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Discover Goat Island Marine Reserve & the Outer Hauraki Gulf with OGC Charters,

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The Great White Shark They are big and terrifying but the Great White shark is the one that needs protection more than man. Great Whites have been hunted down over the years for their prized and valuable teeth and jaws. Now we have laws in place that protect these predators that cruise the depths of our oceans that may give them a fighting chance of survival. We invite you to come on the “Ultimate� Shark Experience, facing your fears with the team of Adventure Crazy Shark Divers. This is one of the greatest heart pounding, adrenalin pumping adventures in NZ. When you come on a Great White cage diving adventure with us we will show you another side of these feared predators as they are just as beautiful as they are terrifying! Watch the Great Whites cruise only feet away from you from the safety point of our purpose built shark cages. Take photos and video to share with your friends and family. You do NOT need to be dive certified; See below for more info.

About Adventure Crazy Shark Divers Our Ultimate Shark Experience tours depart and return to

Bluff the Southern most town in the South Island of New Zealand. All you need to bring is a towel and a few snacks as we provide all your dive gear and a hearty lunch, along with refreshments of tea, coffee, juice. Make sure you bring your cameras as you will capture amazing photos and video with Adventure Crazy.

Cameras are aboard for rental both photo and video


Team Outfits, We have great looking shirts, caps, hoodies that you can purchase whilst aboard. Certificates, Everyone that dives with the Adventure

Crazy Shark Divers will get recognition in the form of a stylish certificate congradulating you, for taking on the legendary Great White sharks.

More Info Videos, Follow this link where you can watch videos and gain more info as you prepare for the Ultimate Shark Experience! I want to be an ADVENTURE CRAZY SHARK DIVER

About Adventure Crazy NZ The Adventure Crazy website has come from humble beginnings in 2006, when Paul Morris our current web admin and promotions man started Paul’s Dive Planet. From there the site progressed into Dive Planet NZ and was performing well but sadly the site came to an end having falling victim to the ever increasing credit card fraud. Seeing the potential and ideas that Paul had for the site the new owners Rusty Rhodes and Emily Barrientos have acquired Paul’s content as they build Adventure Crazy NZ.

Plans for 2013 Adventure Crazy will be having a major face-lift during the up and coming winter season as we drag the site into modern times! A whole new look and feel will be designed by our friends at Zeald. New interactional shopping systems giving our customers freedom to explore all the options as well as have the ability to contact us immediately for help and advice. Not only will we have a great looking easy to navigate site as we are planning on partnering to open a showroom and shop in Southern New Zealand. Here customers will be able to see and touch products before placing orders for the team to deliver to their doorstep. Within this new venture shop we will be selling our new shark diving clothing range as well as taking bookings for our shark diving adventures both in Southern New Zealand and abroad.

Adventure Crazy Online Magazine Our online magazine will be published monthly as a free to all that is available to be viewed on most media formats including IPhones, IPads, Tablets and of course your computer systems. Downloadable PDF files, printable pages so you can take the information with you in a hard copy if you desire? All our publications will feature on our Facebook page as well. If you own an Adventure company and you want to be advertised for free submit your PDF pages to info@ as we are giving advertising space away for a limited time. Remember Adventure Crazy is the new home for Adventures in NZ.

Our Charter Vessels

We currently have two charter vessel one at 7mtrs and the other at 8mtrs for fishing and diving adventures in Southern NZ. Our shark diving vessel we are using is just on 12mtrs and we offer discounts for groups of 8 to 10 divers for our ULTIMATE Shark Experience. For more info about fishing and diving adventures from Christchurch contact Rusty at


Thinking of Scuba Diving? Here at Adventure Crazy we have a wide range of scuba diving equipment for sale at really great prices that include delivery to your doorstep, FREE of charge anywhere in NZ. For international orders you will be advised of costs once you have placed your order. If you decide you are not happy with the delivery charges we will simply credit funds back to your visa card... Our extensive range of Scuba equipment will be even greater over the 2013 - 2014 summer season. New products and services will be coming to our site over the coming months.

Own an Adventure or dive shop? If you own an adventure or dive shop we will give you a basic listing for FREE just contact our friendly team at Adventure Crazy NZ...

Underwater Camera Equipment Come and purchase your next underwater camera from Adventure Crazy NZ. Our range includes the Intova HD cameras along with Intova still and compact cameras. We also have the Sealife cameras that are sought after by many a diver all the way through to your Top end underwater systems. These include the awesome Sony SltA65 being a 24mp camera that shoots HD video at 1920x1080 housed in an Ikelite case with options of wide domes and video lights. Checkout the camera section on the site...

