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Issue # 12 Feb/March

AnA BAilAo: WArd 18 CounCillor: on TCHC INSIDE: Bloor √ √ √ √ √ √ √

Ana Bailao the new middle Chat with Adam Vaughan Craig Scott NDP Grant Gordon Liberal Toronto’s Transit Problem New Classified Section Janet’s Danforth BIA

Councilor Ana Bailao at City Hall Exec Meeting February 17th 2012 The Best

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More Papers Daniel Murton

Welcome to the Queen Street Newspaper and Danforth Magazine

Owned by Local News - Editor: Daniel Murton This is posted on the respective sites Visual Art - Writer: Nicole Witkowski. This is posted on Theater - Writer: Cynthia Yan. This is posted on Music - Writer: Melissa Peters This is posted on Food Reviews - Writers: Melissa Peters + Marty G This is posted on All of our customer’s coupons are posted on All of our trades are posted on All of our wedding services are posted on All of our sign and print shops are posted on All of our business services are posted on 416-693-850 Paul Murton (Owner) 416-907-4618 Frank, Milan (Sales)

Janet’s danforth Mosaic BiA Missing in Action A Business Improvement Area is City Of Toronto sanctioned committee that decides how to spend hard earned local businesses money. The BIA’s job is to help local retail business get more customers to shop in their area. Typically a street festival, like the Beaches Jazz Fest, would be one their main objectives. On the Danforth, Pat Silver started The Mosaic BIA in 2008. This BIA lies between Jones Ave and Dewhurst Blvd along Danforth Ave. Pat Silver has a very long record of spending time doing both charity work and good deeds to improve her neighborhood. Pat Silver is not an employee of the city nor is she elected. But we must assume she know the rules. The first unofficial rule inside Toronto BIA’s is suck-up to your local city Councillor like Janet Davis. The other rule; make sure this BIA helps get Janet Davis elected. You see this BIA and its budget are part of the Queendom that Janet runs. So when Pat Silver awards a BIA contract to herself does Janet call the Integrity Commissioner to investigate the clear violation of ethics at the BIA? In fact the seasoned Pat Silver runs a booking agency that booked all of the BIA events. Hey! She’s not getting paid to run the BIA for the city , so let’s at least throw her a bone. Along comes a local merchant; Lia Kostouros, who is paying extra taxes to pay Pat Silver to pay herself through her booking agency, and wanted to change the current NDP flavour of the board. She wants accountability and a focus on getting the BIA moving in the right direction. Bringing back customers and bringing back local businesses who represent the board and the area. They have a Annual General Meeting and Lia wins the election by a land-slide. But did she follow the unofficial rules? No so Janet dismiss the election result and put her NDP people back on

The other big news we want to share is the revamping of our websites so that we can share content with you via Facebook integration. So you can like us, comment on articles and let us know on our wall what you want us to cover in your neighbourhood. Also Daniel Murton is our new editor His site will run stories from our group of papers. Daniel Murton is a web designer at This the last issue of “StJames News” it is now going to be renamed

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NDP’s Janet Davis Toronto Ward 31 the board. Now the newly elected board can’t get anything pasted as they are out voted. There is a great video on of Janet showing her true colours. She is not helping local retail. Now Lia Kostouros has never run a BIA, with no pay, so she lacks the experience. But most important she does not have Janet’s blessing. The results are a poor deal for the local stores. In efforts to get rid of this local dogooder, Janet calls the City of Toronto Integrity Commissioner and has the little right winger publicly tarred and feathered. Lia efforts to help out are a waste of tax payer money due to Janet power hungry appetite. So why help out your neighborhood for free? When you can have the right friends and get the right contracts, but remember you must follow the simple rule on the Danforth which means make Janet happy, because Janet runs this street! If you try to defy her you’ll end up with a dysfunctional board, an empty office and a broken website. Janet Davis where do local businesses apply for their refund? More on --- Paul Murton

Support Local Retail Shop Toronto’s Stores Support Local Retail NO to big box Stores

Nick Miseros, CA Partner 500 Danforth Ave., Suite 303 Toronto, ON, M4K-1P6

Tel: 416-224-5777 x2 E-mail: Website: Not-For-Profit and charity audits Preparation of corporate and personal tax returns Tax appeals & dealing with CRA - - - - -

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loCAl : St Clair West Streetcars vs Eglinton Crosstown lrT Transit To Nowhere: Toronto’s Transit Problem The great transit debate of 2012 has its second casualty this week. First it was Mayor Ford’s transit plan and the second was the firing of Gary Webster the TTC GM. Between the Mayor, his allies and rival city councilors each side is playing a giant game of Chess and were the ponds. St Clair West and its great streetcar construction project are getting dragged back into the limelight as an example of a Mayor Miller fumble. It may be but then the Sheppard Subway project that Ford wants to fund with new parking taxes isn’t going to come without complaint or at all with the current status quo at council. So we have a transit system heading to nowhere and a province finding a way to pull the plug. St Clair West Streetcars vs Eglinton Crosstown LRT The biggest debate so far is the comparison between Streetcars and LRT’s. I guess the best way to

