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Diversity in Indian Traditional attire

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Indian Diversity India is a country with diverse culture and tradition living under one amalgamated roof and each zone of India adding to the diversity of India in its own way . It not only gives India a huge cultural base but also makes it a amalgamation of diverse culture As pundit Jawaharlal Nehru said: unity in diversity India truly represent a picture of it‌

Traditional dress in Kashmir‌!

Traditional female Kashmir dress

Couple inTraditional Kashmir dress

Traditional dress in Punjab‌!

Traditional dress in Gujarat

Traditional dress of Marathi

Traditional dress of Rajasthan

South Indian Dress

Traditional North East Indian dress

Traditional Indian Clothing • It is true that with a mix of such a huge number of tradition and culture Traditional Indian Clothing will be a collection to reckon with. • Modern dress are just a evolution from the traditional clothing of India.

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Diversity in Indian Traditional Costume.....  
Diversity in Indian Traditional Costume.....  

Indian Traditional dress are a merge and evolution of all the conventional dress of its diverse culture to grab one visit www.theindiabazaar...