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Offering prayers with India Bazaar

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Puja Items â—?

India Bazaar offers the Global Indians a wide range of puja items from idols to puja thalis to incense to dried rose leaf. Even mango leaves to tulsi leaves are also available on the site for you to order and get them with ease.

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Carved Wooden Box Beautifully handcrafted decorative incense wooden box. In the internal compartment there are four holes, one at either end of the base and one at either end of the lid. This means up to four incencse sticks can be burned at once

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Diwali Pooja Kit Ready to do Diwali puja kit, contains 22 Items needed for Puja This is an all in one Diwali Pooja Kit. It contains: Abir; Agarbatti; Akshat; Chandan; Dhoop Batti; Diya; Diya Batti; Ganga Jal; Ilaichi & Long; Itr; Kamal Gatta; Kesar; Kumkum; Pooja Chitra; Lal Vastra; Mauli; Panch Meva; Pooja Pustika; Shree Yantra; Sikka; Sindoor and Supari.

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Incense Stand â—?

Brass Agarbatti Stand. Let the fragrance of your incense spread throughout the room with this brass incense holder. This agarbatti stand has an attractive design that will help create the right mood for your meditation or pooja. Presented by

Brass Metal Engraved Puja Thali â—?

Beautiful engraved metal puja thali available in various combination and prints - Copper or Brass with OM, Satia or Goddess Footprint. Presented by

Diwali Puja Thali â—?

Complete Diwali puja thali set with stainless steel engraved thali, agarbatti stand, diya, katori & Ganesh / Lakshmi murti.

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Ganga Water â—?

Ganga Water is the most essential elements for any Indian Festival. As without ganga water any Indian festival is incompplete.

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Incense Variety Gift Set â—?

Incense is another item which is very essential for any puja. As beautiful fragrance is always required for and beautiful occasion. Presented by

Contact Us for Traditional Indian Clothes , Decors, Jewelry,etc

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Offering prayers with india bazaar  

India bazaar offers the Global Indian to connect to its roots And can offer puja from any were from us and India bazaar is offering you a un...

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