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Increase Your Sales By 10% Make Your Customers Your Sales Force For Only $27.77 Per Month -- Let us show you how! Call Sandi (647-998-5807) or Paul (416-693-8530)

Increase in sales with Free advertising A full colour credit card that works as a sales tool to remind customers about your product. like a business card but feels like a credit card in your pocket. Gift card sales boost (average 30% more than paper) A gift card is an impulse buy product to be displayed and promoted, not hidden in a drawer like a gift certificate. Gift cards can be reused. When a paper gift certificate is issued, it is good for only the amount of the initial purchase. Great branding opportunities with your company’s logo and marketing message is printed on every gift card sold.

Card value can be set by you and either preloaded or RELOADED (A regular customer give a $50.00 to a buddy. He spends the balance. 40% of those new customers will spend the same value on a return visit) 3 out of four consumers will spend more than the amount available on their gift card when they shop at your store.)

Keep Customers For every $100 you spend at my place I’ll put $5.00 on your loyalty reward cards. (They will come back to get that FREE $5.00. and spend MORE $$$)

Get Free Money

New Income You can add a sponsor to the card and charge a fee or get a better deal. (Put the logo from Coke on the card and get 25 free cases of Coke)

New Customers

On average 10-15% of cards are never redeemed. (Buy 200 cards with a $50.00 balance = $10,000) $1,000 for free

Easy To Cash Your own store pictured on the front of a credit card for your customers

Easy To Buy Not all people are born shoppers and the thought of pounding the pavement trying to find the perfect gift can often be overwhelming for some individuals.

Better Cash Flow A $50 gift certificate sale means $50 cash for your business today No Cash Down before Feb 1st 213 -- After $175.00 Only $27.77 Per Month (200 Cards) $0.99 Per Card

Sandi (647-998-5807) or Paul (416-693-8530)

Easy To Load

Get One Of Our Local Reps To Help You Increase Your Sales By 10%

REWARD and GIFT CARDS MAKE MONEY Comes With A Free Debit Card Machine

Credit Card Systems POS: Retail $24.99, 1.59% Visa, $0.05 Debit Cancelable contract and cancelable lease with no exit costs.

Return the unit at anytime without any cost. if we are not the best and the least expensive service...send us home. √ No Batch Fee √Absolutely NO minimum monthly charge for debit

If you just lose one sale per month because you don’t accept credit cards than you have lost more than it costs to process credit cards Benefits Of Accepting Credit Cards 1) Credit cards are instant loans for your customers 2) Customers are more inclined to purchase if they have options, which means more sales, more ways to get paid, and most importantly, the added revenue for your business you lose by not providing your customers payment alternate options

3) Can be used in other aspects of your business... i.e. daily & miscellaneous trade with vendors, suppliers and other day-to-day business associates

Get a merchant credit card system that will accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Interac, with 1.59 percent for Visa and MasterCard. Also takes Interac at $0.05 per swipe.

4) Makes sales easier to close because your customers do not feel like they are spending any money 5) We get Merchants with "less than perfect" credit applications approved

Free Ads in this newspaper with our Merchant Credit Card System ! Get an ad here in this paper and also a credit card system to accept VISA, MasterCard and bank cards. Visit my site for further information Call Paul at (416) 693-8530

Paul is a sales representative for Trinity Payment Services A registered ISO of Chase Paymentech Solutions

Wireless POS Wireless (Cell Phone) $44.44 Plus Cell Phone Costs $5.00 - - - - -

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