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Materials and Structures.

Paul Meikle

1 Materials and Structures.

Assignment 2: Rotation Moulded Street Furniture for a festival Application.


The brief for this project is to create a

Traipsing around the streets of edinburgh

piece of street furniture for a Festival of my

going for show to show seeing many weird

choice, immediately I thought to design my

and wonderful acts can get tiring so I have

piece of furniture for the Edinburgh Fringe

opted to design a cluster of tables that can

Festival. As a regular visitor and enthusiast

be put together in any given destination in

of the Fringe I seen this as a prime opportu-

order to let the people of the Fringe take a

nity to design something beautiful for the

second out to enjoy a spot of food or

Festival enjoyed my thousands of people

maybe even a beer if the occasion calls for

every year.



Product Location

I looked into a few different potential loca-

Other potential locations for the table could

tions for where to put my outdoor bar


stand/ table and decided that outside the Edinburgh Art Gallery overlooking Princes street gardens would be an ideal location. With a nice view and with it being a open area it means that people will not be cramped into a small area. As well as this there are often street performers in this area so people can enjoy the surroundings at the same time.

Near Bristo square another spacious but active area during the fringe. With the Udderbelly close it makes for a prime location. 3

2 Research

When looking into existing designs of outdoor bar style tables I came across a few designs with a similar concept to mines. Although most of these structures are wooden rather than plastic they hold similar attributes. Most outdoor food and drinks area’s provide seats as well as the table for users but my design will not include seats and will allow for users to rest against the table or stand and enjoy their food or drink or to enjoy a conversation. 4

Although outdoor bars and places to eat are already openly available through out the Fringe festival there is not a communal area to rest where there is no pressure to buy a drink or something to eat. With my outdoor table design it allows people of any age to come along and enjoy their own food or drinks whilst enjoying all the festival has to offer.



In order to make the tables fit in with the surrounding things associated with the Fringe I’ve decided to base the colours around the 2013 Fringe colour scheme for their brochures, leaflets and posters. With the bold bright colours it will attract more attention with users and will entice to check out the tables.


3 Design Development

Rotational Moulding.

The design will be rotational moulded; this

The advantages of using rotational mould-

is the process of heating up the plastic be-

ing are that it allows to make larger com-

ing used to a high temperature and having

plex products fairly easily with a consistent

the mould rotate in order to produce a hol-

finish and wall thickness through out the

low product.


By using rotational moulding as the produc-

Within the rotational mould I am going to

tion process it allows for the product to be

use High Density polyethylene due to the

weighed down using water or sand when it

fact that it is a hard wearing plastic with

gets to its destination. This means that

good rigidity and resistance to outdoor

transport of the product is easier and more

conditions as well as general wear and

lightweight than usual products.


The table is a temporary piece of street furniture during the Fringe festival which runs for 4 weeks so it is ideal that its rotational moulded so it can be delivered and uplifted with ease with out any risk of it being stolen whilst the festival is running due to the fact that the material inside it can be dumped out easily before transport.


Combination of materials.

For the main rotational moulded section of

The second material that I have used within

my design I have opted to use Hight Den-

my design is stainless steel for the ashtray

sity polyethylene due to the fact that it is

part in the middle of the table.

impact resistant and tough so it will be less likely to give in due to heavy weight or

The main advantages of using stainless steel



Due to the weather during the Fringe festi-

- It is corrosion resistant so its not going to

val being so unpredictable HDPE is also an ideal material due to its thermal resistance; it can withstand warping, cracking or melting from -40ยบC to 100ยบC. Since the Festival is only on for 4 weeks during the month of August the tables can be recycled at the end since HDPE is widely recyclable. Another benefit of using HDPE is the fact that when it is rotational moulded it is light in weight meaning that transportation costs will be significantly less than for other products.

rust or corrode from weather conditions. - Ease of fabrication; stainless steel can be cut, welded, formed, machined and fabricated relatively easily. - It is available in many surface finishes. It is easily and simply maintained resulting in a high quality, pleasing appearance. - The cold work hardening properties of many stainless steels can be used in design to reduce material thicknesses and reduce weight and costs. Other stainless steels may be heat treated to make very high strength components





4 Structural analysis

Forces. Compression force from the load of food or drink on the table as well as the weight of users leaning on it

Force of the load on top of the table is spread out evenly. Sheer force from the wind load as well as people standing and leaning against the table.

