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monthly is just another of Leroy’s lies and misrepresentations. Much as he misrepresents many charities, collecting monies for charities that no longer exist, never did exist, or are simply made-up. This is a man who resorts to extorting money from the good people of Toronto. The very act of misrepresenting charities and quite frankly robbing those less fortunate, such as the recent Salvation Army robbery of 5 tractor trailer loads of toys for Toronto’s poor and less fortunate, is an absolute indicator of this man’s character and moral turpitude. This article is more for my advertisers than the general reading public. I'd like to defend myself and my character regarding some slanderous, libellous and baseless accounts being made against myself and my business endeavours. Over the last few months my former business associate Leroy has been slamming me in his local newspaper with maniacal ranting’s, stories and crazy lies that have absolutely no foundation. Don’t have a “falling out” with the owner of a newspaper that has no assets. Suing him for defamation of character will not work. There's nothing there! The only way to set the record straight is for me to write a reply and defend myself against these nonsensical allegations. Leroy's current issue warns readers “DON”T LET MURTON CONTROL YOU“. I was interested to find out more, so I went out to see if I could pick up a copy of the latest issue of his Ward 32 newsletter. I looked in all the usual spots, but none were to be found. Unfortunately Leroy had already hand delivered copies of his current newsletter to all of my advertisers, and business associates with a sales pitch on using his paper, and his services not mine to promote their products. A quick view of his web site, ( shows only three papers published per year. Leroy and his dwindling sales team promise readers and advertisers their ads and stories go into a newsletter with a monthly distribution of 50,000. We can gather from the sparse and very intermittent publications that his promise of publishing 50.000 copies

For those wondering, why all this fuss about Leroy’s lies, why and where they are coming from you have to understand that Leroy’s lack of publishing lead to his sales team moving over to work for me. In his crazed mind he thinks I have stolen his paper from him, thus an effort by a crazy man to try and close down my papers. Past issues of Leroy’s Rag have claimed that as a sales rep for a debit card machine. I am slowly robbing your bank account. In the real world, and as a sales rep only, I have no access to anybody’s bank account, nor do I work for any bank that would do this. Quite frankly there is no such bank that would allow such illegal activity. It is neither in the banks best interest, or their customers for that matter, to allow the sharing of confidential and personal banking details to be accessed by anyone other than the banks themselves, or their customers. It’s quite silly really to think anyone could have such access to private bank account information. My second best story from Leroy is that I Paul Murton, am a master spy posing as local store owner, slowly and methodically scooping up your corporate identities for my evil empire and world domination plans. There will be more ranting’s, sour grapes and crazy talk from this very ill man, a convicted criminal with a 20 year and ongoing addiction to crack cocaine. This drug use is obviously having a serious and detrimental effect on his mind. How else can you explain this reprehensible and shameless behaviour? by Paul Murton

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