look at LRT’s is an in between compromise between subways and streetcars. The biggest difference between the two, is LRT’s have less stops; therefore, their faster. While at the same time they both take up a minimum of two lanes of traffic which kills parking spaces and business. This is the main argument behind Ford’s comparison and it’s a valid argument. Ultimately though the St Clair W streetcar project is vastly different than Eglinton because there is a lot more parking spaces on Eglinton and the costs are dramatically higher Just think about the cost to on Eglinton. tunnel under the Don River and the DVP and you’ll understand why it would cost 2 billion more under Ford’s plan. My other big gripe with the St Clair West streetcar comparison is the fact that Ford is against St Clair W Streetcars because it kills parking spaces and business yet the only way he can pay for his subways of the future is by taxing parking or through tolls. Either one of these would do just as much harm as eliminated parking spots. The hypocrisy is very clear to me but at the same time this doesn’t negate the effects of the lack of parking on St Clair W so I can only hope when they do fix this mess we can learn from the mistakes on St Clair W and do a better job on Eglinton. Either way we’re in it for a long one and I hope people can but their differences behind them and get shovels in the ground may it be subways, streetcars or LRT’s - Pic and Story by Dan Murton

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pic by Nicole Witkowski

Trevor Embury + Vivien Leung

Good PechaKucha presentations are the ones that uncover the unexpected: “unexpected talent, unexpected ideas... making each PechaKucha Night like - box of chocolates,” according to an email by Vivien Leung, host and coordinator for Toronto’s branch of the event.

Katrina Tompkins, who builds furniture with more than one purpose and varying capacities in different states Dominic Ayre who believes in fate and chance and their effects on design. Jade Rude who once built a rollercoaster based on the first one ever invented.

Michael Santolupo, who stood in the World Trade Centre in 1983.

Sherri Lin who believes we are inspired to create and we only create so we can share.

Lori Harrison, who believes sides of old buildings look like abstract paintings.

Whitney Smith, who foraged wild foods and sold them to chefs who “transformed them into cuisine pic by Nicole Witkowski and culture”. Ryan Wilding, Roman Badovinac and Jano Badovinac, who designed a lamp in the shape of a rough dog bone for 40 Oaks, located in Regent Park.

PechaKucha draws from the Japanese word for the sound of a conversation - “chit chat”.

Since its original inception in 2003, its sprawled into a worldwide phenomenon, and gatherings have taken place in over 450 cities transnationally.

Stanley Sun and Ashley Rumsey, who shared what some people’s walls would say if they could talk.

All 14 presenters spoke with enthusiasm about their niches. They include:

But half an hour later, the Dundas St W venue became a sardine can - the typical turnout for a PechaKucha event.

Jean Snow and architects Klein and Dytham held the first event in Tokyo for friends to share and discuss their design and artwork. Now, presenters submit 20 slides and have 20 seconds to explain each slide and their stories end in 6 minutes 40 seconds.

Lori Harrison

Miles Keller, a Nuit Blanche 2011 presenter who’s said his exhibit was called “a slow and fuzzy acid trip”. Robert Wigington and Christopher Dew who believe public spaces should bring a smile and create a memory. Cassie McDaniel, who wrote a book with her estranged father and received donations from the website

Greg Bolton, who believes words create designs and designs create words in a never-ending circle. The Brothers Dressler who turned church pews and shoe casts into lighting and furniture.

is printed in five local papers. Story By: Nicole Witkowski

Outside it’s dark, and the Garrison is barely noticeable from the sidewalk. Inside the low building, it’s darker. Suddenly, a short woman with a jet black bob dashes inside, disappears and leaves even more confusion behind. Was the event tonight? It didn’t seem like it.

To present, you need only “bring energy to the room and a story to tell,” said Trevor Embury, creative director of design for PechaKucha Toronto.

ArT: PechaKucha Toronto is “like a box of chocolates”

PechaKucha kicked off Toronto Design Offsite (TO DO), part of Design Week. The social gathering takes place in the city several times a year. If you are interested in being a presenter, visit web site for audition tapes of auditioning models and actress. Casting directors like videos that shows the actor's talent. The cost to have your video both recorded and posted on utube is $149.00.

416-693-8530 - - - - -

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John Harris President

choices and advises on their website, "Higher default rates are an indication of greater financial risk".

“Everything is moving faster and most conventional post secondary programs are too slow, unnecessarily long, lacking intensity and far too costly ”, says John Harris, the college’s president. "Our partnerships with UWS and Napier are an unprecedented milestone in the evolution of post secondary education. Students are able to earn two Diplomas and a Master’s Degree in a total of 32 months”.

COSCAP, one of the largest music industry associations in the Caribbean, is funding two annual scholarships for students to attend Harris Institute in Toronto and the government of Barbados is partially funding HIWI, Harris Institute West Indies, the first satellite campus of a Canadian college in the Caribbean.

