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Leroy St Germaine, Pics at Miss Toronto

By Melissa Peters Leroy has crossed the line in his latest issue, of Ward 32 News, but what can Paul do about it? It’s not a police matter, and you can’t sue someone with no money or assets. All I can do is write the truth. I have known Paul Murton for over fifteen years. I have done everything from silly little jobs, to customer service, to helping print CD’s, to writing front page stories for his online and webbased publications. Included in the “silly little jobs” category was accompanying Paul to a Miss Toronto modelling tryout/photo-shoot, where the organizer, was running late. It is mandatory for Paul to have a second

publisher of ward 32 news

Has Lost It

person at any of his photoshoot/modelling events, preferably female for a few reasons. Paul is a good photographer/videographer in his own right, but he isn’t the ideal person to direct a shoot- make the model(s) feel comfortable, suggest poses, etc. He simply doesn’t feel comfortable telling a pretty girl to look sexy- he would feel creepy doing so, which is why he has never organized any sort of one-on-one modelling project. As stunning and photogenic as some women may be, shyness or lack of confidence get in the way, making it impossible for them to connect with the camera and allow their true beauty to shine through. I am not all that shy though, so I had no problem joking around with the women who arrived, trying to help them loosen up. When Karen finally arrived with the reigning Miss Toronto, I couldn’t help noticing that our city’s beauty queen was almost as tense as the poor girls who had faced their first photo-shoot. I remember Paul asking me to tag along for similar projects over the years, but until I developed my shameful obsession

with ‘America’s/Canada’s Next Top Model”, it was of no interest to me. Paul has been hired to take pictures of aspiring models by the Miss Toronto Pageant, and is happy to continue putting tasteful and clothed shots/videos of hopeful young ladies in print and on the web at their request. Modelling careers come out of exposure of potential, and physical appearance is a large part of that potential. There are links to all of these aspiring models on most of Paul’s websites, and many of them have short clips on Youtube. There is nothing fishy, creepy or weird about it, and Paul has nothing to hide. He is simply using his web presence to give aspiring models exposure. Nobody is naked, or under age, and nobody is being manipulated. From a co-worker of Paul Murton, and her daughter, there is nothing creepy about this man. He is simply a nice person who is happy to help his friends, and a businessman trying to pay the rent.

NEWS: The Danforth Mosaic BIA Gets Nothing Done First and foremost, I would like to thank Michael Saunders from the City of Toronto BIA Office, for finding and returning my camera at the Danforth Mosaic BIA on Nov 26th.

Most members of BIA's have good intentions but struggle to get results due to a questionable concept regarding management. NO ONE GETS PAID. These store owners are busy trying to save their store from being boxed up by walmart. Time is money. Time away from the kids is time that parents will never get back. But if you are on the BIA board you do not get paid. BIA's are in the business of spending over $100,000 per year promoting the neighbourhood. A good example would be the Beaches Jazz Festival. This is what we call money well spent. Danforth Mosaic BIA history is of a

board member paying herself to book the events for the Danforth Mosaic BIA. Awarding a city contact for over $100.000 to yourself got the local store owners unhappy. Over the last 2 years the battle raged on. Now the board has a fresh start with new people on the board. At the general meeting of Danforth Mosaic BIO on Nov 26th evidence of getting nothing done was blamed on no time available to manage the tasks recommended by the local business owners. As an example the city of Toronto gave this BIA $6,000 to update their web site, two years ago. It has not been updated for 2 years. They have the money, but the board has not taken action. WHY? Well it goes to human nature. If you sit on a board that does not pay you and you are asked to recommend a company to update the website, you are going

to refer said board to a buddy who has done a good job for you. This company who gets the contract is likely going to thank that board member by offering them a free site or some other form of kick back. The company getting the contract knows that the board member is NOT BEING Paid. A finders fee of some kind only seems fair, when your unpaid friend throws business your way. The other eleven board members know this and have the right to vote down the suggested company, and propose their own friend’s company. The other unpaid board members are thinking that this guy is being paid and we are not. It is not fair. It might be fair if the chosen web company divide the finders fee between all board members.

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