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CLEAN TRAINS: CITy CouNCILoRS Inside This Issue: Retail Stores Vacant - Liona Boyd George Benson - Fringe Festival -Clean Train - NXNE Music - Riverdale Farm

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NEWS: Toronto Tax Code Makes Retail Stores Vacant According to Mike Layton, son of former NDP leader Jack Layton, the way the city’s tax codes are set out leaves little or no incentive for Landlord’s to fill their vacant properties quickly. When the city offers a 30% tax break to Landlords for property that remains vacant this becomes rather an incentive to hold out for tenants who can pay more rent. “With property values being what they are … you need to command the biggest rent, and that will end up being a restaurant,” Layton explains.

“It’s good for our culinary culture, but it’s not good for the balance on the street.” Still, Layton has put a proposal before City Hall that would reward landlords for taking on less lucrative tenants, including community organizations, rather than letting properties lay fallow. “The property owner [would be] given a tax credit to house one of these organizations,” he explains. “Places that aren’t being rented can have one of these organizations in on a month to month lease, and if [the landlord] can find a full-paying tenant, they can move them in.”

NEWS: The Danforth East Arts Fair The Danforth East Arts Fair is a free event held in East Lynn Park, which is located on the south side of the Danforth between Coxwell and Woodbine, taking place on September 15 and 16, 2012. The show starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. on both days and will proceed rain or shine. Lunch will be for sale in the park and provided by local restaurants and charities. Face

painting will also be available by donation on Saturday afternoon and beautiful acoustic music is scheduled for both days. Arts and crafts range in price from $5 to $200. Enjoy a stroll along this section of the Danforth. Grab an ice cream cone, a cappuccino, or lunch, and then come and wander through the exhibitors' stalls in East Lynn Park!

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ART: Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche: End of The World from Noah’s shipbuilding and organizational skills to the literal bean counters buried deep beneath the mountains of Norway, stockpiling all the seeds across the globe for a post-apocalyptic garden. In this way, the very idea of the Wunderkammen, with its princely mission of amassing, cataloguing, and displaying was fueled by a fear of the end of the world. “Museum for the End of the World” at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2012 is a provocative, critical rumination about the end times and a world in transition.

The “Museum For The End Of The World” that you will find in various locations around the city, predominantly around Toronto City Hall and the City Hall grounds itself, is an artistic expression focusing on Doomsday and end-of-the-world prophecies. To quote artist Barr Gilmore “One of the greater ironies of human existence is the persistent anticipation of its end. Dates are named and dates pass. Ancient texts are read with an eye to temporal alchemy, and whether the result of monster waves, unstoppable pandemics, nuclear calamities, machines on the rampage or the sun ceasing to shine, the idea of Doomsday – that revelatory moment of the end of the world – can be at once the fire of speculative

lamentation and the insightful creativity.”



Acclaimed Toronto-based designer and artist Barr Gilmore RCA MDes has created an environmental graphic design for the “Museum for the End of the World”.

Indeed, the link between creativity and the apocalypse has a long history,

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Local NEWS: No Hot Dog on Trendy Bloor St After a $20 million dollar upgrade, the trendy stretch of Bloor Street between Yonge and University, vendors selling hotdogs and items from carts, who formerly dotted this area, now find themselves evicted and no longer welcome here. The renovations and enhancements sponsored by the local BIA feel that the hotdog vendors no longer fit the feel or look they desire for this elite section of Bloor Street. If you’re walking through this area looking for a hodog vendor, you’ll have to travel down the street to find one. "The bylaw that we go by contains measurements from street planters and trees," said Bruce Robertson, the director of licensing services. This section of Bloor Street that has recently undergone an extensive remodelling, a $20-million redesign, which was funded by the local business improvement association, widened the sidewalks for the city. With the street planters in place the vendors no longer have "3.66 metres of free space around the cart in all directions to allow for free

pedestrian traffic," Robertson said. When questioned, many of the vendors stated that they had already expected this to occur. In fact, they have not been allowed on the street since 2008. "It was in 2008 that the reconstruction started and they were apprised that it would all be under review when the reconstruction is complete," Roberston said. But Nagib Amed, who runs a hotdog cart a block away, says the decision is a hard one for the vendors to swallow. "I think it's not a good idea," he said. "I feel sorry for them." Hotdog connoisseurs Mark Walley and Mike Gray agree. "I don't like the idea, I think they should be allowed," Walley said. "It's regrettable for the vendors," said Gray. "I think having carts adds to the charm — or did add to the charm — of Bloor Street while they were able to sell their hotdogs there." The city says it's trying to find new spots — away from that specific section of Bloor Street — for the turfed vendors. Apparently, Bloor Street no longer relishes hotdogs.

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As the sun sets over Nathan Philip square there is a palpable feeling of excitement as people await the Legendary George Benson.

The night begins with the opening who, Levassuer Tressa act accompanied by her seven piece band, opened with their song “Where Did I go”. A mixture of jazzinfused pop with a bit of soul, they got the crowd toe-tapping and set the beat for the evening. One of my personal favourites is a song she wrote for her 17-year- old daughter, which included a dialogue about “whatever happened to decency”, a banter between mother and daughter, which I’m sure many mothers could relate with. When they finished their set, there was a buzz in the air. Amongst the swirl of purple and white lighting there was an excited energy as the

After “Give Me The Night” Mr. Benson left the stage but the rest of the band remained. A three set encore commenced with the classic “Since I Fell For You” and George - pic by Jen Allard

ended with an excellent cover of “On Broadway” with an amazing drum solo. Although my own “This favourite personal Masquerade” was not played it was of little consequence. It was a very memorable evening and George Benson has proved he is still relevant in an age of auto tune and simple pop melodies. - - - - - Page 6

is printed in five local papers. by Jen Allard

On The Right Tressa Levassuer pic by Paul Murton

crowd awaited the main act, legendary jazz performer and 10 time grammy award winning George Benson. Known for such hits as “Affirmation”, Mr. Benson and his band took the stage and the crowd began to cheer. Still going incredibly strong after over 30 years in the music industry, he opened with their hit song “breezin” and the air became thick with the infectious sound of jazz fusion. Alternating between guitar and vocals and just guitar, the set did not disappoint, and even included some classic scat style. The communication between the band and audience was felt and Mr. Benson said “All over the world this song resonated” before going into “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You” in which the crowd A enthusiastically applauded. favourite included the 1950’s classic hit “Tequila”. A crowd pleaser which was turned in to a classic George Benson style of jazz, it included a guitar solo which was mesmerizing. As one of his last song’s of the night started, a solid disco beat began and the crowd was on its feet as the beat turned in to one of their biggest hits “Give Me The Night”. This writer wasn’t brave enough to dance, but I was definitely dancing in my seat. It was obvious that George Benson and his 5 piece band were in to all the songs and that resonated with the audience. With the encouragement of the bassist Ron Carter even more people got to their feet and dancing ensued.