Harris Institute rated 0% for the third time in the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for Student Loan Default Rates, making it the only college, university or private career college in Canada to achieve this milestone. The Ministry posts Default Rates for Ontario's 179 post secondary schools to help students evaluate education

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Harris Institute is the only school to have been featured in both Billboard Magazine's "Schools That Rock" and Mix Magazine's "Finest Media Arts Institutions", the world's leading music industry and audio production publications. The college’s graduates are achieving unprecedented milestones in all areas of the music industry.

is printed in five local papers.

Harris Institute, a leading Canadian media arts college, created the first accelerated one-year diploma programs in audio production and the music industry and has now expanded the approach to include degrees and master’s degrees in partnership with the University of the West of Scotland and Edinburgh Napier University. Seventy-two graduates have earned degrees in an additional 8 months at UWS and Napier with tuitions waived and graduates who complete both the Audio Production Program (APP) and

Arts Management Program (AMP) are being accepted directly into MA programs.

MuSiC: Harris institute Achieves Milestones

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loCAl : Church-Wellesley neighbourhood Association launched Committees carrying out work between the meetings. Everyone is welcome to attend all of our meetings. CWNA has a number of key priorities for 20122013. In my role as VP Internal, my key task will be to grow our membership base so that we can be representative of one of Toronto’s most diverse and complex neighbourhoods. We will be approaching all of the different types of buildings and residential configurations in our neighbourhood to join the Association. This includes tenants in private rental buildings, Toronto Community Housing buildings, condo owners, tenants in single-family or townhouse units, homeowners, and co-op members. The Association also has a website,, and I encourage everyone to stop by to learn more about us!

History was made in the Church-Wellesley Neighbourhood with the creation of the Church-Wellesley Neighbourhood Association (CWNA). The Association was officially established at its inaugural Annual General Meeting at the 519 Centre in February 2012. The boundaries of CWNA are Charles Street in the North, Yonge Street in the West, Carlton Street in the South and Jarvis Street in the East. Momentum to create the Association had been building for over a year as residents began to meet to talk about development applications for condominiums in the neighbourhood. Residents began to realize that if they didn’t work together and reach out to their neighbours, it would be difficult to advocate for the priorities of the community. The Church-Wellesley Neigbourhood Association is modelled after other successful downtown neighbourhood associations such as the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association. Residents elect delegates who then elect an Executive. The delegates will meet quarterly and the Executive will meet monthly, with

There are a number of key issues the Association will be providing representation on for the neighbourhood. One of the most dramatic and challenging is development, the intense condominium specifically development pressures our neighbourhood and areas surrounding are neighbourhood are facing. The Association will attend meeting, notify the community of public meetings taking place, and offer advice to planners on what we expect for our neighbourhood. Given the volume of applications, development issues will require an extensive amount of attention from the Association. The good news is that with each passing year, members of the Association and Executive will become more experienced with development issues and have a better understanding of how to strategically communicate our positions. In addition, our Association benefits from the wisdom and talents of many members of our Association and our proximity to two universities with schools relating to urban planning and architecture. One of the ways we will be working on the development issue is by meeting regularly with our City Councillor for Ward 27, Kristyn Wong-Tam. Kristyn was elected in October 2010 and since then members of our working group and now Association have met with her to discuss the vision for our neighbourhood. We may not always agree on every development application or issue, but it’s essential that we have a professional and constructive relationship so that the

Chris Drew

Association can properly represent the views of our residents and accurately provide information to community. An active and representative neighbourhood association also assists our elected representatives with understanding what our neighbourhood wants and makes the process of consultation more effective and efficient. Before the creation of the CWNA, development applications often received very little input from the ChurchWellesley neighbourhood. The Church-Wellesley neighbourhood features a number of historical buildings and important sightlines. Sadly, we’ve seen the aggressive destruction of several important heritage buildings in our neighbourhood. The Executive of CWNA has been working with the Councillor’s office to propose ways that heritage building can be better protected. Residents of CWNA also intend to get directly involved by assisting with the process to document and research heritage buildings. This information can then be passed on to City staff to assist them with designating and protecting buildings. Finally, the Church Wellesley Neighbourhood Association will contribute to the neighbourhood in other unique ways. Just recently members of the Association applied for a small grant to paint over several ugly brown-coloured Bell Canada boxes with colourful and eye-catching murals. Members of the Association have also volunteered at Halloween events in the neighbourhood, as well as street festivals. 2012-2013 will be an exciting year for the Church-Wellesley neighbourhood and the Association looks forward to representing all residents on critical issues and strengthening our capacity to organize residents. I have been privileged to have been part of the process leading up to the creation of the Association and it is wonderful to work so closely with a dynamic, diverse and dedicated group of neighbours. Chris Drew is the VP Internal for the Church Wellesley Neighbourhood Association. He is an Associate with EN Consulting at the Centre for Social Innovation. Chris graduated with a degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Ryerson University Chris is also Co-Captain of the Bike Union Ward 27 Advocacy Group. - - - - - Page 13 - - - - -

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rAinBoW report : HE SHooTS! HE SCorES! curious, there were only 6 teams in the NHL at that time. They were: The Toronto Maple Leafs, The Chicago Black Hawks, The Detroit Red Wings, The Montreal Canadiens, The New York Rangers and last but certainly not least The Boston Bruins. Neat huh! It remained this way until 1967 when another 6 teams were added, and the rest as they say is history. We are currently sitting at 30 teams in the NHL, 7 of which are Canadian… Go Canada… Go!

