance of a person’s facial contours in the photo. This is especially true if the pictures are taken under direct natural light. Harsh light also leads to the subject squinting a little more than usual, affecting the quality of the smile. Subjects should ask the photographer to pick a good lighting condition that will highlight their assets.

The Eyes Should Smile, Too Photography subjects should realize that the lips and the teeth are not the only parts that matter when they smile. The muscles around the eyes should work, too. Otherwise, a smile will appeal drab, fake, and flat. Those posing in front of a camera should squint a little bit to give their eyes some sort of expression. Just don’t overdo it. In some cases, subjects may choose not to look directly at the Camera creates some air of mystery.

Find a Good Angle Subjects must know the angle from which they will look good. They should not plainly stand in front of the camera. Creating an angle will also create bends, making the body look more interesting. Being photogenic is not just about the facial features of a person. It’s not something that only celebrities are entitled to; it’s something that anyone can practice and perfect eventually.


I’m Ready for My Close-up: Looking Good in Photos