MuSIC: Toronto Jazz Fest: George Benson

Local NEWS: SAVE Riverdale Farm TORONTO – In an effort to demonstrate appreciation to clients and lend support to the Save the Riverdale Farm initiative, Candice Frigault of The Frigault Team and Lee Welbanks of Welbanks Mortgage Group Inc., held a joint function on-site recently. Last fall, city council put the farm on notice that it required a new business plan if it was to continue to receive tax-payer funding. The Riverdale Farm Coalition is responding to the request.

kids to witness history in action and see farm animals in middle of an urban environment.

Kimberly Roberts (Marketing & Client Care) Jackie Lemelin (Underwriter)

Originally it was the site of the Riverdale Zoo which opened its doors in 1894. It operated for the next 80 years giving residents a window on the animals of the world. In 1974 the animals were moved to the new Toronto Zoo in Scarborough and the site was restored as a 19th century farm.

David Harris (Agent, PR) For more information please contact Kimberly Roberts (416) 792-6648 David Harris (416) 698-9990

Candice Frigault and Lee Welbanks teamed up to bring family, friends and clients to the farm for a reception, tour and discussion on about the role of this 7.5 acre city landmark and to raise awareness of its precarious position.

Both The Frigault Team and Welbanks Mortgage Group support Riverdale Farm as a neighbourhood gem that adds value to the city and is historically significant to Toronto. Both companies are dedicated to its continued operation.

Riverdale Farm is an example of an Ontario agricultural operation between 1880 and 1920 with a barn, animals, poultry, waterfowl, goats, sheep, pigs, cows and a donkey. Located in the heart of Cabbagetown, it allows city

The Frigault Team The Welbanks Group Candice Frigault (Agent) Lee Welbanks (Principal Broker) Jason Schott (Sales Rep) Jeff Medley (Agent)

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It was the perfect summer afternoon with blue skies and a comfortable 23 degrees celcius as people young and old gathered around the main stage at Kew beach. Anticipation mounted for the first lady of guitar, Liona Boyd, to take the stage. Once again residing in Toronto and with a new album “Return To Canada, With Love” set to be released in the new year, Liona graced the stage just after 3:30pm. Accompanied by fellow classical guitarist and Toronto local Michael Savona , the

Following a diagnosis of focal dystonia, Liona had to change the way she plays guitar. During this period she developed her singing and song writing abilities which is evident in her current music. She now incorporates many folk elements. Liona has an ethereal presence and her music tells a story, whether she is singing about her own personal history or about a Canadian icon such as Emily Carr. One of the more poignant moments

was a beautiful song entitled “Living My Life Alone”. A bittersweet song she dedicated to the single people in the audience, it was a very honest reminiscence of the could have beens in life, with a brief mention of her romance with Pierre Elliot Trudeau at the age of 21. A line from the song goes “Who would have thought at this time I’d still have no place to call home. Who would have thought at this time I’d be living my life alone”. It is apparent that Liona Boyd has put reflection in to the events that have shaped her. She talked a lot about Toronto, the city she now once again calls home. “Toronto, I knew you long ago....Toronto, I’ve missed you so”.

is printed in five local papers.

Bill King - Liona Boyd - Gloria Martin

show started off with a classical composition entitled “ Spirit Of The Canadian North Lands” . This was the first taste of a performance chock full of odes to the great white north. Liona Boyd is a reminder of the phenomenal talent our country has to offer. Liona has performed for royalty, for presidents and prime ministers and has performed with such talents as Yo Yo Ma and Eric Clapton. She has performed on The Tonight Show and received both the order of Canada and the order of Ontario. Her illustrious career has brought her to seven continents, performing for audiences all over the world.

by Jen Allard

MuSIC: Beaches’ Jazz Fest: Liona Boyd

Her new album will include a song called “Canada, My Canada” a song that features Jann Arden and was written with the knowledge that there are not enough national patriotism songs being sung in schools across the country. The performance finished with Liona telling the audience “thank you for bringing me home”. Canada welcomes you back with open arms.

Get your Music Reviewed LoCAL NEWS: Pianos in public parks, to play

If you have bought CD pressing from over the last year, please send us your pic's and bio... We would love to run them in each of our 5 GTA community based newspapers.

Touring internationally since 2008, Play Me, I’m Yours is an artwork project by artist Luke Jerram.

More than 600 pianos have now been installed in 26 cities across the globe, from New York to Sydney and now Toronto, bearing the simple invitation ‘Play Me, I’m Yours.’ The project has reached more than two million people worldwide, with each new city that commissions the work becoming part of a growing legacy. The Toronto debut presentation of Play Me, I’m Yours was brought to you in part by CIBC, Lead Partner of the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. From July 11 – 31, 41 pianos were installed across Toronto

in celebration of the three-year countdown to the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. The 41 pianos represent the 41 countries participating in the TORONTO 2015 Games and each was painted by an artist from the country it represents. The pianos were located in public parks, streets and squares for any member of the public to play and enjoy. - - - - - Page 9 - - - - -

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Health : Eight Secrets of Staying Healthy. 1) P.M.A (Positive Mental Attitude) A positive mental attitude is your most powerful ally to get along in today’s world. You have the choice as to the thoughts that dominate your thinking. It is these thoughts that shape your life. No one can force you to think negatively. It is up to you. Therefore, make your thoughts positive. “If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, you won’t. If you like to win but think you can’t, it’s almost certain you won’t”. “If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost. For out in the world we find success begins with a fellow’s will. It’s all in the State of Mind”. “If you think you are out-classed, you are”. You’ve got to think high to rise. You’ve got to be sure of yourself before you can ever win a prize. “Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man/woman, but sooner or later the man/woman who wins, is the man/woman who Thinks He/She Can!” 2) S.N.S (Sound Nervous System) By removing nerve pressure and getting your nerve en-ergy back to 100% we will be turning on the health healing power of your body. We don’t heal or cure anything the chiropractic spinal adjustment will make your body do the healing from within. Healing comes from within. 3) Exercise: What we don’t use, we lose. If you were to lay in bed for 6 months and not get up at all at the end of those six months you would have to learn how to walk all over again. Everyday you don’t exercise you grow older. The more you do the more you can

