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Paul Macerato Is A Gynecologist

Paul Macerato is a gynecologist and an advanced pelvic surgeon. After the completion of his advanced surgical training in gynecology, and advanced pelvic surgery, and having a surgical practice there for more than a decade, he aimed exclusively at the care of women in a more comfortable and private setting.

He established his own private practice and ranked as one the top doctors in the Pennsylvania area, for gynecology. He also opened another private practice in the region and offers his patients with latest and top quality care in a patient centric, calm, and compassionate way. Apart from offering surgical and medical care to the highest standards in his field,

He also focused on developing the patient and doctor relationship so that he can perfectly understands the problem of his patient and offer needed solution. Paul Macerato graduated from the finest university. He then finished her residency training in Gynecology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Besides this, he completed his fellowship in gynecology and while developing and maintaining a busy surgical practice as an Assistant Attending Surgeon and Assistant Professor of Gynecology, he also attained a PhD in cell biology and genetics. He saw all around his neighbors who received inadequate health care.

Paul Macerato is a Pennsylvania based board certified Gynecologist who carries years of experience in his pocket. Over the years, he has earned an excellent reputation in the industry because of his expansive base of knowledge and sincerity with which he treats each of his patients. When not busy treating patients, Paul likes to read, write, and travel.

Paul Macerato Is A Gynecologist