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KAOS Europe Credentials Document October 2011

KAOS Europe is a leading panEuropean Marketing & PR agency working with major brands and media targeting audiences in sport, lifestyle, fashion and other relevant cultural interests we help brands reach a mass audience while maintaining credibility with key influencers as a team, KAOS strive to do things differently, better, in a more interesting way to inspire people

Our Approach

CONNECT Strategy Development - with whom, why and how we will connect with target groups

MONITOR Evaluate the buzz, sentiment and influence generated


360 Degree Marketing Mind-Set

ACTIVATE Implementation including project management, PR and media, ambassador/team management, event activation, ongoing ROI management

Development of campaigns concepts, marketing and PR plans, content development ideas, ambassadors & event alignments, creative and digital toolkits

Key Services

*Marketing strategy & campaign development*

LG Freeze Connect KAOS developed Freeze Connect – a social networking campaign to support LG’s sponsorship activity around Freeze Festival. Freeze Connect   §  Unites   Facebook,   Twi1er   and   the   LG   Freeze   Blog   to   create   a   live  digital  en<ty  centred  around  the  London  Freeze.     §  Freeze  Connect  became  the  go-­‐to  online  area  for  the  London   Freeze  both  pre  and  post-­‐event.     Facebook   §  Grew   new   facebook   group   to   7,000   members   within   one   month   §  Quickly   established   a   close   online   community,   with   two   way   interac<on  between  LG  and  consumers   §  Regular  compe<<ons  were  run  through  facebook  to  reinforce   the  ‘Life’s  Good’  brand  message   Twi1er:   §  Twi1era<:   A   pioneering   compe<<on   concept   whereby   LG   searches   for   the   UK’s   most   influen<al   Twi1erers   to   provide   live  coverage  through  Twi1er  at  the  London  Freeze    

LG Freeze Connect KAOS designed, produced and managed the LG experiential area at the Freeze Snowsport & Music Festival in London. §  A large igloo shaped experiential area in prime location next to the ski ramp §  The impressive LG logo could be seen from all around the event §  Designed bespoke winter themed mobile handset displays §  Installed a large interactive screen where event attendees could text, tweet or facebook messages to the LG Freeze, and the would appear in speech bubble snowflakes

*Event creation & sponsorship

Nokia Snowboarding Experiential and Film Competition

Experien<al ac<vity   at   the   Nokia   FIS   Snowboard   World   Cup   Big   Air   Compe<<ons.   [Stockholm,   Moscow,   Sofia,   Graz   and   Ro1erdam]       Brief   §  Devise   a   strategy   to   credibly   engage   with   consumers   at   event   and   showcase   the   new   Nokia   N95   handset   [good   photo  &  video  proper<es]   Solu8on   §  Created   the   Nokia   Lounge   where   visitors   were   invited   to   ‘come  share  their  music,  films  and  stories’   §  Budding  film  makers  were  invited  to  work  with  the  centrally   provided   editors   to   produce   a   film   on   a   hired   N95   that   encapsulated  ‘their’  on  site  experience.   §  The   films   were   posted   on   the   Nokia   Zine   site   and   subject   to   a  public  vote.   §  The   winning   film   maker   won   a   trip   to   the   Nokia   FIS   World   Cup  Finals  in  Valmalenco,  Italy  &  a  Nokia  N95   Results:   §  Over  1,000  pan-­‐European  entries   §  Posi<ve   feedback   from   par<cipants   on   the   compe<<on   style  

*Content creative and production /Visual /Copywriting /Digital creative /POS and other retail initiatives /Experiential Â

Nike ACG Europe Sweetspots §  A two year multi-award winning digital and press campaign §  A series of 33 short films following the athletes to spectacular locations to shoot inspiring action footage Brief   Nike   Europe   challenged   KAOS   to   create   an   integrated   campaign   solu<on  to  feed  into  all  areas  of  the  brand’s  business   Solu8on   Nike   ACG   Sweetspots   was   developed   in   conjunc<on   with   Duke   Interac<ve   with   a   view   to   becoming   an   industry   leading   digital   campaign   KAOS’  Role:     §  Campaign  development  &  marke<ng  support   §  Content  Strategy  &  Crea<on   §  Media  Planning  &  Buying   §  Retail  Marke<ng   §  European  PR   §  European  Team  Management     Results:   §  Over  3.5  million  viewers  