do. Therefore, find some time to walk as walking is not only good exercise but also good for your cardiovascular health. 4) Proper Nutrition: As the saying goes: “You are what you eat”. The purpose of eating is to provide your body with nutri-ents it needs to make living tissues and to give you energy to perform daily activities. Therefore, eat only when you are hungry, slowly and push yourself away from the table when you are full is important. For every pound of fat you gain it is another mile of blood vessels that your heart must pump blood to. Therefore, to get good nutrition avoid four main things: White sugar, white flour, salt and preservatives as they aren’t good for your health and are refined and can cause health problems down the road. Instead of sugar try honey and instead of white flour use unbleached whole wheat flour and you will be better off. Rather then cutting it out com-pletely as this is hard to do, keep it to a mini-mum. As for preserva-tives, don’t eat it too much in your diet. Try to incorporate more fruits, vegetables and grains in your daily diet and drink more water. Doing this will improve your health and can add to a longer life. 5) Rest: Approximately 1/3 of your life is spent in bed or should be. Your bed should be firm, not hard or soft but firm. It is important to take 10-15 minutes a day for total rest. Sit in a quiet place without any noises at all and just relax.

Dr. Cirone

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In the case where the self is merely represented and ideally presented (vorgestellt), there is not actual: where it is by proxy, it is not. - Hegel, “Phenomenology of Mind”

The Stray Theatre Company is staging Eugène Ionesco’s masterpiece, The Chairs, at the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival. This tragic farce by the visionary Absurdist is performed in the dimly lit space of the Randolph Theatre. Out of the darkness emerge an Old Man (Michael Greves) and an Old Woman (Dawn E. Crysler); she sits in stillness for a time, staring ahead into the bleak abyss, while her husband lingers at a window. Intoxicated by the nocturnal landscape, he gazes at the amorphous shadows that form upon the surface of the sea. The woman becomes suddenly hysterical as she ponders the treacherous, midnight water that surrounds them, seeping in through the walls and windows of her psyche. To distract themselves they engage in the pursuit of a realm that resides in imagination and memory, a recurring intrigue, a resolution to the boredom of habitual solitude. The sea becomes symbolic of the unconscious fantasy, and the

incomprehensible utterances he struggles to make himself understood, and we realize that he is deaf and mute. In a moment of ingenuity, he writes on the chalkboard “Angel Food”, unsatisfied he then writes, “Adieu, AAAMMM”. Contemplating this act he momentarily stands before the roomful of specters, then withdraws with a grandiose bow. The stage is suffused with shadows and only a pale luminescence descends upon the silhouetted chairs, an array of voices reverberates in unison with the murmurs of the audience, and then softly fades. Under the direction of Jack Wieler, The Chairs is performed with imagination, revealing the paradoxically random order of the existence. Ionesco depicts the bizarre spectacle of the human condition, and thus his work remains relevant as it functions outside of the temporal. As I sat in the audience, an enigmatic and mystical procession of apparitions crossed the threshold of reverie and onto the stage. Indeed, all of Ionesco’s plays are an extraordinary experience and I feel that if the opportunity to witness the pageantry of intellectual deviance presents itself, dear reader, consider it a favorable circumstance. - - - - - Page 13

is printed in five local papers. Story By: Nikoleta Curcin

“The Absent Society”

boundary between illusion and reality is progressively obscured. Through incantations of tenderness and self-pity, expressions of beauty and ugliness, arises the notion of a sacred duty to communicate a Message to the universe, to all of humanity. The play is thematically concerned with the deterioration of language and the profound effect this produces on the collective, the alienation of man (not only from the other but from himself as well), and the resistance to the experience of existential beingin-itself, rather illusion becomes sacred as it provides a withdrawal from life. “Within our words we find ourselves,” writes Ionesco, implying that it is through language that we may be able to perceive ourselves and furthermore, we construct our perception of the subjective or objective notion of what constitutes reality. On stage, chairs continue to appear, but remain empty; this lack becomes the symbolic image of the old couple’s intended distortion of objective reality. However, their mutual fantasy is abruptly shattered with the arrival of the Orator (Devon Jones), whose presence becomes overwhelmingly ‘real’. He has come to relay the Message, and since their purpose then is ultimately fulfilled, the Old Man and Woman resolve to commit suicide. From the windows they leap into the murky water, preferring the nothingness of death to reality. The Orator, remaining alone with the ‘crowd’, attempts to speak. With

Theatre: The Chairs, 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival

LoCAL NEWS: Clean Train Letter To Dalton McGuinty August 17, 2012 The Honorable Dalton McGuinty Premier of Ontario Room 281, Main Legislative Building Queen’s Park Toronto ON M7A 1A1 Dear Premier McGuinty, As you are well aware, Metrolinx is currently constructing an Air Rail Link (ARL) between Pearson Airport and Union Station. The rail is scheduled for completion by 2015, after which diesel trains will make 140 new trips through our communities every day. This summer, the World Health Organization (WHO) reclassified diesel exhaust as a Group 1 carcinogen, in the same league as mustard gas, arsenic and asbestos. Within one kilometre of the ARL tracks, there are 30,000 children attending local schools, 96 daycare centres and four long term care facilities, including a respiratory illness care centre. The fumes from these trains pose a serious health hazard to our communities.

Since the plans for the ARL were first discussed, residents have advocated for immediate electrification of the rail to protect the health of our communities. Their concems have been ignored.

concerns, the ARL could have easily been electrified by now. This is clearly a question of political will and you have yet to demonstrate that the electrification of the ARL is a govemment priority.

This is unacceptable.

The electrification of the ARL is of vital importance to residents who live, work and go to school near the tracks. As their municipal, provincial and federal representatives, we are writing to invite you to a town hall to listen to our communities. We leave the time and date open to your choosing. Given the urgency of this matter, however, we request your office selects a date by September 7, 2012. We are happy to arrange the details of the meeting, if you simply offer a few hours of your time.

Minister Chiarelli recently stated that the decision to electrify the ARL will only be made after 2015 and refused to commit to a timeline or funding for electrification. The Minister claims that the “train has left the station” on this matter. As representatives of over 300,000 Ontarians who live near the rail, we can assure you that our constituents are not on board, and neither are we. At a Metrolinx public meeting on June 27, 2012, the Director of Electrification explicitly stated that decision making power over the ARL stood with the Premier. If your provincial govemment had listened when our communities first raised

Sincerely yours,

Bloor News ran this story in May 2009 - - - - - -

Page 14

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Selling the unwanted contents of your house can be challenging and time consuming, but it doesn't have to be that way. You are busy enough with the move and don't need more stress at this point in your life.

