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Terrifying horror stories are very fun to write when no one is awake to calm you down. They say that you are your toughest critic, if you can scare the crap out of yourself, chances are the reader will be freaked out even more than you. Mind control to slaughter your neighbors from a seemingly harmless toaster is just one of the many twisted possibilities.

that naps are evil as they inevitably lead the napster to go completely nocturnal at some point. If that happens, you’ll be causing all kinds of late night shenanigans. You’ll probably avoid bright lights, get yourself wet, and even eat after midnight. If that happens to too enough insomniacs, we could solve that pesky infestation of sparkling teenage vampires.

The Insomniac's Guidebook to Sanity: Tips and Tales from the Chronically Awake  

Senior Project. About six months of my senior year was tied up in this humorous "self-help book". Content was based on accounts from an inso...