You might have heard that amid the roar, echoing from the belly of the Grand ole’ Dame, at 60 Carlton Street in the 1930’s. Called a miracle of engineering at the time, Maple Leaf an Gardens, iconic piece of Canadian Hockey was History, in constructed just 5 short months. She opened her doors on November 12, 1931. For the first game at the shiny new Maple Leaf Gardens, the Toronto Maple Leafs hosted the Chicago Black Hawks, another of the “original 6” teams in the NHL franchise at that time. The first goal scored on that opening night in 1931 was scored by “Mush” March, a then right winger for the Leafs. As it would happen, he would also officiate at the ceremonial closing game on February 13, 1999, the Leafs again facing off against the Blackhawks. For the opening faceoff that night, “Mush” dropped the same puck he had used to score the very first goal scored in Maple Leaf Gardens, some 68 years earlier.Pretty cool… alas, The Leafs lost both the opening and closing games in our beloved Maple Leaf Gardens.

Gone are the hockey sticks and aisle after aisle of seating for adoring fans, now replaced by celery sticks and aisle after aisle of fresh produce and groceries from around the world. Yes indeed… twelve years in the making, and now Loblaws has finally moved in and set up shop. Hats off and kudos to the Loblaws group of companies! Their attention to detail in managing to retain the iconic charm of this Grand ole’ Lady, and all her rich Canadian history with this recent transformation is unsurpassed. One of, if not the most beautiful grocery stores I have ever been in, and now opened much to the delight of the Church and Wellesley Street community, as well as to the thousands of condominium dwellers dotting the Carlton Street, and Yonge/College Street neighbourhoods. Up until Loblaws Grand Opening on November 30, 2011, there really was no such grocery shopping facility of this nature in the area, certainly not anything of this magnitude, as well thought out, or as stunningly beautiful…

For you history buffs, or if you’re just plain

Bon Appetites!

Welcome to the“Rainbow Report” a new insert to our city-wide series of newsletters, a bridge, to and from the news and reviews of the services, shops, dining, arts, cultural, and entertainment happenings in the dynamic and diverse Church & Wellesley Street community. An exchange of news & views with sister communities throughout the GTA. A new, full page, news & reviews feature to be published in each of our, (as of this date), 5 neighbourhood and community-based newsletters. Community based... exchanging community based ideas, concerns and issues. If you are a business or service in the vibrant Church & Wellesley Streets community we would love to feature you in an upcoming issue. Just contact Michial at and I will come by, take photos of your business, (if you wish), do a write-up and review, and post you in an upcoming issue. And get this… no charge whatsoever! We consider this a community based service and to be offered free of charge. Yes Eunice; believe it or not there really are “free lunches!” Michial McGuire is a freelance writer with the “Bloor Street News” consortium of newpapers. - - - - -

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MuSiC : SlACKEr CAnAdiAn MuSiC WEEK: JEFF BECK S L A C K E R CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK Welcomes One of ROCK'S most influential JEFF guitarists BECK CMW is pleased to guitar welcome legend Jeff Beck in an exclusive o n e - o n - o n e celebrity interview Slacker at Canadian Music Week on Friday, March 23 at the Royal Fairmont York Hotel. Delegates will have a chance to look into the career of a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer as Beck shares his memoirs and reflects on his longevity in the music business. On Thursday, March 22, the evening before his appearance, Beck will be taking the stage for a show-stopping performance open to the general public at The Phoenix Concert Theatre.

live shows and virtuoso solos are legendary, while his playing style continues to reflect the diversity that is his trademark. His last studio album Emotion & Commotion, released in April 2010, received two Grammys - one for Best Instrumental Performance for Rock "Hammerhead" and one for Best Pop Instrumental Performance for "Nessun Dorma" - marking only the second time an artist has won in both of these categories in the same year. Beck's newest offering, Rock `N' Roll Party Honoring Les Paul, has been nominated for a 2012 Grammy Award in the category of Best Rock Album. 2011 saw Beck receive two honorary degrees from British universities - the first an Honorary Fellow from the University of the Arts of London in recognition of his "outstanding contribution to the field of Music" and the second a Doctor of Music from the University of Sussex. To participate in this exceptional opportunity, visit to register as a delegate or purchase a limited ticket to this individual event.

Harvey Goldsmith began his career in 1966, and since then has been awarded numerous times for his outstanding contributions to the music and live event industry. His dossier reads like an encyclopedia of stars, working with some of the world's biggest names in music, including The Rolling Stones, Queen, The Eagles, Bob Dylan, U2, Jeff Beck, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, The Bee Gees, Oasis, Diana Ross, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Luciano Pavarotti and Elton John. Harvey's passion for charitable contributions turned 1985's Live Aid and 1978's The Concert for Kampuchea into historic events raising millions to benefit victims of terror and famine. He was the mastermind and producer that brought us Led Zeppelin's reunion show in 2007 at London's O2 Arena. In 2008 Harvey took over the management of legendary guitarist Jeff Beck. In April 2010 Goldsmith was presented with the International Music Person of The Year award to commemorate his outstanding contributions to the Music Industry at the MUSEXPO by the City of West Hollywood.