Sellers often guess at the value of their goods and may take the first offer that comes close to their expectation. This may mean missing out on other buyers who are willing to pay much more. On the other hand, if no offers come close to the sellers expectation, the item may be left unsold. This is particularly important for higher value goods where the value may be difficult to determine and potential buyers may be difficult to find. Instinctively we know that a one-on-one negotiation may not bring the best deal and we want to hear what others are willing to offer. Without competitive bidding from a number of interested potential buyers, it is difficult to know if you will be getting a reasonable return for your more valuable items. Solution: Maxsold's YouBidLocal offering is a fully managed online auction service that connects many potential buyers in a competitive bidding situation. Masold's YouBidLocal offering sells a wide variety of high value household goods including jewellery, silver, cars, boats, and artwork. Even very exotic collectibles are sold this way. Some items may attract more than you expected, some less, but you can have confidence that competitive bidding delivered a reasonable sale price in your timeline.

Solution: Plan to move a few weeks before the sale of your house closes. This way you can move out the items you want to keep, but have some flexibility in case you forgot something or something doesn't fit. With what you're keeping out of the house, what's left can more easily be sold.

Downsizing Tip #5: Once you decide to sell an item, don't set a reserve or minimum price

Downsizing Tip #3: Don't put useful items that have little value in a dumpster

It's a trap to think that having a reserve ensures that you get the price you want for an item. In fact, what it often means is that you don't sell the item just when you need the house empty for closing. This is fine for those who truly want to keep the item, but in the context of downsizing this approach can add effort and stress that you don't need. It also means making tougher choices about how to sell or otherwise dispose of valuable goods or, potentially, paying years of storage fees.

Many tend to see a lot of used goods as simply waste, but it is a shame to see useful goods going into a landfill. It's sometimes hard to see who would want a worn or tired item, so many sellers assume their only option is to throw it away. For items that are still useable, can be repaired or used for parts, there is often a buyer. You can be environmentally friendly and make money at the same time by finding a way to sell those items.

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An old saying goes: Your item is worth whatever you say it's worth as long as it's not for sale. When you want to sell it, it only matters what someone will pay.

Solution: Use competitive bidding to get the best price you can and encourage lots of bidders to start bidding with no reserve prices. Once engaged, let the excitement of

Downsizing Tip #6: Choose a low stress approach to selling your unwanted items

Listing items for sale in the classified section of newspapers or online with eBay, Craigslist or Kijiji, can result in a lot of phone calls and emails. These inquiries (e.g., whether the item is still for sale, its features and condition, a time it can be seen and negotiations about the price) can be quite a burden. Allowing strangers to come into your home to inspect can also be a security concern. This approach may not be suitable or desirable for people with lots of items to sell. Tag sales (also known as content sales) are like a super sized garage sale. A price is tagged to each item and the public is invited to come in on a particular day to buy. It can be a chaotic environment that is difficult to control if a lot of people show up. The owner may be concerned about damage to the home and potential theft of items. A thorough paper trail of what each item sold for may be lacking. At the end of it all, 30% or more of the contents may be left unsold. All this can add unnecessary stress to your move. Bulk buyers may come in and give you one price to take it all away. They make their money on reselling the higher value goods and will assign little (sometimes negative) value to much of your contents. You may end up with pennies on the dollar and concerns about how many of your items will end up in the landfill. For many people this approach is not an option. Solution: MaxSold's YouBidLocal online auction service can put all of your contents online for competitive bidding with a complete paper trail of for what each item sold. The inhome preview and pickup are tightly controlled and monitored by professional staff with great respect for your property. No money changes hands on-site as all payments are taken online. The result is that within two weeks practically everything is sold and the house is empty, ready for the closing, with next to no effort or stress for you. Call MaxSold at 1-888-672-3677 to schedule to a free consultation today. Visit to see the Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Selling Things. - - - - - Page 17


By A. Rabdastafo

Local Animator Kicks It old School

Quick Print in 5 days & New Service

Hand-drawn animation, such as old Disney movies and Looney Tunes, is often thought to be a dying art, to be replaced with 3D computer animation. But many people still prefer the classical approach, including Aaron Long, a young Toronto cartoonist. Aaron is currently studying at Max the Mutt Animation School. Since 2007 he has been creating his own short films and distributing them online and at film festivals. Aaron does every aspect of the productions himself-he writes the stories, directs them and creates all of the animation and backgrounds. He also performs many of the voices, and even records the music and sound effects himself. And he does it all the oldfashioned way, drawing every frame by hand one at a time. It's a pain-staking process that takes several months to create a single six-minute short, but Aaron feels it's worth the effort. His off-kilter comedy and twisted drawings are building a cult following, particularly the films featuring his character Fester Fish, a throwback to early theatrical cartoon shorts from the 1940s with a dash of modern cynicism and black humour. Fester Fish is about to appear in a brand-new short called "Fester Makes Friends" which will be released online on Wednesday, Aug 22 at or on Aaron's Youtube page (

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975 Bloor St W Call Paul At 416-299-0767 - - - - -

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The Hussy's The next stop we made was at a Little bar/club on dundas w at Unlovable a very small but kinky bar where the band and customers mingle side by side. The Hussy's came on and were very confronting, very loud lots of grit! Wow very powerful and unforgiving just the way they like to be. You can feel the passion inside them ,you can see it . At one point I thought the drummer woman was

Nils, The Hussy's, The Sadies to catch a glimpse of The Nils again a very raunchy loud true grit kinda rockin band. The singer Phil Gravedigge the guitar player WAS VERY NICE and approachable. their sound was very loud and semi fast very danceable. The Nils were formed back in the 80's by Aalex Soria and brother Carlos, both from Montreal were name checked by bands like Meat Puppets, Super Chunk and Jawbox. They performed extensively in the 80's releasing 2 ep's and a single album before they broke up due to Alex's passing in 2004 ; but did not stop them from reforming for their critically acclaimed album The Title is the Secret Song . The Sadies

The Hussy's

tired or messed up she was going so hard so fast for so long; but she got right back on it just like a jack hammer! loved it ! They make loud n shrill thunderstruck sound definitely could fill a stadium with their sound-easy. I had to leave to catch my ears running away from me ! The Nils I dropped in briefly to The Bovine Alannah Bergin