New Zealand Wholesalers Rusty and the team are looking for all types of products that we can market and sell on our Adventure site, so if you would like us to promote and sell product for your company please contact us,

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KAMADO NZ Join many other Kiwi’s and you will make the right choice purchasing the ULTIMATE COOKER the Kamado Joe.



UFO HANGI COOKERS Best Deals on Adventure Crazy

If you are looking for that traditional Hangi flavour but don’t want the hassle of digging up the backyard, then you should invest in a UFO Hangi Cooker. Best Prices in NZ on Adventure Crazy NZ We have everything you need!! FREE DELIVERY NZ WIDE

KIWI SIZZLERS RANGE Here on Adventure Crazy we have a great range of Kiwi Sizzler products ranging from the awesome Kiwi Sizzler BBQ’s through to the smokers and now spit ovens. Take a look at some of the products we have right here at great prices that include delivery throughout New Zealand.

Spit-Roasters are not normally the type of item the average Kiwi family would own, not that we do not love the flavour or uniqueness of this method of cookery. But more so due to the price of these units that range between two and three thousand dollars. Well have we got the “Ultimate Spit-Roaster Deal for you!!” Now you can get your very own Kiwi Sizzler Spit Roaster to wow your friends and family this summer for the all time low price of $1200.00 Here at Adventure Crazy we are totally off the hook on this deal as not only will you get this awesome Kiwi Spit Roaster for such a low price! We will also deliver it to you anywhere in NZ for FREE!!! Important Notice We are launching the Kiwi Spit-Roaster product for the first time in November just in time for summer, but you can purchase now on-line to secure the Kiwi Spit-Roaster with FREE delivery right now! Ultimate Spit-Roaster Specs: Inside Dimensions 114cm Long 46cm Deep 37cm High High Grade Stainless steel Great size viewing window Boasting Twin full length burners 230 volt rotisserie motor Adjustable vents Lockable castor wheels for mobility, stability Easy cleaning unit Removable drip tray

Buy Your BBQ’s Roasters Right Here Free Delivery NZ Wide

Discover Christchurch Relocating to Christchurch has given us some unique opportunities as this is the city of dreams. Even though Christchurch has been battered by earthquakes since 2010 this in itself has created opportunities for this once great city that is now on the road to recovery. Christchurch is providing jobs for many New Zealanders as well as visitors from abroad as we work together creating a new vibrant city incorporating the old with the new. Part of the new Adventure Crazy website will have interactive maps of all the great activities that you can do in and around Christchurch, from dining at great cafes and restaurants to lazy days Punting down the Avon River. Adventure Crazy bungy jumping and river boat rides followed by relaxing and fun evenings can be had just a stones throw from the city.

Christchurch Coastal Beaches

There are a lot of great beaches you can visit within the Christchurch region from the vast Brighton beach where we are located that stretches up to the Waimakareki River where trout and salmon are caught. Here we can see a child playing in the surf on Brighton beach. Body boards and surfboards can be rented from our team at Adventure Crazy along with bikes for rides around this local area where you can see magnificent sculptures crafted from local stone.

Visit The Lollie Shop

The Lollie shop is awesome being a great place for young and old as here you can buy every type of sweet imaginable. This is where Emily found what we believe is the BIGGEST lollipop! This lollipop was so big it took all her strength to pick it up... Visit the Lollyshop where you can have a really sweet time! 173 Dyers Road Bromley Christchurch Ph: 03 384 5465


Winter In Christchurch Winter in Christchurch can at times be unpredictable as we can see in the image on our left, New Brighton beach covered in snow. Even though this day was freezing cold we still saw surfers taking on the challenges of riding waves in these frigid waters. New Brighton beach had skiers come and ski the sand dunes that made perfect ski slopes for the not so faint hearted. On days like this we finished off playing in the surf and snow with beautiful Italian cuisine at our favourite Italian restaurant in Papanui Road Christchurch city. If you are looking for the best Italian restaurant you have to book in advance to get a table at TUTTO BENE RESTAURANT. “It’s simply Bellisimo”

