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133x39 - 136x40.5 - 139x42 If you’re in to racing you’ll try your hardest to win. Because of this we have been working silently but with 5cm fins full dedication to create a kite and board with the ability to win. In the last 14 months of testing, the ERA Race LTD and the new Stealth RacePro have performed so well that rider Paulino Pereira won Portuguese Race Champion, and rider Joey Pasquali battled for First Place in the Race Series in San Francisco, CA. The Stealth is now available in the RacePro series, a 180x60cm board with a 3 fin configuration for expert riders, and the FunRace series, a 160x52cm board with 2 fin configuration plus the option for a 4 fin configuration.

The ONE has a wood core, an integrated pad and straps and a soft, new foot bed that inspires confidence and guarantees better control for more pop and better lift . Light and flexible this board is best adapted for intermediate to advanced riders. Three sizes are available for riders depending on weight and s i z e .

6'1''x18'' 1/4 x 2'' 1/16

The 6’1” is a the wedding between a surfboard and kitesurf board in that it has the performance of a 6’1”surfboard with a slightly increased biconcave structure to better handle high speeds created by the kite. In 2011 we have added a bamboo cover that, other than being a stylish and sustainable material, gives more flexibility without changing the structural resistance and flex needed for serious impact. 12cm future fins

180x60mm 3 x 38cm fins

our most popular 160x52 board created 2x22cm +2x24cm fins around a new concept that is growing with the passion for strapless riding, this board is small and versati152x44x3.5 le and great in small waves and 9cm fins for strapless riding. It’s the Hi 5 because it 5 feet but also because it 5cm fins was designed to be used in 5 configurations. 1. Without fins or straps, in smooth water, Joey Pasquali style. 2. Without straps and with a single 5cm fin on each end for similar style riding but with more traction. 3. With straps and 5cm fin on both ends for the twintip feel. 4. Without straps with two 9cm fins on the tail end for small wave riding. 5. With straps and two 9cm fins for larger waves or for boosting high. The Hi5 a true freestyle board!







Since it’s inception the ERA has meant power and performance. The 2011 ERA is in its third year and this latest version comes to you with a new profile, a slightly shorter bridle that is pully free and a slightly more aerodynamic strut design. This is the same kite you know in boost and feel.

The XTera is a completely new kite that lies between our two kites currently on the market. This kite doesn’t offer the power of the ERA or the speed of the Solo but it offers the ideal compromise for all styles or as the perfect choice for riders who are currently developing their style.

16.5-13.5-10.5 Racing is a new discipline in our sport that is extremely technical. Based of the ERA this Race LTD edition features a thinner profile, an ultra slim LE and 6 thin struts to save weight and improve power and upwind ability. The three sizes can cover a wind range from 6 to 30 knots making it a complete quiver for those who are serious about racing.

The Solo kite is our most ‘C’ shaped kite, making it the fastest we have on the market. Because of it’s turning radius and it’s feel it’s ideal for those who love to un-hook often.

Also in its third year the Elite Bar keeps improving. This year it has received a new grip with shaped finger ridges and a new spring inside the QR . The new bar will equip and fit all the kites in our line thanks to our easily adjustable bar endcups.

In 2011 we are offering the first Royal harness as part of the Royal accessory line. A simple, clean design with thermoform construction it offers riders both comfort and support. This harness has an easy on and off clip system on the spreader bar.

ELITE harness

Royal is: simple, fun, freedom. Royal Kiteboarding is not focused only on the new and hard-core, what we communicate and share instead is what is called the essence of the sport. This is the bond that we try to create with our customers, with our carefully chosen distributors, through our ads and teh Alliance riders that embody our philosophy. We aim to extend this emotion of freedom, inspiration and joy to our riders by providing simply designed products that are category-free and for all tastes. Through a unique effort we try to bring to you images that express and motivate. We are passionate about the sport and it’s because of the feelings they bring. It’s because of this that we stay in the business and this is our business. .com

Royal Flyer 2011  

Royal Kiteboarding product line 2011