Phil Gravedigge the guitar player

I stopped to see The Sadies at the Horseshoe a very welcomed band by this venue unfortunately never got to see them perform this time due to false information read. Although I did get to speak with a couple of the members in the back after their show. The drummer Mike Belitsky is from Boston originly but lives in Toronto, Andre Williams is from Chicago he is not a permanent member of the band, Travis Good plays Vocal, guitar and fiddle and Dallas Good is vocals and guitar lives in Peterborough but is originly from Richmond Hill., Sean Dean the bass player is also living in Toronto, all very grungy/swanky musicians. Always great dancing music! Mike played the drummer has played for about 30 yrs - - - - -

Page 20

is printed in five local papers. Alannah Bergin

Ladystache a hilariously odd yet sketch comedy troupe at The Lot 100. Walking in to the venue I was confronted with two girls on stage walking around trying to figure out what was stuck up one of their arse. i was intrigued to see what it was about so and before I Ladystache knew it they had changed to a puppet skit. Behind closed chairs pop up to male puppets both as wonky looking as the other and we have some nice funky dance music to accompany what turned into a the one puppet performing oral sex on the other! it was right out of left felid but super funny! Speaking with the girls after the show they were very calm and very approachable. Allison Hogg and Steph Tolev(both 27)are from Collingwood and Toronto they met in college and started doing improve together . They originally were a group of 4 but 2 fell out and now they are the perfect two!


MuSIC: North X North East Fest:

MuSIC: NXNE Fest: Bass Drum John Barrett and Alannah Bergin


Bass drum of Death

touring through Australia in 2012.

I loved this band saw them a great venue The Wrong Bar so loud and heavy very unapologetic damn rights! This band had 2 guitar players and no base player . John Barrett said he writes and composes most of the songs and he doesn't like the bass . He used to just compose his own music alone and thump his base drum while playing the guitar .They are from Oxford, Mississippi. Colin is the wicked loud Drum player who doesn't have ot think how he will lose excess water retention. They are

Dearly Beloved My last band to see walking into the Velvet Underground was Dearly Beloved fronted by a cute and raunchy woman Niva Chow tapping her feet and slapping her tamborine and what an awesome voice .they came together in 2006 formed by Robb Higgins a singer/song writer, producer, radio show host. He never had plans for to be a commercialized band.

David Quilico, VP Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Michelle Pack, Creative Consultant, Sony/ATV Music Publishing Phil Demetro, S e n i o r M a s t e r i n g Engineer and co-owner at ' L a c q u e r C h a n n e l Mastering' (one of Canada's l e a d i n g m a s t e r i n g studios.

Music Industry David Ramsahoye, Manager, Audio Technology, IMAX Corporation On a visit to T o r o n t o ’ s UforChange, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales mixed original content created by Harris graduate and DJ Sean Roman. The future King’s mix received a rousing burst of applause from spectators. Roman was the Arts and Media Relations Director and Manager of Phase 1 at UforChange - - - - -

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is printed in five local papers.

Sven Heidinga, Manager & Chief Engineer at 'Maison de Musique (Stephan Moccio's recording studio). Sven recorded all the audio for the CTV Olympic broadcast.

Leading Canadian

EDuCATIoN: Harris Grads James Porter, President of R A M J A M Management Group & Bijou Records. The RAMJAM Group m a n a g e s Stephan Moccio who wrote 'A New Day' for Celine Dion and 'I Believe' - the Olympic theme song.

Death, Dearly Beloved

HEALTH : Assesing your Home Health Care Needs care home since service delivery is more intangible - there are no “bricks and mortar” that you can touch and feel. It is prudent to visit the offices of the provider - is the office professional in appearance, clean and well organized? - You can tell a great deal about a provider by the condition of their premises. You may also have a friend or relative that uses their services who can tell you about the quality of the services.

Given the choice, most of us would prefer to remain in our own homes or apartments rather than make a move to a retirement residence or long-term care home. In some cases, this is not possible because we can no longer live independently...safely. Home Health Care products and equipment and Community Support Services are intended to allow you to live in your own home safely and as independently as possible through the provision of a variety of care and supportive services. Getting Started The best place to go to access these services is through your local Community Care Access Centre. There your needs will be thoroughly assessed and the most appropriate equipment and services will be recommended. Depending upon your needs, some of the services may be covered under Ministry of Health funding, regardless of your financial situation. You may also access a service provider directly or wish to retain additional services, in which case you usually must pay for the full cost of the services. Depending upon

your financial situation and the individual service provider, subsidies may be available. Finding an appropriate Home Health Care Provider and Community Support Service is the next step.

A variety of products and equipment can be sourced from a Home Health Care retail store. It is preferable to deal with a facility that stocks a variety of products and has trained and experienced staff. Healthtime Living Specialties at 1340 Danforth Ave. is exactly that. Certified fitters will tend to your needs. Deliveries and home visits can be arranged. Just drop in or call them at 416-693-7676 or visit their web site at They can expertly assess and fill your needs.

What to Look For Choosing a Community Support Service provider is different from choosing a retirement residence or long-term

Canada Gives MoRE $$ To Seniors Than New Canadians “Canada Pensions Only in Canada It is interesting to know that the federal Government of Canada allows: A monthly pension of : $1890.00 to a simple refugee $ 580.00 in social aid $2470.00 monthly X 12 months $28,920.00 annual income. By comparison the Old Age Pension of a senior citizen who has contributed to the development of our beautiful big country during 40 or 50 years CANNOT receive more than: amount: $1012.00 in Old Age Pension X 12 months $12,144.00 annual income A difference of : $16,776.00 per year Perhaps our senior citizens should ask for the Status of Refugees instead of applying for Old Age Pension. Let us send this message to as many Canadians as possible and maybe the allowance of refugees could then be reduced to $1012.00 and that of our Canadian pensioners raised to $2470.00 per month. (who actually deserve it) the money that they have been paying in all taxes for 40 or 50 years. INCREDIBLE NONSENSE !!! OUR CANADIAN SENIORS CITIZENS DESERVE BETTER!!”

