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how to repair and replace garage door springs ?

Troub le to repai garag r and e doo repla r spr ce ings !

e g a r a g x i f o t how ?

n o i s n e t g n i r p s door  Lift the door manually by pulling the red emergency release cord placed above the garage door  Identify the type of spring that you have  It is better to replace all the springs at a time, otherwise the second one would break soon as having a new and an old spring together throws off the balance of the door  install the new garage door springs

E G A R A G E G A M A D Y F I T N E D I O T S E N I L E D GUI !  Garage door doesn’t open properly or only G N I R P S opens few inches. R O DO  You hear a loud noise when you open the garage door every day.  Your garage door springs have not been replaced for the least 5 years.  You can find out whether the door spring is broken by examining it physically.

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How To Replace Garage Door Spring Tension  

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