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care network news Care Network’s first ever Charity Ball On 21 September 2013 Care Network will be holding a fundraising ball at Queens College, Cambridge. This promises to be an outstandingly fun and well organized evening - the ‘go to’ event in many of our calendars. A snip compared with a May ball, at £65 per ticket, the event will include ¾ £10 Tour of the College

¾ Drinks reception with canapés ¾ 3 course dinner ¾ Entertainment and silent auction ¾ Wine and cash bar Two staff members have pledged to sell tickets for a table of 10, and there is one corporate table already. So, buy a ticket for yourself and a guest, or think whether you could rustle up another 4 couples and have a table. Perhaps you have a contact with a local business who would sponsor an element of the ball – flowers on tables or logo in the programme will cost them £250, or they could sponsor the band, musicians or disco for £500. Money goes to an excellent local charity after all! Contact or phone 01954 211919 to find out more or buy a ticket.

Community Navigators Launch Our Community Navigators work is now really up and running with over 50 active volunteers, and organizations such as police, pharmacies and the WRVS very interested. There will be an official launch on 13 May from 10.30-11.30am at the Guildhall and in the Market Square area in Cambridge. We will be giving away 100 gingerbread men to represent the 100,000 over 65s who live in Cambridgeshire and could be helped by the project.

Dame Mary Archer will be among the guests and there will be free refreshments. All are welcome as are offers of help on the day. There will also be launches in each district – so if you can’t make 13 May, your support would be really valued in your local area. For more information contact or 01954 212100. Ruth McCallum, Chief Officer

Community Development Focus on Transport Issues The Annual Community Development Survey we conducted at the end of last year has now been analysed and a report will be published shortly. 30 out of 51 schemes providing transport responded and between them, with 413 volunteers, they provided transport for 2,312 people across the county, that’s a lifeline for a lot of people. The total of miles travelled with passengers was nearly 250,000 an average of over 10,000 passenger miles per scheme for the 23 schemes that provided the data. 55% of all journeys were for medical appointments, with a further 9% for hospital visiting. Just 36% of journeys were for ‘social’ purposes, including shopping. Whilst some schemes were set up specifically for medical journeys it is possible that other groups don’t see shopping and visits to the hairdresser as being essential journeys, but for many people who are isolated and have lost their independence this may be their only opportunity for social contact. The most important benefit recorded by car schemes for their users was access to essential services, but peace of mind for users and their families, staying independent, social contact and a feeling of safety and security were also deemed to be important. The main concerns facing car schemes are lack of volunteers, especially co-ordinators, the rising cost of fuel, coping with increasing demand and parking at hospitals. It is disappointing that only half of the volunteers with the 30 schemes have received any car scheme training in recent years even though workshops have been held each year in both the north and south of the county and one of the aims of these workshops is to help to address these very concerns. If you were one of those schemes that did not respond it would be really useful for us to know the reasons why so that we can perhaps make it easier for you next time. Sue Beel, Fenland Community Development Officer

Community car schemes – a cheap taxi service? Following on from complaints from taxi drivers about unfair competition from Fenland community transport organisation, FACT, a letter appeared in the local paper in January suggesting that community car schemes provide cheap transport which is subsidised by the tax payer and takes business away from taxi drivers. Two excellent letters in the next edition from volunteers with the March scheme emphasised the dedication and commitment of the voluntary drivers in providing a lifeline for vulnerable and otherwise isolated people. There has been no further correspondence on the issue. It is worth reminding schemes that they should be on their guard for occasional abuse but it is clear that most co-ordinators are very well aware of this and do inform people of other services such as dial-a-ride if appropriate.

New Car Scheme for Barrington We are pleased to let you know that a new car scheme has just started in Barrington and we will report more fully on this in the next issue of this newsletter. In the meantime please contact the Scheme Co-ordinator on 07756 506090 for further information.

Change in providers for Dial a Ride in St Neots, Peterborough and Huntingdonshire The Nene and Ouse Community Transport Association has recently ceased operating and their Dial a Ride services in Peterborough, St Neots and Huntingdonshire have been taken over by Huntingdonshire Association for Community Transport (HACT). For information please contact HACT on 01480 411114.

Thelma Wadsley, Community Development—County Manager

Community Development Community Car Scheme Workshop at Foxton On 12 March 27 Volunteers gathered at Foxton Village Hall for a Community Car Scheme Workshop run in partnership with Cambridge County Council, represented by Gavin Moulton, Community Transport Officer. This was the first time we have presented this event in the south west of the county, making it more accessible to some of our long standing schemes in that area. We were also joined by schemes from elsewhere in South and also Hunts, East and Fenland districts. Ruth Rogers, Chief Excusive of Red2Green enhanced the program by talking to us about how to consider the needs of people living with mental health conditions and Rob Wallace Community Navigator Co-ordinator for South also joined us to talk about the aims of Community Navigators. Feedback was excellent and the discussion session in the afternoon covered the issues which those attending felt were of most concern to their schemes was particularly well received. People found it very useful to hear from other schemes and learn of their experiences. We were able to provide each attendee with a copy of the newly updated Community Car Scheme Fact Pack. Our aim is to send a pack to every scheme across the county as soon as possible. This is also available as a downloadable document on the Care Network website We also had some volunteers for a filming project that we are have been part of; you will find out more about that in our next newsletter. Thank you to all who attended and participated on the day. There will be another opportunity to attend a community car scheme workshop, hopefully in the North Hunts area during June/July, further details to follow.

