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Since discovering an intolerance to gluten, I have feared it would affect my ability to review restaurants - one of my favorite things to do. I got lucky this time though- most of the dishes at Lalibela are served with either rice, or Injera, Ethiopian bread traditionally made with a grain that doesn’t contain gluten. Many North American restaurants, however, do put wheat flour in their injera- Lalibela does not. I was so happy to hear this, as my great experiences in these eateries haven’t required cutlerythe diner simply tears off a section of the moist, flat bread and uses his or her fingers to scoop up the cuisine. As the cuisine is often quite spicy, bread or rice is almost necessary to enjoy a full meal! The server recommended I try the Lalibela Platter (which I had already been considering), a

take the leftovers from that home too. There was a table filled with food for a very reasonable price, and it was great at the restaurant, and again at home. The beer was nice and cold, they have a full bar, a variety of vegetarian dishes, and are an excellent choice for glutenfree diners. After 6pm, parking on Danforth is free of charge, but not easy to find. The menu is filled with choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a kids menu, and they are open late every night. Available for take-out. (416) 6450486 (Danforth) Visit lalibelaethiopianrestaurant .com for menus and details.

combination of dorowat, with boiled egg, gomen beets, lentil, lamb tibs, kifto and salad. The different flavours and textures all went well with the injera, and the salad in the middle helped keep the heat under control so I could keep eating. Each had unique features, ranging from mild to hot, and all were very tasty and full of flavour. I ordered a glass of white wine to have with my meal, and was surprised at how sweet it was, but the strong flavour was necessary to even notice the wine beside the meal. It balanced out nicely. Paul’s dish, Zilzil Tibs, was a sizzling beef and vegetable medley, topped with jalapeno peppers for spice. One little seed snuck into his mouth, so I got to - - - - -

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is printed in five local papers. By Melissa Peters

Located just west of Coxwell, Lalibela restaurant is cozy without being cramped, with a sprinkling of holiday decorations for the season, and backlit prints and wall murals for the rest of the year. We brought my very picky daughter Logan with us, who refuses to touch anything ‘weird’ or spicy, very similar to our editor, Paul’s ‘dietary restrictions’. Logan chose the table beside the large fish tank, swimming with sizeable African Cichlids and a little plecko dining on rare spots of algae.

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