0 RZ Inserat ACG 168x245.indd 1

5.3.2008 14:22:57 Uhr

§  542% growth  in  traffic  in  the  first  12  weeks   §  Cir  600%  growth  in  traffic  year  on  year  for  the  same  period   §  Outstanding  PR  results  across  horizontal  and  ver<cal  media  

*Ambassador sourcing seeding & management

Ambassador Selection and Management

KAOS has selected ambassadors, created teams and derived media value from the following; • 

Nokia snowboard team


Nike ACG ski, snowboard and outdoor team


Hurley skateboarding and surf team


LG snowboard and lifestyle ambassadors


Consultant to Monster Energy action sports team


Skullcandy – DJ’s, celebs, athletes

*Public Relations /Pan European Communication in 5 different languages /Traditional, Digital, Social Networking PR /Focus: lifestyle, sports, music, street culture & fashion Â

PR Focus History  

KAOS’ PR  services  started  when  we  were  killing  it  across  a   wide  array  of  marke<ng  work  and  clients  insisted  we  expand   and  undertake  their  PR.  In  response  to  their  challenge,  we   delivered  a  centralised  pan-­‐European  PR  solu<on.  These   origins  established  a  plajorm  that  has  con<nued  to  a1ract   fast  growing,  exci<ng  brands  that  seek  an  agency  they  can   trust  to  deliver  planned,  excep<onal  results  without  the  need   to  micro  manage….     The  KAOS  team  ‘get  it’  and  ‘get  on  with  it’       "

PR Focus Media  

Our special8es  are  Men’s  and  Women’s  Lifestyle,  Fashion   and  Street  media,  Travel,  Ac<on,  Motor  and  Mainstream   sports  and  Na<onal  Press.     The  diversity  of  our  client  base  means  we  olen  extend  into   broader  territory,  especially  CE  and  tech  media.  Other  areas   of  success  have  included  travel  and  even  paren<ng.     KAOS  respects  and  is  respected  by  media.  We  take  a   disciplined  approach  to  discovering  media  opportuni<es   that  ensure  we  deliver  what  we  said  we  would.  


PR Focus Accountability  

We are  accountable  and  transparent.  On  a  monthly  basis,   our  clients  receive  a  detailed  report  of  all  media  coverage.   Sales  teams  are  updated  with  digital  newsle1ers  that  can   be  sent  directly  to  customers,  video  links,  FTP  uploads,  high   resolu<on  PDFs  and  mul<-­‐media  files  for  the  next  big   presenta<on.      

PR Focus Contacts    

Our media  rela8on’s  database  is  vast,  comprehensive  and   updated  daily.  We  partner  with  VOCUS  producing  a  combined   database  with  access  to  the  en<re  pan-­‐European  media   market.  No  ma1er  what  sector,  we’ve  got  it  covered.        

" Retained Clients §  §  § 

Pan-­‐European PR  –  Sports,  Lifestyle,  Na<onal  Press,     Event  ac<va<on  &  ambassador  leveraging     Content  crea<on  and  produc<on  

§  §  §  § 

§  §  § 

§  § 

Pan–European PR  –  Lifestyle,  Music,  Fashion  and  Sports  media   Content  crea<on  and  produc<on   Ambassador  seeding  and  leveraging   Digital  marke<ng  including  Social  Networks  

Pan European  PR  –  Fashion,  Lifestyle,  Home,  Baby  &  Children   Event  sponsorship  &  ac<va<on   Brand  comms       Pan-­‐European  project  management  including  partner  recruitment   Mainstream  and  tech  PR    

" Retained Clients § 

Pan-­‐European programme  leveraging  through  digital  channels  


Event PR  –  Na<onal  Press,  Sports,  Lifestyle  [Print  &  Digital]  


Social Networking  Strategy  

LG Snowboarding  &  FIS  Sponsorship   §  Campaign  crea<on   §  Event  and  athlete  alliance   §  Crea<ve  direc<on  of,  social  network   applica<ons  and  experien<al  area   §  Full  core  and  mainstream  PR   §  Event  management.    



