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Facebook is the world's most popular and widely visited social networking website on the internet. Most people visit Facebook just to socialize with friends and family but still a lot of people are making money online from Facebook. There are various ways to make money on Facebook. You can make money on Facebook through pay per click advertising, promoting your own product or service using multiple marketing methods and driving traffic to your affiliate websites or links which can be posted on your profile. Facebook also offers banner application advertisement that gives you an edge when posting your product or service offers on your profile. The best aspect of Facebook is its viral nature. The Facebook website can be described as a sticky website that promotes your products and services easily. This feature ensures that you are able to build a highly targeted business that sees to the needs of a particular niche in a very short period. The first thing you'll need to do to start building a profitable niche business on Facebook is to build your business profile. Build a business profile with your business name and website URL attached. Then you can start linking to friends and other similar business groups on Facebook which gives your business the much needed exposure. Make your profile sticky by posting messages and links and also encouraging your friends and other business enthusiasts to comment. Even the recession does not have any tremendous effect on Facebook earnings especially as people never stop socializing. And the best part about making money online from Facebook is that you do not need proficiency in computer analytics or any kind of technical skills to earn money daily. There is a huge opportunity for those who want to expose their business with Facebook ads. Though the ads on the Facebook may cost you more than those for pay per click advertizing, the viral nature of Facebook ensures that your ads are adequately exposed to your targeted audience. Facebook encourages users to develop their own applications. Applications range from free games, horoscopes, puzzles and personality tests amongst others. These applications draw a lot of users to your profile and in a few minutes, a lot of Facebook users can be using your applications. You can then go on to sell advertise space on your applications which brings in some earnings. There are a lot of sponsors available for your particular niche so if you do not have the money to launch your applications, you can partner with a sponsor. Amazon or eBay are popular sponsors that will partner with you if your business profile is sticky. There are also a lot of developers who can help you design your applications if you find it difficult to design one. Work with one and build especially on their monetization ideas. Application developers also help to maximize the social networking graph and build a viable business in any niche. A good 500 million users are registered on the Facebook platform due to its powerful socializing prowess and boundless business opportunities. A lot of money is being earned by various Facebook users' everyday so it is needless to conclude how much money could be made. Facebook is the 6th most visited website on the internet which assures developers of steady

earnings. Applications in the fields of dating, weight loss, health and fitness and other business niches make huge profits for their developers.

Bobson St Pierre is an Internet entrepreneur based out of Newark, New Jersey he owns a web development and internet marketing company call Bobson Consulting Corp. Learn more on internet marketing by downloading his free ebook on SEO at

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==== ==== Harness The Viral Power Of Facebook in Smart Way and Generate Massive Amounts Of HighlyTargeted FREE Traffic amazingly! ==== ====

What is Viral Marketing Harness The Viral Power Of Facebook in Smart Way and Generate Massive Amounts Of Highly-Targeted FREE Tr...