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c at. 9

Still life with geometric models and a vase Soft pencil, 19 by 29 ins (48 by 73.5 cm)

This is one of a number of works Gash entered for his Art Master’s Certificate. ‘Evidently during his early years in Kettering he realised that it would be an advantage to add to his qualifications ‘The Art Master’s Certificate’ and so he enlisted as an external student. There are a few examples of drawings that he presented for the examinations still in my possession, as for example, solution to a perspective problem, a black chalk portrait of a man, and studies of a foot, a hand, etc.’ Margaret Gash (mg) c at. 10

Drawing of fruit from plaster cast in relief Soft pencil, 17 by 11z ins (43 by 29 cm)

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Walter Bonner Gash Catalogue  

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