This is false: The short-term financial support for refugees does not compare to the lifetime pension benefits for Canada's seniors. The facts Refugees don’t receive more financial assistance from the federal government than Canadian pensioners. A letter to the editor of a Canadian newspaper contained this incorrect information. In it, a

one-time, start-up payment provided to some refugees in Canada was mistaken for an ongoing, monthly payment. Unfortunately, although the newspaper published a clarification, the misleading information had already spread widely over e-mail and the internet. In truth, about three quarters of resettled refugees receive financial assistance from the federal government, for a limited time, and at levels lower than Canadian pensioners. They are known as government-assisted refugees. We have to remember that many of these people have fled from unimaginable hardship, and have lived in refugee camps for several years. Others are victims of trauma or torture in their home countries. Many arrive with little more than a few personal belongings, if that. Canada has a long humanitarian tradition of accepting refugees and helping them start their new lives here.

only for one year or until they can find a job, whichever comes first. This short-term support for refugees is a far cry from the lifetime benefits for Canada’s seniors. The Old Age Security (OAS) program, for example, provides people who have lived in Canada for at least 10 years with a pension at age 65. The Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) is an additional monthly benefit for lowincome pensioners. The Canada Pension Plan (CPP), or Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) for people in Quebec, pays a monthly retirement pension to people who have worked and contributed to the plan over their career. In October 2007, Canadian seniors received an average of $478.28 in OAS benefits and $481.46 in CPP retirement benefits ($393.84 in QPP). Lower income OAS recipients also qualified for an average of an additional $393.99 in GIS benefits. In Ontario, for example, a pensioner would receive approximately $959 per month. from Citizenship and Immigration Canada

For this reason, a government-assisted refugee receives a one-time amount of up to $1,830 from the federal government to cover essentials — basic, start-up needs like staples, furniture and clothing. They also receive a temporary monthly allowance for food and shelter that is based on provincial social assistance rates. In Ontario, for example, a single refugee would receive $768 per month. This assistance is temporary — lasting - - - - -

Page 22

HEALTH : Therapeutic application of Massage Therapy you know why you felt the way you did after the massage therapy session? To answer these questions, we first have to know what is massage therapy and how does it work. According to the massage Therapy Act 1991, c.27.s.3, "[M]assage therapy is the assessment of the soft tissues and joints of the body. The treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain …by manipulation to develop, maintain, rehabilitate…or relieve pain". Most people today exercise for two reasons: health and aesthetics. We're all about promoting a healthy lifestyle and we're big advocates of exercise. The sole drawback, however, is that most activities, everything from running and spinning to yoga and Tai Chi, can cause injury. Of course, there are also a slew of hidden factors including stress, poor circulation, inflexibility, and improper ergonomics that can contribute to the body's physical pain manifestations. Finally, there's the modern work environment, an all-too-familiar cause of injury for so many people—you've probably noticed that sitting at a desk all day in front of a computer screen is taking a toll on your body. When you combine each of these factors, it's easy to understand why most individuals complain of one type of pain or another. According to the president of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), Eija Kalso, 70% of emergency hospital visits are due to pain. Over a period of time, I will share valuable information on the positive effects and positive benefits of massage therapy; for example, how it's used to prevent and treat chronic pain and injuries. I will also provide evidence of how massage therapy affects non-activity-induced pain, as well as many pathological conditions ranging from Asthma to Hypertension. You will quickly learn why massage therapy is indeed for everyone. Do you remember the last time you had a massage? How did you feel, was it positive or negative experience? Do

In spite of the lengthy definition, we still notice that there is no mention of massage therapy being just rubbing the body, despite popular belief. In fact, the key term in that explanation is "manipulation”, and it is on the premise of this term that I will briefly explain to you what massage therapy is and how it works. First, I will give you my definition of massage. "Massage is a manual therapy in which the Therapist use his or her fingers, knuckles, fist, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet, applied to the tissues of the body in a specific manner to elicit a psychophysical change within an individual". How and when this change take place depends predominantly on the skill of the therapist; not whether massage can produce this change. As a student of life, I must first concede that it is true when they say, "massage affects your mind and body". In his work, Dr. Still wrote: "a student of life must take all parts of life and study their uses and relation to other parts of life and living systems”—All Therapist, regardless of their field, should seriously consider this simple phrase as being paramount in their treatment planning. Therefore, keep in mind that when you go to get a massage, whether it is Thai, Shiatsu, or Swedish, and you say you feel "relax", it is primarily the result of the therapist's consciously or unconsciously manipulating the systems of the body to produce the psycho-physical experience.

I will not get into details of these systems at this time. However, take note that the skin is the largest organ of the body, and that it is covered by numerous neural receptors, which serve as a transmitter that sends messages to the brain that is also connected to the nervous system. Likewise, "the brain does not function on its own, it uses the endocrine system to secrete hormones which elicit behavior". One example of this phenomenon is the soft tone of your voice when you are relaxed Now that I have taken your mind away from thinking of massage as just rubbing the body, I will proceed to briefly explain how the sedated or relaxed feeling happen. The therapist performs some techniques at the parasympathetic centers of the body such as the neck. Treatments of the neck, which is in close proximity with the brain stem, can facilitate the production and release of Serotonin, and Serotonins are produced in the brain stem. Serotonin is known to regulate the mood, and can, consequently, induce a state of relaxation. It is as simple as it looks; a neck treatment can chill you out. Notwithstanding this, acquiring the knowledge and the understanding of such a fact may take some time and effort. In conclusion, I will say that massage therapy is unique in its ability to manipulate the body's systems. It is holistic in principle. Massaging is the oldest and is the most instinctual forms of healing. It has been proven time after time that massage is effective in treating psycho-physical pain, bio-mechanical, and physiological dysfunctions. In future writings, I will illustrate how we can use massage therapy to treat over 72 pathological conditions such as: Athsma, Hypertension, Thoracic outlet, and Carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as many common conditions we see in our day to daily lives. Roland Plummer 416 994 4106 - - - - -

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What would you do if you only had 21 great days out of your life to live and after those days were used you were faced with certain death?

She works at a cafe/bakery that is run by her parents Edward and Cynthia (Mark Piggot and Elyse Lewis). Her parents encourage Julie to lead a life of simplicity and mediocrity and she obliges, afraid to face the unknown. Then along comes Ben (Ryan Anning). A clumsy and lovable type, Ben encourages Julie to take chances and to step out of her comfort zone. Cheering them on along the way are Dan and Dal (Brendan Doherty and Peter Perri), a same sex couple who set a positive

example with their love and commitment towards each other. They offer reinforcement and act as mentors to Ben along the way. Things get complicated when Julie and Ben decide to marry and the real choices need to be made. Should they attempt to start a family? Or should Julie just enjoy the time she has left to the fullest and do what she wants without involving anyone else? 21 Days is set to music that in itself was pretty standard musical wise, but it worked and the tunes were catchy. The only instruments used were an electric drum kit and keyboard, but given the size of the production nothing more was really

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The premise might seem over the top but the questions it poses are relatable. Whether we have 21 days or a life time the choices we make impact us and those we care about. If given more than an hour I’m sure this play could have delved a bit deeper, but regardless 21 days has the right amount of Humour and drama to keep an audience satisfied. With an overall message being one of perspective, it reminds us that life is often times not so straight forward and seldom are the choices we make easy, but it’s the people we love and who love us that make life worth living.

