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> Update | June 2014 > Price Changes | New Price Lists

It’s June Already! We’re now heading into June & I’ve just been able to get around to our next Newsletter. In this issue we’d like to bring you up to date with the latest updates, price changes and the revisions to our ranges that you need to know about. Also, there are various new improvements to some of your old favourites that will be well recieved by Blinds by Peter Meyer customers. We have some very exciting new Product ranges that we’ll be releasing very soon and will showcase them in our next Newsletter &


> Interior Updates

| New BASICS V2.0 Range

As we have been getting huge increases in our cut length surcharges, we now have to implement, with immediate effect, a flat $40 surcharge for any fabrics listed on Page 4 of our current interiors price list. This will directly offset the cut surcharges we get from our suppliers and will be on ALL fabrics listed on Page 4, this will allow us to keep the fabrics in their existing price categories rather than move them all up one price category. This is really only a big concern on small one to two blind orders. We appreciate it’s difficult it is working with the 5% surcharges implemented on our last price list. We are working on our new Interior | Exterior price folder which we aim to be ready for the new financial year. It will be one folder with our interior and exterior prices combined for simplicity. We’re open to layout suggestions, if you think we can improve our existing layout, please let me know: We’ll do whatever we can to make your life easier to sell our products & your suggestions will be seriously considered!

> Interior Updates

| Signature Collection

The new BASICS V2.0 has had a small delay; however, we expect it to be launched shortly after July 1st ! Please remember that: Palm Beach has replaced Nevada Blockout & Translucent and can be used in the BASICS range until it is swatched in the new range. Note: If you don’t have a swatch of Palm Beach, please email us at:

> Interior Updates




ANTY Blinds by Peter Meyer

Simply Naturals

Simply Naturals

ds by Peter Meyer

Simply Naturals

| New Simply Naturals Range

It’s come to our attention that for those who are utilising the great fabrics within Signature collection V2.0, your folder covers may be looking a little worse for wear. If you have a cover that’s seen better days we’ll immediately replace it with a new cover. A good looking folder easily seals the deal on our quality products! Please just bring them to us to exchange. If interstate, or not practical contact: & we’ll despatch new covers to you ASAP.



Blinds by Peter Meyer

We’re planning to release our new Simply Naturals range in July. This collection introduces our totally stunning Silk Road range of exotic Eastern fabrics & textures. Full details will be released in our next newsletter and details of how to obtain your own sample range & decks.

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Blinds by Peter Meyer Interiors + Exteriors > Interior Product of the Month Custom Pelmets

> Interior Product

Manhattan 50mm Aluminium Venetians

Late last year we released our Manhattan Venetian which combines the retro 50mm Aluminium venetian blind with the beauty of Natural Cedar. As always we can custom paint or stain the cedar (bottom rail and pelmet to cover the head box).

Our product of the month is our Custom Painted and Fabric Wrapped pelmets. Since we introduced our MDF pelmets late last year we have seen them steadily grow in popularity and as an excellent add-on upsell to our retailers who have embraced them! We have also been testing a few of our other products under them and I was excited to see how stunning the Shangri-La’s look under a crisp white painted 140mm high pelmet. If you dont have our price list for these, please email me:

We have just produced a fresh batch of swatches for these blinds so if you don’t have samples, please let us know. There are 7 popular colours in this range and all colours can be made as normal 50mm Aluminium venetians as well. We produce all blinds with either ladder tape or ladder string. If you have not seen this stunning blind in the flesh, ask to see one of our reps or email at We have a working price list of this and we will release full specs in our 2014 price list, however, please contact us to quote your next venetian job!

Why sell only a roller blind when you can up-sell to this amazing product and give your customers something unique! 4 different options: 140mm 140mm 200mm 250mm

| | | |

MDF ( painted or fabric wrapped ) Cedar ( stained, painted or fabric wrapped ) MDF ( painted or fabric wrapped ) MDF ( painted or fabric wrapped )

All of these Custom Pelmets come with the option of 70mm, 120mm and 160mm Head boards making them super versatile. Custom colour is our speciality: We can match any colour for your custom painted pelmets.

New batch of Swatches now available.



Blinds by Peter Meyer Interiors + Exteriors > Acmeda | New Battery Operated Motor

> XL50 | New Fabric Folders Available Now

Testing is currently underway on the latest Acmeda battery operated motors and so far everything looks seriously good! Its super quiet in comparison to its competitors on the market, has an internal battery so no external battery wand to hide, has a stylish 1 and 5 channel remote and can be simply plugged in to charge like your mobile phone. Perfect for those hard to reach EXC LUS windows or where getting access for power is simply not suitable! IVE Motor Remote Remote Solar Panel Charger

| | | | |

$313.95 $63 1xChannel $73.50 5 x Channel $115.50 $36.75

Note: Solar Panel is an optional extra but not required, however it will trickle feed the motor and charge it up when it runs low, no need to plug in the charger if you have adequate sun.

We have just received a fresh batch of our exclusive XL50 Pleat fabric folders showcasing all of the fabrics including the bright colours which are always popular and set this range apart! If you don’t know about this amazing range, ask to see a rep as this product is going from strength to strength. The XL50 Pleat folders are available for only $40 each. To get your folder:

Timber Venetians | Top Slat Clips

> Staff Update | Jane Medbury

For some time now we have been looking for the perfect solution to help our motorised 60mm and 85mm timber venetian blinds tilt better. We have just come up with the perfect solution for the 60mm Slats and are now working to improve the performance of the 85mm blind. The new clear plastic top slat clip grips the blades and holds it tight to the ladder making tilting smooth and uniformed. This will now be a standard on all 60mm blinds from now on and we are developing a top slat clip to suit the 85mm Venetians.

