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c at. 25

Study for ‘Children playing in the fields at sunset’ Signed l.l.: W.B. Gash Oil on canvas board, 12g by 9 ins (32.5 by 23 cm)

A study for cat. 26. c at. 26

Children playing in the fields at sunset Signed l.r.: W.B. Gash Oil on canvas, 25 by 30 ins (63.5 by 76 cm)

The present work and its smaller oil study show young school children walking in the countryside near Kettering and are thought to date from c. 1918–1920. Like the landscape Warkton Meadows (cat. 31) of some ten years later, the painting’s evocation of the sunset lends the work a mysterious quality, which transports it from the otherwise everyday nature of the subject.

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