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How to wear a Indian saree……! Presented by India bazaar

How difficult is to wear a saree…..

• It is really very difficult for the first time to wear a saree……

• It comes from years of practice to wear a saree perfectly…. • In this discussion I will try to give the basic of how to wear a saree…

sari‌.. • A sari is an Indian sub continental women's garment. It has been worn historically many times, being the native dress of India. There are today several types of saris and many different fashions. The main section is about 6 yards long, but don't let that frighten you! Dressing in a sari is very easy and it looks gorgeous on anybody.

Determine the shoes that you plan to wear • Height of your heels is important for determining where the bottom of the sari should reach. Since some saris might be transparent, try to wear an underskirt too. The shoes should be elegant, like golden sandals.

Hold the sari so the fall is facing towards you • The fall is a long piece of unadorned cotton.

Wrap the sari around your waist and tuck it in once. • The pallu (decorated side) should be on the outside.

Wrap it around again, but don't tuck it in • Pull the pallu until it is as long as your outstretched arm when your arm is by your side. Tuck it over your shoulder.

Tighten the cloth and tuck it in 3 to 4 inches to the left of your belly button.

Pleat it. • Stretch your left hand and hold the cloth with your thumb and pinkie fingers. Wind the cloth with your right hand through the thumb and pinkie holding with alternating fingers. You should end with 5-6 pleats, but you can have more if your hands are small.

Tuck in your pleats. • It is a good idea to pin the pleats together so that they stay in place the whole day. Generally speaking, 20 centimeters below the waist is a good basis.

•Drape the remaining fabric around yourself from left to right, and over your shoulder.

•Secure the end portion on your shoulder with a safety pin.

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How to wear a Indian saree……!  

A sari is an Indian sub continental women's garment.visit It has been worn historical...

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