KEA COFFEE - Located by Punting on the Avon


Here at TuttoBene Restaurant they have a wide range of specialty cuisine. Entrees start from $8.90 - $20.00 Pizza & Calzoni range from $21.00 - $33.50 for a Grande Pasta & Risotti range from $19.00 - $27.00 Paitti Principali (Main Course) ranges from $19.00 - $40.00 There is something for everyone at Tutto Bene Restaurant and they do takeaway cuisine as well. Make sure you ring in advance to book as this establishment has a very good reputation. Address: 192 Papanui Road Merivale Christchurch New Zealand Reservations: +64 3 355 4744

We love Christchurch YOU will too

The Chatham Islands


Discover Chatham Islands NZ

Experience the adventures of the rugged yet scenically beautiful Chatham Islands. This group of ten Islands lays some 800km off mainland New Zealand hosting a magnificent marine ecosystem with windswept shores attracting visitors from the world over. The Islands are known as Rekohu to the Moriori meaning Misty Skies, also known as Wharekauri to the Maori people. When you come on an adventure holiday to the Chatham Islands there is no better company to plan your trip with other than our team of the Chatham Hotel as they spend a great deal of time exploring the best of the Chatham Islands.


Take your time searching through the Chatham Hotel website as they show you photos, videos and interviews with the local people and way of life so you the guest can make an informed decision of the activities to participate in.

Chatham Adventures

When visiting the Chatham Islands there are many popular and great activities that you can enjoy like scenic photography tours, walking tours, bird watching, farm stays, fishing adventures, exploration of Pitt Island, hunting trips and more. One of the most exciting adventures for many is coming face to face with the oceans ultimate predator the Great White Shark.If shark diving tours are not available, try your hand at diving for Crayfish and Paua or pulling up the beautiful blue cod from the depths. Val and the team at Chatham Hotel will give you the best adventure as you exlore the mysteries of the Chatham Islands

Chatham Island Wildlife

Everywhere you look at the Chatham Islands you will see a diverse ecology of wildlife that ranges from the Weka, Tomtitts, Royal Albatross to the likes of the very rare Taiko that call the Chatham Islands home. Taking a trip out to the South coast you will get to see the Chatham Island pigeons that are 30 percent larger than the mainland pigeons. The Black robin is the iconic bird of the Chatham’s to many.

Contact Chatham Hotel Hotel Chatham Address: P.O. Box 3 Chatham Islands 8030 New Zealand Phone +64 3 305 0048 Fax: +64 3 305 0097 Chatham Hotel Website

Chatham Island Tours Wharekauri Walk Spectacular views moderate to hard walking. Walking time is approximately 6.5 hours. Best suited to fit walkers and trampers. Okawa Walk Historically a significant part of the Kaingaroa area. Easy to moderate walking. Walking time is approximately 5 hours Ranga Ika Walk Experience breath-taking views of the southern coastal cliffs plummeting 200 metres into the sea, and across Pitt straight to the islands. Easy to moderate walking. Walking time is approximately 3.5 hours. Te Awapatiki (the pathway of the flounder) Through this walk you will encounter special significance to the Moriori. This walk is rich in diverse flora & fauna. Total walk time is approximately 5 hours. Taia Walk An optional overnight stay at Taia House can be arranged on request. A short excursion can be made from the house out through Taia Reserve to the coastline. This walk has Moriori tree carvings at the northern end of Lake Kairae. Total walk time is approximately 3 hours. Pitt Island Tour With its majestic cliffs rugged scenery, bush reserves and natural way of life, Pitt Island is recognised as the jewel in the Chatham’s crown. Pitt Island is home to some of the worlds rarest birds and plants and is the first inhabited place in the world to witness each new day. Highlights include: Mt Hakepa, Glory cottage, Ellen Elizabeth Preece Conservation Covenant, Flower Pot jail, Waihere Head, Mo-


Scenic Coastal Photography Chatham Islands

Looking over Hotel and Petre Bay Chatham Islands

This Months Giveaway Name this famous fish in this photo and tell us where you can find him? The first three correct entries will receive a soft toy 15cm Penguin Chick. All winners will be published our next publication in March 2013

Submit your answers to ADVENTURE CRAZY NZ

O ffice Collec tions: 3 Cromer Place South New Brighton Christchurch O ffice Ph: 03 4231698 Cell: 0212516512 Email: info@adventurecraz Sales: sales@adventurecraz Website: w w w.adventurecraz

Adventure Crazy Magazine  

First magazine publication as we prepare for more issues with loads more content about NZ Adventures and products.

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