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Programme Reps

Handbook 2013-14

Thank you

On behalf of YSJSU we would like to thank you for becoming a Programme Representative for the academic year 2013/14. Becoming a rep enables you to have insight into university procedures and lets you take charge of not only yours, but your classmates student experience here at York St John. As a rep you will acquire a number of skills which can be applied in your studies as well as looking great on your CV. As well as this we have, this year implemented a new rewards scheme! At the end of the academic year reps will receive a certificate, levelled at Bronze, Silver or Gold. This is completely dependent on your activity and keeping us up to date with what you have been doing as a rep this year.


In this handbook you will find all the information you need for being a Programme Rep, including who to contact should you have any questions or issues. We hope you enjoy your time as a rep and enjoy the next year at YSJ!

Laura Jackson Vice President Education

Paul Murtough Education and Representation Co-ordinator

Job Description

Programme Representatives are there to represent the views of the student body here at York St John. We at the SU are keen to know what students are saying and what the university are doing to respond. As a Programme Rep you will keep in contact with the SU providing us with what students are saying, and how you are finding your role. You will be required to attend meeting such as Faculty forums, as well as engaging with your students and feeding back any relevant information. You will develop a number of transferrable skills in this role, all useful for the working world!

The Key to change

As a Programme Rep you are the first point of contact for your students. You have the opportunity to voice the opinions of others and make a real change to your student experience. You will sit in university meetings, actively seek change and work alongside your VP for Education here at the SU to improve and maintain the standards for students at YSJ. 3

What we expect from you

As a Programme Representative we will expect you to do a small number of things throughout the year, the role requires time and dedication, but as much as you can give, so don’t panic!

Talking to students:


Make sure you talk to your students, gathering their views and making note of any issues affecting their student experience. This information provides your talking points in meetings, remember it’s not about your personal opinions and problems.

Feedback any information to your students and back to the SU. Feedback to the SU can be done via a meeting report form which can be found on the website www.ysjsu. com. This year feedback counts more than ever, for your rewards!

Faculty Forums: Come along to your monthly Faculty forums with your Faculty chairs and fellow Programme Reps. This is your chance to raise any issues that your classmates are having, remember that the more issues you bring forward the more we can change for the better! 4

Programme Rep Conference: This conference is held annually and is a great chance to experience a full day with other reps, taking part in workshops and finding out how other students work in their role.

What not to expect

There are some areas though that we do not expect you to engage in. In cases of such arising, please use the correct channels as highlighted below.

Student Performance: Personal problems: For all concerns regarding student performance forward all concerns to the VP for Education, Laura Jackson (

For any personal issues students may be facing, please direct them either to Student Advice or the Students’ Union.

Complaints: Complaints must be followed through the correct procedures and policies, to seek initial guidance with this; forward any issues to the Sabbatical team here at the Students’ Union.


What you can expect from us

As Programme Rep you are a vital member of the Students’ Union, and to show our appreciation for all that you do we are here to provide you with as much help and support as possible!




All Programme Reps will be invited to attend training sessions which will focus on key areas to help you through the year. The training will provide workshops which will focus on how to represent students, active listening, attending meetings and what is available to you. Look out online for dates and times of training. And please note there will be three training slots so if you can’t make one you still have chances, also if you can only make half a session you can book yourself to attend another half to make up for your full attendance!

You can expect a large amount of support from members of staff here at the Students’ Union. Your first point of call for any education issues will be Laura Jackson, Vice President Education and/or Paul Murtough our Education and Representation Co-ordinator Once a month the SU will hold faculty forums which provide the opportunity to raise any issues and develop actions, these will then be recorded and any development will be kept up to date via the website on the ‘Work in Progress’ page.

Your Staff

VP EDUCATION Laura Jackson



Awards and Recognition

This year YSJSU are providing Reps with the chance to gain some significant recognition for their work through our rewards scheme. The rewards will be categorised into Bronze, Silver and Gold, and each student will be provided with a certificate to the correct level. You must meet the set criteria to achieve a certificate, to monitor this, please e-mail all up to date information regarding activity to Paul Murtough, whose contact details can be found in this leaflet. The criteria for 2013/14 can be found below:

Attend Programme Rep Conference Speak to students/provide feedback to students


Attend TWO Faculty Forums Attend ONE extra training session

Receive certificate 8

Attend Programme Rep Conference Engage with Question of the Month


Speak to students/provide feedback to students Attend THREE Faculty Forums Attend TWO extra training sessions

Receive certificate Attend Programme Rep Conference Speak to students/provide feedback to students Attend university committees/submit meeting report form


Attend ALL Faculty Forums Attend THREE extra training sessions Engage in a VP Education campaign

Receive certificate 9


Moodle is your student gateway here are York St John. You can use this to access course information, download documents and keep up to date with your timetable. However the SU also have a current Moodle page which is accessible to students and Reps. These pages enable you to open forums and discussions with your students and provide a great way to gather student opinion for your meetings. The current layout separates you into year group, within a course, so feel free to post whenever you want. Grab your peer groups attention and start to make a change. If you have any questions regarding Moodle then contact IT Services for further assistance.


Contact us

For any issues or general queries, please contact the Students Union at:

Or alternatively contact your VP Education and Education and Representation Co-ordinator at:

York St John Students’ Union

Laura Jackson

Cordukes building Lord Mayor’s Walk YORK YO31 7EX E-mail: Tel: 01904 629816 Fax: 01904 620559

Vice President Education

Paul Murtough Education and Representation Co-ordinator


For more information visit

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