************************************************** A groundbreaking artist, Jeff Beck's inimitable combination of primal shredding and cool perfectionism has left an indelible mark on everything from hard rock and jazz fusion to rockabilly and techno in a remarkable career that has spanned almost half a century. His talents are infamous with such acts as The Yardbirds (with Eric Clapton), The Jeff Beck Group (with Rod Stewart and Ron Wood), and Beck, Bogert and Appice (with Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice).

RENOWNED ROCK IMPRESSARIO HARVEY GOLDSMITH TO SPEAK AT SLACKER CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK Legendary UK promoter and visionary Harvey Goldsmith will participate as a keynote speaker at Slacker Canadian Music Week 2012. The live event mogul will speak on Friday, March 23 at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel as part of the event's 30th anniversary celebrations.

About Slacker Canadian Music Week Celebrating 30 years, Canadian Music Week is Canada's leading annual entertainment event dedicated to the expression and growth of the country's music, Canadian Music Fest - CMW spans a five-day period from March 21 to March 25, 2012 at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel and over 60 various downtown Toronto venues, attracting participants from across the globe. For more information, visit

An eight-time Grammy Award winner, Beck's - - - - -

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First staged in Toronto in 1978, and last performed at the Alumnae Theatre for the 1992-1993 season. The Trojan Women revisited the stage after 20 years and still captured the audiences like never before. Despite the lapse of time, timeless plays like this indeed leave lasting impressions on its viewers. With the ruined city of Troy being the setting, the play vividly portrays the fate,

Based on the historical background, the play took a refreshing approach to portray the life and mentality of Trojan women in the aftermath of the battle, which is conveyed successfully through poetic lines, chorus chanting, dynamic change in voices, light and sound effects, symbolic usage of props, etc. Specifically, Hecuba the Queen of Troy, her innocent daughter Cassandra, and the six mourning ladies were featured, as they lamented over the once splendorous city lost to the relentless Spartan army. Under much distress and despair, these Trojan women were confused over self-identity, weakened and even abandoned their beliefs towards the Greek gods, and devastated by the loss of their loved ones. Yet they endeavoured to hold on to the dim hope, and struggled to disguise their fear in the face of the enemy. Like helpless preys trapped by

the predator, so were these powerless Trojan women imprisoned under the patriarchal society, waiting to be claimed by Greek kings and masters. The play then takes a step further to explore the characteristic of Helen, the source of the brutal war, and exposed her vain, deceitful, materialistic nature despite her breathtaking appearance. These Trojan women brought to life the century-old history that modern audiences can in fact still relate to, considering that sorrows, fear, helplessness, as well as cynicism developed through the crucible of time, are all too familiar. The issue of gender inequality does not disappeared in modern society, though it may be relatively more disguised and subtle in certain area of the world. Whether it be Queen Hecuba’s endeavour to be strong in spite of her collapsed citadel, or Helen’s vanity alongside her beauty, are the shadow of these traits not existent in modern society? Is the symbolic of a ruined citadel not echoing still representing the loss of that which was precious in life? The world seemed to be ever-changing, in which loss is prevalent but inevitable; yet the world seemed to have changed little. Look around, one can easily find another Helen lost in vanity, another Cassandra forsaking personal value in face of danger, or another Hecuba mourning over another collapsed citadel. This winter’s night, from January 20 to February 4, 2012, Alumnae Theatre Company presents The Trojan Women, an outstanding play where history and modernity will converge ever so close for you to experience.

is printed in five local papers. Story By: Cynthia Yan

This winter’s night, Alumnae Theatre Company is ready to take you on a journey to ancient Greece through the company ‘s remarkable “Countdown to 100” play - The Trojan Women. Adapted from Euripides’ classical Greek tragedy and translated by Canadian poet Gwendolyn MacEwen, the play was directed by Alexandra Seay, and performed by returning alumnae performer Molly Thom, professional actor Nicole St. Martin, Tara Zacharias, Suzette McCanny, et al. The synergy of top talents, profound content, quality stage effects, authentic costumes, and well-applied theatrical techniques rendered The Trojan Women to be the must-see play of the season.

social position, and complex emotion of the Trojan women. To fully comprehend the play, it would be helpful to take a glimpse into the historical event - the battle of Troy. More specifically, it was eleven years of Greek civil war between Athenian and Spartan empire that revolved around Helen, the beautiful wife of a Spartan soldier but later wedded to the king of Troy. Despite eleven years of efforts, however, the Spartans were still unable to penetrate the gate of Troy and win back Helen. Eventually, a scheme was Hiding soldiers inside several devised. wooden horses, the Spartans pretended to surrender, and offered the king of Troy the wooden horses as gifts. Once inside the gates, the Spartan solders stepped out of the wooden horse at night and conquered Troy, which marked one of the dark moments of civilization.