Review By Jen Allard


(416) 871-4608 Furnace cleaning & inspection as low as $75 Licensed and insured Quality workmanship

Smart Heating & Air Conditioning - - - - -

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is printed in five local papers. Story By: Jen Allard

Would you keep your life simple and mundane, purposely avoiding great days in the hope that your life will be extended for as long as possible? Or would you throw caution to the wind and choose to enjoy each day as it comes, great day or not, even with the potential of your own demise? This is the scenario presented in Jessica Kostucks’ musical “21 Days”. Produced by Bad Dress Productions, it is the story of a young woman named Julie (Elizabeth Conway) who lives a simple kind of life that offers little excitement.

needed. The simplicity of the set allowed the audience to focus on the characters, and affective use of lighting was made for transition scenes. 21 Days offers the right amount of heart and sentimentality.

Theatre: 21 Days, 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival - - - - -

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2012 Toronto Fringe Festival

Taylor, played by the Ichabod Crane esque Graeme Black Robinson.

Dorian, the “Alpha Male”, played by Alexander Offord, is sexually frustrated and in a forced marriage with Joanna, played by Nicole Wilson. Then there is

A Madhouse Dramedy is the type of play that requires concentration. It is written in a sort of double speak and on top of that, the play unravels backwards,

Taylor is the afterthought of Dorian and Joanna, living with them because he is Dorians brother and seemingly his responsibility. It was starting to become clear as to why it is called A Madhouse Dramedy. These three seriously need the help of a therapist. Hence Mildred, the dead psychiatrist played by Genevieve Trottier. Her role is not only that of a corpse, but also has the bearer of wisdom as she delves into the psyche of each character, allowing the audience an insight as to why these three became her clients in the first place.

from the actual event of the psychiatrist ending up dead to what led these characters to be in group therapy and what caused the events that followed. Once one gets past the jargon it is actually quite an interesting concept, and deeper than what I originally anticipated. The fact that the audience has to follow closely to get what each character means is sort of refreshing in the 21st century, a time where everything is instantaneous and information is always at our fingertips. The fact that the audience was required to stay focused enough to catch the point of all of it is right up my alley. Not entirely a laugh-out-loud type of funny but witty and intelligent, A Madhouse Dramedy is not only eccentric but has a real message about seizing the day and living your life for you and to the fullest. - - - - -

Page 28

is printed in five local papers. : Jen Allard

The evening heat is sweltering as I take my seat at the Vladimir Institute at 620 Spadina for the 23rd annual fringe festival . Happy for the air conditioning and stirred to curiosity by the gentle piano music and the two actors on stage each casually reading the newspaper, the mood is set as I appreciatively take a seat. Suddenly a phone rings. The actors look up. The curtains close. Laughter from the audience follows and the mood is set, and so begins “A Madhouse Dramedy”, a bizarre play that is humorously cryptic and about a whole lot of nothing and everything. A quirky, fast paced dramatic comedy it is about three people whose lives are intertwined in more ways than one, and also their psychiatrist, whom is lying dead on the floor.

Theatre: A Madhouse Dramed

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Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant 869 Bloor Street West (416) 535-6615

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HEALTH : HISToRy of eye GLASSES The first image magnification technology was developed between the years 1000 and 1250. Inventors noticed that convex shaped glass had the ability to magnify and the first simple magnifiers, or reading stones, were born. These early magnifying glasses served as a precursor to eyeglasses. Eyeglasses first appeared in Pisa, Italy, around the year 1286. They consisted of two framed glass or crystal stones, and were held up to the eyes using a handle. It is unclear who invented these primitive eyeglasses, but their use soon spread throughout Europe. During this time, Venice, Italy, was a Mecca for medieval glass production. The guild of crystal workers was established in 1284. In 1300, they adopted regulations for the manufacture of ?discs for the eyes.? This served as a major catalyst for the future of eye-glasses. By the end of the 14th century, thousands of eyeglasses were being exported to all of Europe. By the mid-1400s, Florence, Italy became a leader in production, sale and innovation of eyeglasses. Glass

makers in the area began to create eye-glasses in various strengths for hyperopes, presbyopes, and myopes. A complex grading system was also imple-mented after the realization that vision slowly declines with age. Eyeglasses were graded with strengths pro-gressing for every five years of age. During the 15th century, eyeglasses were in popular demand. Peddlers selling eyeglasses were common on the streets of Western Europe. Demand increased signifi-cantly after the appearance of the first newspaper, The London Press, in 1665. The possession of eyeglasses be-came an indication of intelligence, status, and wealth. This view was shared by the people of Europe, China, Italy, and Spain. Germany became a major player in the history of eye-glasses during the 17th century. The finest frames were produced here, although the Italians still made the high-est quality lenses. During this time period, eyeglasses also became more widely used in the United States. The first optical shop was established in Philadelphia in 1799 by John McAllister, Sr.

of the success of the McAllisters, eyeglass production developed rapidly. Companies diversified their product lines which resulted in products such as telescopes, binoculars, and microscopes. At the beginning of the 20th century, eyeglass manufac-turers began to emphasize style as well as function. Im-proved plastics used to make frames in the early 1900s presented new frame styling. By the 1950s, eyeglasses had become a popular fashion accessory in Europe and the United States. Wearers demanded comfortable and styl-ish designs which displayed elegance while remaining functional. Today, eyeglasses are an accessory that not only improve vision, but also display personality. Optimart, 294 Main Street 416-6904649 See Ad page ?. SQUINTING MAY HELP

Before the War of 1812, McAllister imported all the eyeglasses sold in his optical shop. Due to the trade embargo with Great Britain, he began making his own eyeglass frames in 1815. He and his son John McAllister, Jr., distributed the first astigmatic lenses in the United States. In 1828, they began to import cylin-drical lenses which were meant to correct astigmatism. There were over 300 eyeglass retailers in the United States during the 1820s and 1830s. In light - - - - -

Page 30

A Slight Ache can be classified as a Comedy of Menace, a pun on the Victorian-era Comedy of Manners, which is defined as a comic work that satirizes social interaction. The play employs comic elements in its criticism of the fundamental actions of Modern society, however there exists an air of violence that produces an effect of uncertainty. A Slight Ache opens with Edward (Jason Thompson) and Flora (Angela Froese) in their country house, a sphere familiar to them, however the presence of the Matchseller (Christopher Kelk) selling his wares outside of their back gate disrupts their comfortable solitude. Thus, the external world becomes menacing as it vaguely threatens to displace the

conventional atmosphere of routine existence. It too becomes evident that Edward and Flora, though long married, are incapable of understanding one another. From their banal observations on the flowers blossoming in their garden emerges an ambiguity between words spoken and the portentous silences that follow, which create a depth of meaning and reveal an unsettling quality. The Matchseller remains quiescent throughout the entire play, unable or unwilling to answer commonplace questions regarding his identity. This lack of action serves as a catalyst for Edward’s eventual breakdown; furthermore the Matchseller’s silence becomes one that bears both hostile and symbolic implications and is perceived as the intent to conceal meaning. In comparison, the tedious exchange between Edward and Flora was in itself meaningless yet potent, and Pinter suggests that such conversations are an act of evasion, an attempt to veil the emptiness within the self and society as a whole.

