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Paul Knowles: 4 Has lived and worked in Wilmot Township for more than 20 years 4 Serving third term as President of the New Hamburg Board of Trade 4 Key community spokesperson in the battle against Highway 7&8 bypass 4 A founder of the New Hamburg Flood Relief Fund 4 Active volunteer for community organizations including: - Wilmot Family Resource Centre and Food Bank - Wilmot Citizens of the Year program - Castle Kilbride National Historic Site - New Hamburg Dickens’ Christmas Carol - Mennonite Relief Sale and Quilt Auction - New Hamburg Canada Day Committee - The Ontario-Alsace Association - Wilmot District Soccer Club - Doors Open Waterloo - Anglican Diocese Strategic Planning Task Force - Waterloo-Wellington Senior Games 4 Initiated New Hamburg 150th Anniversary Celebration 4 Founder, New Hamburg Live! Festival of the Arts 4 Recipient of the Governor General’s Medal for Community Service 4 Recipient of the CARE Stratford Environmental Leader Award 4 Former publisher, the New Hamburg Independent 4 Editor and writer (Exchange Magazine for Business, Forever Young, and others) 4 Author of three local history books 4 Married to Pastor Nancy Knowles

For a ride to the polls, or to contact Paul: Phone: 519-662-6757 • Email: Web: Design:

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Proven, active leadership Commited to our communities Your voice at the Region, and to other levels of government Standing for local residents, business owners and farmers Ready to listen, Ready to take action, Ready to work for you • 519-662-6757 26/08/2010, 13:36

Your Wilmot neighbours...

Paul in conversation with Eric Kuttis

“A great mayor is someone who understands how to utilize and encourage those within their constituency – something Paul understands well.” – Charlene Nafziger

“As a business owner and resident of Wilmot, it is extremely important to me that our next mayor understands the growing needs of the township. We need a leader with the vision to manage today and plan for tomorrow. Our mayor has to look after the needs of Wilmot while recognizing the unique needs of the smaller communities that make us great. Wilmot’s mayor is also our representative to the Region, where sometimes it is time to fight and sometimes negotiate and compromise. I believe only one candidate running for mayor brings all of these attributes to the job. Paul Knowles has a proven track record of success in our community and is the best choice to lead Wilmot into the future. We need Paul Knowles as the next mayor of Wilmot!” – Erik Kuttis


“I’m impressed by Paul’s common-sense logic, his leadership and his ability to get things done. Through various volunteer roles Paul has demonstrated his commitment to Wilmot. I know he would continue to be a good leader and spokesperson as our Mayor.” – John Wagner “We know Paul Knowles to be a leader who listens, a highly credible and respected community leader.” – Janet & Don Worthington

Paul Knowles, Paul Ming and Steve Wagler

“I could not be happier than to have him as our mayor -- he is steadfast in his determination to preserve the character of Wilmot communities.” – Gail Corning

“Paul has proven to be a fervent advocate for this region, a leader around whom the citizens of this township can rally. Our actions will determine whether we secure our place as a distinct and unique district, or whether we are absorbed by the featureless sprawl of urban growth. Interesting times lay ahead. We need a leader. We need Paul Knowles.” – Kristen Hahn

“Paul understands how to motivate people and solve problems. The mayor of Wilmot sits on Waterloo Regional Council, Wilmot’s direct connection to the Region. Paul is more than capable of representing Wilmot’s best interests.” – Richard Cressman

“Paul is a community leader on many levels. He believes in the Township of Wilmot, its residents, and will strive to champion the causes of its constituents.” – Patrice Green

“Paul has a sincere, hard working approach towards a broad spectrum of community causes.” – Marlene Miller

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Paul with Cheryl Gordijk, Chris Spotswood and Nigel Gordijk

...talking about Paul Knowles “Paul’s contribution to the Township of Wilmot is already considerable. He has invested his time and talents over the years with enthusiasm and vigour. He has added knowledgeable insight on municipal issues as well as Regional and Provincial concerns. He has earned my support.” – Bill Weichel

“Over the years, I have seen Paul take a lively interest in Wilmot interests. He has been an active participant in local projects and has demonstrated a sincere concern for the betterment of this community.” – Dr. Susan Seyler


“Paul always has the best interest of the Wilmot community at heart.” – Kathie Jordan “Wilmot needs someone with a passion and energy to put Wilmot on the map. We believe Paul is the man to do just that.” – Jeff and Amanda Dow “Paul will work to give Wilmot back its own identity. As a long-time resident of Wilmot, Paul knows what needs to be done.” – Paul Ming

“I know that Paul has a vision for the community and also the abilities needed for this challenging job.” – Kevin Russell

“Paul Knowles cares for his community, and puts his actions where his mouth is; he has happily put hundreds of volunteer hours into Wilmot.” – Audrey Cook “Paul has always taken a keen interest in community matters and if anyone can get a job done quickly and thoroughly, Paul is the man!” – Jan and Ric Latimer

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“Paul is an excellent organizer and knows how to delegate responsibilities.” – Bob and Gail Kostash “Paul cares deeply about this region and would be a great ambassador for Wilmot.” – Ginny Dybenko “I know Paul Knowles as a volunteer, an innovator, and a supporter of community events which celebrate the spirit of Wilmot Township.” – Mary-Eileen McClear “Paul knows how to turn good intentions into action. His commitment as a dedicated volunteer has made our community a better place to live.” – Paul Ditner “New Hamburg suffered devastating floods in 2008. Paul Knowles stepped up and took the initiative. He set up the New Hamburg Flood Relief Fund, which raised $60,000 to help flood-affected residents. This would not have happened without Paul, who worked tirelessly to bring together local businesses, churches and fellow New Hamburgers, so that we could all help our neighbours.” – Nigel Gordijk

Paul Knowles for Mayor of Wilmot Township (Fall 2010)  

I am a candidate for mayor of Wilmot because I believe in Wilmot. I believe our township is a great place to live. I believe in the communit...

Paul Knowles for Mayor of Wilmot Township (Fall 2010)  

I am a candidate for mayor of Wilmot because I believe in Wilmot. I believe our township is a great place to live. I believe in the communit...