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If you're like most of us, you will from time to time feel overwhelmed, overworked, or overstressed, which will stimulate you to step back and think, "I need to change my life. For a lot of us this is a fairly common occurrence. The problem we have, however, is we get to the stage where we think a change would be best but seldomly do we make the changes necessary. That is because change is not easy. It takes hard work, perseverance and motivation. You're destined to remain the same, if you don't have all three. There are many reasons why you may think, "I need to change my life". A job is one of the most usual complaints. We often times find ourselves in a dead end business that stresses us out and we feel over worked and not appreciated. Another reason that is quite common for feeling you need a change is a bad relationship. Relationships quite often start out great, but sometimes can disintegrate into something that's not sound for either of the party. When this occurs, a change is needed. A third compelling reason you feel you need to change is wanting an internal change, like your body or your personality. These desires stem from us being dissatisfied with some particular aspect of ourselves, it could be weight, social behaviors, even drug or alcohol use. All of these reasons are valid reasons for a feeling that change in your life is necessary. Unfortunately, nevertheless, there are always obstacles that make it difficult to effect these changes. Changing your job invariably brings financial difficulties if you look like being unemployed for any length of time. Changing your current relationship can be difficult as you don't want to damage the other persons feelings or be single. And when you alter things with yourself you could find resistance from very unexpected sources like family and friends as well as, you will have to struggle with willpower and commitment. These changes can all be realized by putting things in the correct perspective. A great way to start fashioning any change is by writing your goal down and placing it somewhere you'll see it frequently. This serves as a commitment to yourself and a reminder that you have decided on a new direction. Also you may want to enlist the assistance of supportive family, friends, maybe even a support groups. Having a team cheering in your corner can make it easier to do anything, plus it gives you more motivation to adhere to your goals. Having a daily visualization session, where you visualize your goals and what it will be like when you attain them, can help you really focus on your success. Documenting your advancement, just on a calendar or maybe in the form of a journal, can help you stay motivated, even in times you lack motivation. When you resolve to change your life, you'll face many obstacles. Some of them may even come from unexpected places, like those closest to you. The whole objective in effective positive change, is to make that solid decision and really stick to it. Although a great deal of persistence and tenacity are needed, you can really alter anything you want to in your life.

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