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THE GREAT OUTDOORS Following his graduation from Antwerp in c. 1895, Gash had returned to Lincoln School of Art as an assistant art master. The work he painted here and in nearby Northamptonshire for the next three decades reveal him to be an outstanding practitioner not only in oil, but also in watercolour and pastel. This was in addition to his already evident skills as a draughtsman and etcher. This exceptional versatility is seen most strikingly in his numerous beautiful and spontaneous landscapes, many of which show the countryside he loved near Kettering and Nottingham. Such works place Gash in a great Edwardian tradition of landscape painting, responding to the advances in Continental European painting and stressing the need to paint from nature in the open air rather than from the comfort of the studio. The best known names in this tradition included such painters as Kettering’s own Sir Alfred East, Sir John Arnesby Brown and Mark Fisher. Gash would have been well-aware of these artists from their many exhibits at the Royal Academy throughout these years and at his best can be shown to be very much their equal. Another particular influence was Sir George Clausen, with whom Gash shared an interest in the fast moving nature of cloudscapes and the changeability of the British weather. Like Clausen, Gash also displayed a brilliant facility with pastel.

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