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Indian Traditional Clothes • Why does Indian Clothes need special Care? • Why do we have to do to maintain its longevity? • How to wash them? • How to dry them?

Why special care? • Indian Clothes need special care as they are rich in colors . • They use a varying custom designs like laces , boutiques , stones, etc.

To maintain longevity? • To maintain longevity of clothes one has to take proper care of it. • Be it from washing , drying, or ways of storing it. • If one follows the following general tips then one will be able to sustain their clothes for a long period of time.

How to wash Clothes • Sort It Out: – If you haven't already presorted your clothing, Then it's time to sort them now. At the most basic level, separate whites from colors. – laced clothes . – The clothes containing stones and other item they need to be washed separately.

•Check Labels: – Always, always, always check the labels on your clothes. Some items are not washable. Some need to be washed with the garment turned inside out.

•Stay Out of Hot Water – It really isn't necessary to use hot water to wash clothing. Modern detergents do well in warm and/or cold water. Use either a warm wash/cold rinse or cold wash/cold rinse setting. This not only saves your clothing, but saves energy

•Set Up The Washer – Set the washing machine for the load you will be doing. Most washers have a small/medium/large load size. Set the temperature to warm/cold or cold/cold. Check your washing machine instructions

•Using of detergent ? – It's really not necessary to use anything harsh. If you have stains, pre-treat the clothing at least 5 minutes before washing.

•Load It Up: – Time to add your clothes, but don't over-load the machine. Putting in too many items can cause damage to your clothes (soap stains, etc.) as well as damage to the machine. – Clothing with patterns/prints should be turned inside out to wash. This preserves the color and avoids fading.

•To Bleach or Not To Bleach ? – For your whites, adding bleach to your load helps whiten, brighten and remove stains. Some machines have a special place to add bleach which is gradually added to the clothing. – Measure out the appropriate amount of bleach (check your washing machine instructions). If your machine does not have a special compartment for bleach, add the bleach to the water/soap mixture and let it mix well with the water prior to adding your clothing.

•Start It Up: – Put in the clothes (remember one load at a time and don't mix the colors and whites) and let the machine do the work for you.

After wash Care…! • Know That your clothes are washed Properly dry them up and store them, in your wardrobe safely. • Every Traditional Indian Clothes if different from one another so before washing check them out thoroughly about any special instruction set given for them or not.

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How to wash indian traditional clothes  

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