Theatre: The Trojan Women

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QuEEn nEWS: Adam Vaughan on Transit and TCHC Daniel Murton (our editor) spoke with Councillor Adam Vaughan from Ward 20 a couple days ago and he spoke about his ward along Queen St and the big issues affecting city hall these days. On the table were TCHC, TTC and Co-Operation at the city.

concerns and he said ìselling off TCHC houses will get rid of economic diversity and give city money to landlords through rental subsidies. Torontonians want economic diversity and a diverse city. Nobody in my ward is asking for their neighbours to be moved. Nobody wants this but the TCHC.î Councillor Vaughan added further to this message when he asked a mental health and housing expert at the Feb 17th Exec Committee meeting on the TCHC sell off. He asked if the effects of selling off housing would affect people with mental health concerns by asking ìhave you looked at whether housing in neighbourhood settings and stand-alone housing settings is preferable to high rise situations especially when dealing with people who have isolation and mental health issues may be exasperated by being isolated in taller buildings away from general community.î His question was more of a statement than a question but clearly the sell off to Councillor Vaughan would have a bigger impact on the city than the TCHC would want us to believe.

longer any confusion because ìWe have the votes under this current transit plan and we will have the votes at future council votes. City Council runs this City! Finding Middle Ground at City Hall: The media depending on what political side their leaning on is using words like mighty and mushy when talking about the new city council. I asked Councillor Vaughan about this perception and the perception that council has taken too much time to get together and find solutions. He states “the coming together of council took quite a short time. The media is just plain wrong. We have 15 new city councilors and we have found substantial common ground to work with on and I think Ford realizes this and he will work with us on Council. “

On Transit:

On Housing: We discussed the possible sell off of 675 TCHC homes throughout Toronto. TCHC says this will create $220 million that will go towards the capital repair shortfall that the TCHC pegged at $675 million. Asked about this plan Councillor Vaughan said he thinks ìit’s a band aid solution that will throw good money down the drain.î He further states he didn’t want to see council create a fire sale of TCHC assets but rather find solutions through consensus at city hall. Councillor Vaughan isn’t new to the housing file and he and others have already suggested possible solutions. One such solution is use Section 37 money which is given to the city when developers build and use some of that money to fund new affordable housing throughout the city. I think this is why Councillor Vaughan doesn’t like the TCHC selloff and neither do I. One of my biggest concerns with the TCHC selloff was the movement of TCHC residents that reside all over the city into high-rises buildings owned by the TCHC. I feel it would lead to the increased ghettoization of parts of the city. I asked Councillor Vaughan about my

Councillor Vaughan was a big supporter of the new transit compromise which will move the Eglinton LRT tracks onto the street starting from Laird Ave. Many of Ford’s allies are comparing this compromise to the St Clair West Streetcar project because it was delayed and plagued with cost overruns it also upset a lot business along St Clair West. He says it’s foolish to compare the two because ìwe have to dig under the Don Valley Park Way and dig under and the Don River.î Both of these would add on hundreds of millions of dollars that can be redirected to other transit plans. I asked Councillor Vaughan about the supposed confusion with different transit plans and the lack of consensus at city hall. Vaughan said there is no

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“Much Me” is a comfortable and cozy restaurant with friendly and professional staff, serving soups, salads, appetizers, entrees and desserts at affordable prices. Considering owner/head chef, Kajandran’s, culinary skills, this promises to be a welcome and exciting addition to Hillcrest Village..

seafood pasta was a unanimous favorite- al dente fettuccini noodles were simmered in a dill cream sauceelegant and rich; the dill adding a hint of flavour without compromising the surrounding tastes.

The entrees all looked, and tasted, wonderful. The TWO fillet mignons, topped with the perfect peppercorn sauce- were tender and juicy. The garlic mash was nice and smooth with just the right amount of garlic. Panseared grouper was expertly seasoned and topped with a lovely pomegranate-brandy sauce. The

The new kids on the block have arrived with much to offer; full flavour, fair prices and friendly staff, and Hillcrest Village has much to look forward to in the sparkling little gem that is “Much Me”.

Most kids, and even some adults, reluctantly fight their way through a balanced supper for one simple reason- dessert. I am not one of those people. This, however, was one of those occasions in which the dessert was the highlight of the dining experience. I would have a hard time ever passing Much Me without stopping for a slice (or two) of their unbelievable Caramel Apple Pie. The Crunchy Chocolate Mousse and Cherry Amaretto Tiramisu were lovely as well, and what’s even better is that not one of these tasty treats cost more than five bucks, even with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream.