The maximum weight that the table

The most problematic point of force

should have to deal with would be

upon the table would be the twist in

the weight of 6 people potentially

the middle of the body due to the

standing on the table:

odd shape and bend in the material.

Average person x 6: 960Kg.

Due to the temporary use of the table /bar stand there should be no problems with over use or wear and tear.


7 Ergonomics

Looking into ergonomic dimensions of the table


From looking through a few different sources the standard height for a bar is around 1110mm and I have made my table height around the same height (1099mm). Average UK male height (16+): 1752mm Average UK male height (16-24): 1771mm Average UK male height (25-34): 1779mm

The size of each side of the hexagon is

The average space you should allow a per-

616mm allowing each user enough per-

son sitting at a dining table is around

sonal space when standing at the table, it


allows for them to comfortably stand around the table without feeling cramped and gives enough space to allow for them to rest their drink or food on the table and enjoy it comfortably without bumping the person next to them.


24. Upper limb length

The average length of a fully stretched out arm for a man is 790mm and the ashtray in the centre of the table is 555mm away from the edge of the table allowing for the user to comfortably use the ashtray and reach anything they have on the table that is in front of the ash tray.


6 Design Review

Design Review.

On a whole I would say that my design of a table/bar stand is successful, I have carefully considered different features of the table to allow for it to be comfortable for up to 6 users per table. Weaknesses of the design are that although the design is completely suited to most sizes of people not a lot of consideration has been put into suitability for disabled users or children although they can

The strengths of the tables are that they

still enjoy it comfortably.

can be put into different arrangements eas-

A change that could be made to the design to guarantee for them to make full use

ily to keep it interesting in different locations.

of the table would be to have a few differ-

The colour scheme of the tables have also

ent tables of a lower height. For wheelchair

been carefully considered to be recog-

users an ideal height for another table

nised clearly as a part of Edinburgh Fringe

would be 700mm.



7 Company Policy


The sustainable factors of the design are

For the stainless steel ashtray part of the

that due to the fact that it is formed from

design in its use or in its production proc-

plastic materials it can be sourced and pro-

ess, respects the human being, especially

duced locally. As well as this once the de-

in terms of health and safety.

sign is obsolete the plastic material can be widely recycled.

A sustainable material does not harm the people working to produce it, or the peo-

Plastics have a very good environmental

ple who handle it during its use, recycling

profile. Only 4% of the world's oil produc-

and ultimate disposal.

tion is used for plastics and much less energy is used to produce it compared to

Stainless steel is not harmful to people dur-

other materials.

ing either its production or use. A protec-

The design also reduces use of fuel and

steels due to it including chromium.

larger vehicles for transport due to its light

tive layer forms naturally on all stainless

weight after production.

The passive layer protects the steel from

Since the plastic used to produce the table

the correct grade of stainless is selected

is already coloured it eliminates the need

for an application, the steel remains inert

to paint or maintain.

and harmless to the people who handle it

Another sustainable factor of the plastic

corrosion - ensuring a long life. As long as

and the environment.

used to create the design is that there is

These characteristics have made stainless

no other additional finishing needed once

steel the primary material in medical, food

the production process is finished; sand-

processing, household and catering appli-

ing, welding etc.



Company Ethics.

In terms of ethics, as a company we will

We will try and be as charitable as we can

consciously work towards creating good

with our design work making sure we can

design for our clients at a reasonable

donate what ever we can and help the

price. We will make sure any clients we are

best we can with design work for charita-

working with are also trying hard to be eco

ble organisations or any good causes in

friendly and sustainable with any works

need of help.

they are doing as well as following suit and maintaining these same ethics ourselves.


8 Final Design.

The final design of a Bar/table for use during the Fringe Festival 2013.

Materials and Structures 2  

Assignment 2 Rotation Moulded Street Furniture for a festival Application.

Materials and Structures 2  

Assignment 2 Rotation Moulded Street Furniture for a festival Application.