Last month we welcomed Jane Medbury to our office staff, taking on the new reception role Pic while Tamara (who many of you will already know) moves more into a more Customer service orientated role to help with communication flow > Credit Card Payments | Amex Added back to customers. We are also increasing We have added AMEX to our list of accepted cards to make life easier for you. factory staff levels to manage the growth we Amex will attract a 3% surcharge. are experiencing at the moment and will be back to our usual fast lead times before you know it!

Blinds by Peter Meyer Interiors + Exteriors



> Month’s Good Deed | Buy a Bale

> Motorisation | Somfy Glydea Curtain System

We all know how hard our farmers have been doing it throughout Australia. We have donated 50 bales of hay to those who need it most to get them through these tough times. We encourage anyone else who is interested in supporting such a charity to log on and donate as well.

We are pleased to announce that we are now one of the very limited number of trusted manufacturers of the Somfy Glydea motorised curtain tracking system. It is one of the most capable and cost effective European systems on the market. The new Price List is attached. The tracks can be produced as centre opening, one way draw and even the hugely popular “S Fold” style.

50 Bales of Hay |

We are pricing aggressively and it’ill make very good business sense for you to take a look at this highly flexible system, manufactured to Somfy’s superb quality standards incorporating cutting edge technology. You will be pleasantly surprised. Glydea offers you the ultimate in full house control allowing you to combine all your Somfy motorised interior and exterior blinds on the same remote as the curtain tracks. We’d love the opportunity to tell you more about the benefits & opportunities the our Glydea System will offer you & your clients for more information & technical specs email: or Freecall 1800 254 631

S imply touch fa br ic to ope r ate

Touch Motion

Fabric Update | Wilton + Derwent

Cus tom pr e set your pr efer r e d position


Sleek cover hides cables + reduced light gap


S uit s mu tiple cur t a in t y pe s + r a il le ng th to



Somfy Glydea ™

Motorised Curtain Track by Peter Meyer

Blinds by Peter Meyer is proud to be appointed by Somfy as one of only two NSW manufacturers of their exciting Somfy Glydea™ Motorised Curtain Track System. Glydea™ is the most advanced and versatile motorised track for the quality domestic and commercial markets. Glydea’s™ patented technology & cutting edge design offers architects, designers & decorators numerous new and exciting curtain options. Combine Somfy product excellence with Peter’s manufacturing quality, automation expertise, & renowned service and you’ll be assured of exceptional customer satisfaction.

We have had some rationalisation of the Signature Collection fabrics from our suppliers, please note the fabrics below that have been deleted in some colours. Please update your Signature Collection V2.0

Wilton Suede and Columbia are now discontinued in Blockout and Transparent.

Derwent White Apricot, Linen, Bronze Mustard and Charcoal Bronze are now discontinued.

Ballauff Woven Timber XL50 Pleat Our totally exclusive & ultra wide XL50 pleat. The dramatic colour range offers uber style.

Le Blinde Unique French Timber weaves in natural timbers or custom paint & stain finishes.

Head Office + Showroom 25 Richmond Rd Homebush NSW Freecall Aust: 1 800 254 631 NZ Phone: +64 9 302 2499 Web: Trade enquiries welcome

Custom Colour Our high quality 85mm cedar venetians have stylish 4.2mm thick blades.






by Peter Meyer

Designs Toulouse 569 is now discontinued. If you still want the colour, please use Nice 3641 and add the custom paint surcharge price.



Blinds by Peter Meyer Interiors + Exteriors > Update | Exterior Products

> Update | New ExteriorBlind Brochure

All exterior sunscreen fabric skins on Solare Teknica 1000- 5500 will now come with all edges sealed via our Impulse welder. This gives a much better sealed edge to avoid fraying and ensures the fabric last the test of time! This is now happening on all exterior straight drop and Pivot arm awnings with immediate effect.

The Solare Teknica range of straight drop roller blinds have just had a new, larger brochure printed off highlighting the full range including all the features and benefits. It explains the wind ratings and is perfect for the retail environment. If you would like some, please let us know & we’ll despatch to you.

> Update | Solare Teknica 5000 [ SRS ] We have recently improved some of the key features to make the Solare Teknica 5000 Side Retention Awnings even better. These are: ■ Improved locking bolt system ■ Top cap for side rails is now 2mm thicker. This is to ensure customers don’t over - raise the blind as this was popping the zips out of the side channels. There is also a guide on the bottom to assist in the zip winding onto the tube reducer. ■ We will now be adding an L shaped bracket to all reveal fit blinds to ensure the front covers are securely fastened at all times. Note: The wind rating of 108kmph of the Solare Teknica 5000 have been tested with the wind force coming onto the front face of the fabric only and needs to be installed in a way so the blind is facing out from a building. If the blind has the potential to have wind hitting the back of the blinds, this strong wind rating is not applicable. Please bear this in mind when discussing this with your customers.




by Peter Meyer Freecall 1800 254 631

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