Between the trio of grown-ups at the table, we could fully experience the Prix-Fix menu of the day ($24 for soup, appetizer and entree- 3 dishes to choose from for each second and third course). A glance at the draught menu (only $4 for a pint!) indicated a preference for smaller, local suppliers, featuring Ontario craft and microbrews.The same rings true for the food- with meat, fish and produce purchased from the surrounding area and pride in serving locally sourced meals. - - - - -

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is printed in five local papers. Story By Melissa Peters

We enjoyed complimentary bruschetta while we perused the menu- a nice alternative to plain bread, and then dove into the soup of the day- a unique combination of roasted potato and cauliflower, blending together nicely for a pleasant dish. Taste-wise, I was torn between the Bocconcini wrapped with roasted red pepper appetizer and the mixed mushroom bruschetta with parmesan cheese. I did enjoy the Sauteed broccoli and beans toasted with garlic-white wine sauce as wellthe differing textures and tastes combined well. Brocolli and red peppers are perfect for presentationthey seem to deepen in pigment when warmed, adding such rich colour and contrast, especially alongside spuds or white cheese. Whether, part of an appetizer or sitting alongside fish/meat and potatoes, they evoked cheer and freshness to the table and the food.

Food review: Much Me on St. Clair Ave West - - - - -

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nEWS : Toronto-Danforth By Election On March 19th, voters in TorontoDanforth will head to the polls to select the MP who will succeed Jack Layton. rights Human and lawyer Osgoode Hall law professor Craig Scott, is the NDP and candidate Craig Scott current frontrunner in the race. In many regards, Scott is still riding the momentum gained from his historic nomination meeting last month. Ask any political operative and if their being truthful with you, they'll admit that getting a few dozen supporters out on a cold Monday in January is often a tough sell. More than 800 members attended Craig's nomination meeting.

To that end, Scott supports additional federal investment in post-secondary infrastructure and student debt relief, but addressing political alienation among young people is just as pressing in his mind. In some cases though, as Scott relays in a intriguing story from the campaign trail, many young Canadians eschew the stereo typical label as apathetic or disenfranchised, and are in fact quite politically engaged. He says, only half joking, that sometimes it's the kids who are reading the flyers and newsletters and then briefing their parents. (by Justin Chatwin) --------------------------------------------------

When I asked why he had chosen to stand for public office, the distinguished academic and human rights activist spoke of a "deep sense of urgency, that I hear echoed by people on the doorstep, a strong disagreement with the direction Prime Minister Harper and the Tories are taking the country. People want a strong, experienced voice to hold the Tories to account."

I attended the Liberal nomination meeting for Toronto Danforth last night. Though the byelection is just a short time away the Liberals are finally getting out of the gate. The meeting was attended by all sorts of Liberal luminaries and was opened by Ralph Goodale who said the riding would return to its Liberal roots. The two candidates were given time to speak and then the vote was on. Grant Gordon was first up and spoke of how he didn't need to be a woman to stand up for their rights. I think that was a barb at the Liberals for Life who seemed to have a presence at the meeting. He also mentioned that he was living in the area with his wife and three kids for the past twenty years "coaching half the kids in the riding".

In addition to his almost intimidatingly impressive C.V. (he's also a Rhodes Scholar and London School of Economics graduate), Scott is attuned to the community at large. He's a twenty year Riverdale resident, and active on several boards. An art enthusiast, he ran the Craig Scott Gallery.

Next up was Trifon Haitas who stressed the fact he had been brought up in the riding and had family and business there. He actually lives in Richmond Hill. He also felt he would be the one to restore the riding to its old Liberal glory. I think his definition of old Liberal glory was defined with pro-life in its definition.

When our conversation turns to balancing economic and environmental priorities, Scott is at his best. He proposes that economic expansion does not necessarily have to be accompanied by environmental degradation. He endorses a "blue green economy": A people oriented, job-producing economy, which is combination of a green shift and more targeted investment in emerging employment sectors. He admits that "young people not seeing a stable economic future is one of the biggest challenges we have to face over the next few decades."

The voting began and would go on till 9:30 and it was very strictly done with some people feeling they had been cut out of the process. Clearly the party apparatus was trying to limit the influence of the Liberals for Life on this nomination. This group was over shadowed by the Liberal star power like Carolyn Bennet, Sarah Thompson, Dennis Mills and at the very end making a grand entrance the leader of the party Bob Rae.Rae and his wife Arlene. They made a great photo op but in the words of a Green Party pundit Chris Tindal he didn't think even with all this weight that they would take

back the seat. He said the NDP has too much organization and volunteers something he felt they wouldn't be able to muster. I gave that some thought and here is what impresses me the most. A lot of the Liberal youth were out and very enthusiastic. People like Chris Drew a community and cycling activist who did a lot of community work in St Jamestown. Chris Drew told me you have to build and serve for quite a while before you can run and maybe that's a good way at looking at the Liberal party at the moment. They need to serve their constituents and serve their community and worry less about winning. The party did not get into trouble overnight and it won't get back on its feet overnight. They must build their base and move forward. The work will start with the election and beyond and it will be the young people restoring it if not to glory at least to some sense that they are not their father's party. There is three years to go before the general election and you build because it's the right thing to do not because of the winning. Maybe Grant Gordon the new Liberal candidate portrays this new mantra when he says "the NDP candidate works in an Ivory Tower: I slug it out in the trenches every day, creating campaigns for social change- for lower carbon emissions, less discrimination, healthier foods for kids and better education." (by Connie Harrison)

