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Are you asking yourself if it's worth to use a SWTOR starships guide? In this report I will say a thing or two about the six types of starships known so far in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and also give you a few reasons to work with a complete SWTOR starships guide. Ok, so without wasting too much of your time, here's a... SWTOR Starships Brief Presentation There are six types of starships in the game at the moment, three for each faction. Each class can fly only the type of ship specific to it. Here are the ships: Republic Starships Corellian Defender. It's the starship related to the Republic Jedi classes, so if you play a Jedi Knight or Consular this is the starship that you'll be given. It's apparently a customized type of ship, designed for the special missions that Jedi have to carry out.Now XS Stock Light. This is your ship if you play the Smuggler class. It's a ship that resembles well the Millenium Falcon, Han Solo's ship from the first SW trilogy.Now BT-7 Thunderclap. It's the Trooper's starship with great combat capabilities and heavy shields, equipped with various internal facilities. Empire Starships kFury. As its name suggests it, this is the ship that you will receive as a Sith Warrior or Inquisitor. It has a very Empire-like design, and kind of resembles the TIE Aggressor ships from Star Wars Galaxies.Now D-5 Mantis. A predatory name for a predatory ship, the D-5 Mantis belongs to the SWTOR Bounty Hunters, and it's apparently built to sustain heavy weapons, designed for larger class ships.Now X-70B Phantom. Finally, the ship designed for the Imperial Agents, a very high-tech ship, stealthy and fast, built for the special missions of highly trained Imperial Agents. This is a brief description of every starship known in SWTOR so far. If you would like a more detailed and accurate description, I suggest you to look for a more detailed SWTOR starships guide. Now, why to use a SWTOR starships guide? Well... because you will know the three most important things in any SWTOR fight: 1. Known your enemy potential

A starship guide will tell you each and every aspect of the ship specific to your class and the other classes. Therefore you will know what you're fighting with and what you're fighting against. And you will surely meet some of the other types of ships in the space missions that you will pass through. 2. Go to the battle with the right tools Ships can be equipped with various weapons or other accessories. Some of them are expensive, some of them are useless. A SWTOR starship guide will explain to you exactly what to invest in to maximize the efficiency of your ship. Keep in mind that for future patches or expansion, open space combat or PvP is most definitely scheduled, because, as it is now, space combat seems a bit empty. So, it's best to have your ship tuned for when the time comes, and also to make every mission a walk in the park. 3. Take only the fight that you can win Obviously, there are difficult and also very rewarding missions that you shouldn't miss or fail numerous times. That's where a SWTOR starships guide comes in, explaining each mission in little detail, telling you how to achieve as many secondary objectives as possible.

Now, in case you're looking for a complete starships guide for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the best I can recommend is right here: SWTOR Starships Guide.

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