Under the direction of Mark Schoenberg, Pinter’s depiction of the crisis of Modernity and his visionary stylistic theatricality are accomplished with thoughtfulness and subtle ambiguity. In the darkened seats of Tarragon Main, I thought of how this playwright was not only able to perform the menial task of depicting daily experience as it occurs, but that he possessed the forethought to be capable of discerning the ethereal possibilities of the postmodern condition. With this sentiment, dear reader, I propose that, should you have the fortuity to attend a performance of any of Pinter’s works, you should immerse yourself in the deviant world of the uncanny.

is printed in five local papers. Story By: Nikoleta Curcin

Red Rabbit Theatre Productions presents Harold Pinter’s early masterpiece, A Slight Ache (1958), at the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival. The play is typically Pinteresque: two people in a room are suddenly interrupted as a third person enters, thus intruding upon the habitual recurrence of their internal environment.

Theatre: A Slight Ache, 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival

FuN and DRINK : The Beach Winery The Beach Winery has been in continuous operation since 1995 at 2208 Queen Street East. Originally a Wine Not franchise, the store has grown through two previous owners into its present day Winexpert Beach Winery under the management and ownership of David and Cathy Toye. Dave had worked for ten years with the original owner and after a hiatus

of four years came back to purchase the store and continue the personable service that Wine Not customers were used to. Dave works with long-time employee and manabout-Beaches Richard Kelly. Richard has seven years of wine making experience. Together they help our customers perfect their creations. This year Evan Minnaker has joined as part-time wine making assistant. Evan is keenly interested in the quality control that the store puts into the wine making process. Beach Winery is proud to bring to its over 4,000 satisfied customers the quality product produced by Winexperts.

Vintners which in turns is part of the Peller Estates Group. The bottom line of this is that our experts search the world for the best vineyards to buy the grapes from to produce the juices to ferment. They also test and produce the best yeasts and formulas for each type of grape chosen.

Winexperts is a division of Global - - - - -

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Tomboy and Kasia

I boarded the Pirate ship during “Hot Divorce” and experienced an instant surge of “oo’s”, “a-a-a-aa’s” re-bubbling my system. The sweaty wife-beater and passionately closed eyes of Ryan Kamstra surrounded by his Gypsyluscious band further shook off my crappy mood upon walking into The Boat. Comparison-free, hearing “Almost Always” reminded me of the Pixies, the 80s, harmonycoated, screeching Punk sound, minus the occasional volatile climax. “Alexander McQueen” lifted me to buttery euphoria by the three harmony Glories singing “disappointing”, while the lead voice communicated a singing

version of my request “can’t you talk seriously, about something like forever?”. In short, I feel saved by discovering this band for its raw ability to connect and speak out using Music, wardrobe and the audience. If I didn’t have to work August 4th I’d follow the Tomboyfriend to Sackville, NB for the SAPPYFEST 7. Thank you Tomboyfriend for rekindling the feeling of wholesome freedom and authenticity of self-expression I have longed to feed off of.

Animal Talk Reserved stage presence but definitively a few danceable tracks! Listening to “Can’t Dance With It” and “Enough Is Enough” was a brief love-boredom encounter showcasing the Boston band at bay. Although it should not be an excuse for making an annoyinglysafe music, it has only been a year since Animal Talk have been a band so there is still room to smash the mask and show what they’re really made of.

Union Duke Union Duke gave me the thrill of a rollercoaster ride. Speeding through a fusion of bluegrass, country and rock, the group’s technical precision and honest-tosoul lyrics suspended my breath to foot tapping. Matt, Ethan, Jim, Rob and Will have voices, skills and presence that will find you blushing in the furthest corner of the bar. That’s why, after much bribing, nagging and looking the other way, I made Paul buy a CD, only to learn tracks can be downloaded for free. Oops. We’re obviously behind technology but way more eager to attend another Union Duke concert!

is printed in five local papers. Kasia Ignatowska


MuSIC: North X North East Fest:Tomboyfriend, union Duke


Terrell Smith (bike helmet) Colin Carrie, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health

Recreation related accidents make up 40% of child and youth injuries treated in Canadian emergency departments. While the Government of Canada encourages children and youth to become more active and live healthy lifestyles, it is also important to promote safety. The Public Health Agency put forward Canada's Active and Safe injury prevention initiative, through which the Government of Canada is investing $5 million over two years to support a number of community-based projects that empower Canadians to make safe choices when they get involved in sports and recreational activities. Today's announcement of nearly $195,000 will support a project to decrease the number of cyclingrelated injuries by providing children

and youth with the skills and knowledge of being safe while riding a bike. Enabling Active and Safe Cycling for Canadian Children and Youth will be led by Safe Kids Canada in partnership with Cycling Canada. Project activities include: training more instructors to deliver CAN-BIKE programming so more children and youth can receive bike handling and training skills; making sure low-cost helmets are widely available to children, youth and their families in high risk and underserved communities, and conducting a public awareness campaign to promote healthy and safe cycling practices, including the importance of wearing a helmet and modeling safe behaviors on every ride. - - - - -

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TOM DAY Master Plumber Metro License # P1624


No Job Too Small 25 Years in your Neighbourhood FULL PLUMBING SERVICE FULL DRAIN SERVICE

Mon. ~ Thur. 8:30am ~ 5:30pm Fri. 8:30am ~ 8:30pm

249 COXWELL AVE. 416-463-1164

416-480-0622 - - - - -

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Bill King - Liona Boyd Gloria Martin at BEACHES Jazz FEST



Winner Chin Bikini 2012 Cassandra Bella

Jeanne Beker at America's Next Top Model Trade Show

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