Grant Gordon - - - - -

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Bloor Ward 18 news: Ana Bailao 1. When I first saw the list of TCHC properties for sale, I immediately recognized a couple of addresses of different community organizations. Two organizations doing great work in my area are Sistershare and St. Vincent de Paul's, and are organizations running out of TCHC buildings that were on the list. These organizations are providing a valuable community service, and their clients are familiar with that location. I felt strongly that to move these people put the programs at risk and I requested that any building providing community service programming be taken off the list. Fortunately, we were successful, and TCHC removed all the properties from the sale list that had community organizations working within them. The most important thing to keep in mind, though, is that the houses in Ward 18 are just like the houses across the City, and the only way to get the best result for Torontonians is to develop a comprehensive plan for how to maintain affordable housing levels in good repair. This is why I moved to have the sale of these properties delayed until a Special Working group could consider opportunities for non-profit, private and public sectors to come together and address and improve Toronto's housing situation. 2. I think the conversation about what's the best strategy for Toronto Housing falls apart when you put portable subsidies against Citymanaged housing - you need a mix. These are complex issues and no one approach helps everyone. Just as the tenants of TCHC housing are diverse, so must the solutions be to assist them. The approaches that are most effective consider the many contributing causes that would result in the need for housing assistance, and take these into account. Toronto must not expand housing in only one way, but provide a more comprehensive multi-approach plan to assisting our residents. 3. What is apparent in the location of TCHC units proposed for sale is that we are dealing with a diverse area. What the map doesn't represent, however, is we are dealing with a very specific type of housing with the TCHC proposed sale. These properties emphasize mixed-income, and family units, which are in the highest demand. Significantly reducing this stock puts a significant stress on Toronto's current affordable housing units,

and an even greater stress on the families that need them. Without question, we are dealing with a 4. mighty middle, but it's not about a new group at Council. These Councillors are very engaged, follow the issues closely and take seriously the thoughts and concerns of their constituents. They have similar ideas, but most importantly are ready and willing to work with anyone interested in building a better City. This is and has always been about collaboration rather than competition, and keeping residents and information central to these conversations is critical. As for our effectiveness on the recent Budget, Transit and Housing votes, I leave that to Torontonians to decide. 5. After every election there is always a "cooling-off" period where you learn what people care about and on what they are knowledgeable. It can take some time for these to get out there, but now the skills of different Councillors are coming together. The big change has been the increase in dialogue. People are more comfortable approaching each other, and that has smudged the lines between different camps for the better. The middle Councillors have always been seeking a balance, it was important to get Toronto into a better financial situation and to do so without hurting the social services that make Toronto special. I think we are very close to that now which has free us up to get into the projects we care most about. The advantage of making your own decisions and considering the facts, is that you always know where you stand. 6. It's the bigger issues - like Transit and the City's Budget that get the attention, and for good reason - but there are a lot of very exiting projects happening locally as well. I plan on keeping up the street festivals and community events that make Ward 18 such a great place to live, and continue working on new ways of getting residents engaged in our neighbourhoods. We are managing a lot of exciting new development for the area, planning a new park on Queen Street, and focussing on a project that would expand the Perth/Dupont library. Something that is coming up soon is our first Ward 18 Parks Summit, where we will be able to bring people together to improve the activities and green spaces in our area.

A TCHC Tenant Letter Of Concern Good day Members of the Executive Committee and other City Councillors, My name is Rosemary Da Silva, and I am a tenant living in a single dwelling home and living under threat of my home being sold. I wonder when the quick sand under my feet will turn to a strong foundation. In the morning, we are faced with the usual rigors of life, but in all of this inevitably we are having to tackle the uncertainties that life now presents. In short, to the Executive Committee and Council Members, it is awful. A stable home is so primal to a stable life that, if there is a threat to that stability, everything else is affected. 50 years ago, I stood on the streets in my hometown in South Africa in my school uniform and protested against the forced removal of thousands of people from their homes, to make way for the apartheid government to sell of the land to the highest bidder. I never thought that 50 years later I would be protesting something very similar. A proposal to evict tenants from their homes and sell of the homes to the highest bidder. One by way of a national Act of Government and here by a Report adopted in an hour and a half by Toronto Community Housing Corporation, with the exception of two Tenant Representatives. We, as tenants, in the strongest possible terms, urge you to reconsider very carefully the implications of these recommendations adopted by TCHC. We, as tenants, urge you to sit down with tenants, community representatives, the Affordable Housing Committee and others to look the alternatives to selling. We, as tenants, urge you to request all three levels of government in this country to further the work done on the Federal Bill calling for a National Housing Strategy. Members of the Executive Committee, your are human beings, just like us, some of you are parents just like us, some of you are lucky enough are grandparents just like us. And‌. You all living in homes of your choice. We would like to do the same. We, as tenants, will continue to campaign. We as tenants, will continue to push back. We, as tenants, will not give up. We will work with all those who are prepared to stand by our side and work for a better solution. Thank you Rosie Da Silva A TCHC Tenant - - - - -

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