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The Connoisseur, c. 1907, oil, Kettering Borough Council on behalf of the public

(kdas), a new and influential institution furthering the practice and appreciation of art in Kettering. Gash was a popular and well known inhabitant of Kettering and it was his work, The Connoisseur which was the first to be presented to the town as the nucleus of an art collection during the campaign for an art gallery to be built. The painting was bought in 1905 and hung in Kettering Free Library until Kettering Urban District Council finally built the gallery in 1913. It is one of his best pieces. This exhibition shows the variety of media Gash used in his lifetime and his continual stylistic development. His work shows the influence of continental art unlike the Anglocentric style which had dominated the nineteenth

Walter Bonner Gash Catalogue  

Catalogue of Paintings