Pan  European  Marke<ng  &  PR  

Past Retained Clients

2003-2009 Pan-European sports marketing Content development and production for Pan European PR, press and digital media buying and core sports consulting

2005-2007 Establish and manage Nokia Europe Snowboard Team Pan-European creative, experiential development and consumer engagement

2003-2006 Pan-European team management (2005) Managed European Taste of Chaos music tour (2005 & 2006) 2002-2005 Surf and skateboarding campaigns for three years including Style Trials (£500k budget) Event and athlete alignment Concept development Experiential, media buy and core PR      

Clients Projects Blur re-union digital PR, summer 2009

Digital, Pan-European PR and consulting leading to London 2012

European action sports consulting Sponsorship recruitment consulting and creative direction

Consulting for Powerbar launch targeting action sports athletes Focus group market research of skateboarders, BMX, surf and mountain-bile athletes


Snowsports sponsorship/event alignment and activation

KAOS owns Dot Inc. European athlete management company with over 24 of the top action sports athletes in Europe as clients and sponsorship involvement with many film projects and action sports events



Hampus Mosesson Jakob Wilhelmson Markku Koski Kjersti Buaas Markus Keller Chris Sorman Johan Olofsson Eiki Helgason Halldor Helgason Tore Holvik Silje Norendal Kevin Backstrom Ludwig Leijkner Jon Olsson Jakob Wester Oscar Scherlin Henrik Harlaut Thomas Dolplads Henrik Windstedt Â

Daniel Bodin

Skate: Sam Bosworth

Racing: Filip Backlund

BMX: Harry Main Â

NEW 2011


/ Staff Team


Paul Knipe (Aust) MD 16 years of sales and marketing roles culminating with 8 years at Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Oreal Paris Commenced KAOS January 2003

Fanny Bausse (Fra) HEAD OF LIFESTYLE Joins KAOS in 2009 Leads Skullcandy, Paul Frank Industries and other lifestyle clients

Johan Steigfelt (Swe)

Kris Hansson ( Swe)



Joins KAOS/Dot Inc in 2011. Leads sport & motorsports clients

Started to manage action sports athletes in 2003 after achieving his BA in Economics Joins KAOS in 2007

Staff Team - Specialists

Zinnia Higson (UK) Giorgos Karamitsos (Gre) Project Director Events, Experiential & Activation 

Digital and Social Network Manager

Dave Stansbie (UK) Creative Director

Frances Nguyen (USA) Office Manager 

Staff Team â&#x20AC;&#x201C; PR Account Managers (supported by Account Executives / Interns)

Kaz Krawchuk (UK)

Fanny Bausse (Fr)

PR Manager English Speaking Countries

Head of Lifestle and France PR French Speaking & Scandinavian Countries

Janina Mikolajski (Ger)

PR Account Manager German Speaking Countries

Verena Stefanie Grotto (Spa)

PR Account Manager Spanish Speaking Countries

Marco Merloni (Ita)

PR Account Manager Italy

Staff Team â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Marketing Account Managers

Emily Rose-Branfitt (NZ)

Marketing Manager 7/9/13

Guy de Macedo (Por)

Brand Executive 7/9/13

Sam Oetiker (UK)

Product Manager Lobster Snowboards

Carlos Owono (Spa)

Project Manager Telsis

Contact: Paul Knipe +44 (0)207 226 8787

KAOS Europe Credentials  
KAOS Europe Credentials  

KAOS Europe is a leading pan-European Marketing & PR agency working with major brands and media targeting audiences in sport, lifestyle, fas...