Little things mean a lot For many years Joan Clarke has taken her goods into the Camhridge WI Market on a Thursday. In the past she went totally ‘under her own steam’. But times change, however the change for Joan has been fairly small on this front! Joan still goes to the market most weeks, taking her goods to be sold. These days she uses the bus into the city and to return.

The one part that has changed and become crucial, is from her house to the bus stop. This is a journey of less than a mile, but it is too far for her to walk now and that is where the Caldecote, Hardwick and Dry Drayton Community Car Scheme comes in. By booking ahead, most weeks a volunteer driver helps her with that short but so vital part of her journey. Often what people need is not a whole journey but a crucial short connecting part to complete the chain. Jane Hurst, South Cambs Community Development Officer

Community Navigators Community Navigators help older people find their way to activities or services which they may find useful. We already have over fifty active Navigators across Cambridgeshire based in local communities, local groups and within organisations.

So whether you are a fellow Organisation or Group serving your local community, we hope that you too will join us to work in partnership, ensuring together the best outcomes are being met for Cambridgeshire’s ever increasing ageing population.

Our Navigators have helped people to access information about the services of organisations such as Crossroads Care, Citizens Advice Bureau, Age UK, local warden schemes, Penderels Trust and the Alzheimer's Society. Navigators have provided information on local events and groups and the transport options available to get there, aiding people to become more involved in their communities. Thanks to the Community Navigators people are now aware of free computer lessons, sewing groups, car schemes, friendship clubs, craft shows and much more. Volunteer Navigators are available at regular local sessions and can arrange to meet in public places such as local library and church halls. They can also arrange for home visits by police checked volunteers for more personal conversations or in depth support. Volunteers are often integrated into local community groups, providing information to the rest of the group, as well as their neighbours and other local people. To find out more on how the Community We are working with professional organisations Navigator project can complement your group or such as Police Officers, The Bobby Scheme and organization, please get in touch. Library Staff who will be navigating as part of Interested? their work. Contact your local co-ordinator for more All Community Navigators have basic induction information. training with their local co-ordinator, this is Call: 01954 212100 always tailored to suit the needs of those being trained. Further training is available on subjects such as Benefits and Entitlements, Equality and Diversity and different health conditions. This helps give a deeper knowledge and understanding to those that are interested.

Cambridge City South Cambridgeshire Huntingdonshire East Cambridgeshire Fenland

Community Navigators Community Navigator Top Tips This section is designed to help our valuable Community Navigators, by providing you with tips reminders and ideas we hope to further support you in your role and help you to help others as best you can. The best tip we can give you is to enjoy the role but these others may help too… ¾ Always ask the permissions questions on the form- this helps us support a person if they use the service more than once and also helps to show funders in detail how we have helped someone. ¾ Return your paperwork as soon as you can - this allows us to keep track of numbers and get back to people quickly if they need any follow up. It also reduces the chances of paperwork being misplaced and lost. ¾ Start a Navigation pack - collecting useful information you come across so you can have it to hand when helping someone. Local newsletters and church magazines contain a variety of useful local information and services and contain local directories. ¾ The local library also has a variety of leaflets that you can pick up and keep in your pack- it is always wise to note the date when you pick up any leaflets, as they are often updated with changes to contact numbers or service information, and where they came from, so you can get any new editions. ¾ You are not expected to know everything - if you do not have the information you need to hand when you are helping someone, you can arrange to meet them again. Remember, your local Co-ordinator is there to support you if you need guidance on where information may be found, or if you worry about the accuracy or currency of information - if ever you are unsure feel free to contact them and ask- they will be happy to help. Lucy Stone, Community Navigators – County Manager

INVITATION You are most warmly invited to the Care Network

Community Navigators Launch at Council Chamber, Cambridge Guildhall CB2 3QJ. on Monday 13 May from 10.30 -11.30am. Celebratory cake, tea, coffee and bubbly! Come and hear how the project has started and find out why we will be giving away 100 gingerbread men to members of the public in the Market Square. Dame Mary Archer will be among the guests coming to support this new venture. Contact or phone 01954 212100.

funded by

Care Network Charity no 1120693 Broadway House, 149-151 St Neots Road, Hardwick, CB23 7QJ

Melbourn Locality Project What is the Melbourn Locality Project? Over 170 people including students attended the event. Feedback from the event has been Melbourn and Meldreth are villages with a lot going on, but no one can know about everything. extremely positive, and its success is hoped to be replicated later in the year. Our Melbourn locality worker Jenny is here to help people find whatever is right for them. She is working to make things easier to find and get to, linking up services and identifying any gaps.

What has already happened? On the 27th of February the community of Melbourn supported by Care Network Cambridgeshire held an intergenerational afternoon tea at Melbourn Village College. Hosted by the health and social care and catering students in year 11. The event aimed to bring different generations of the village together. The college band played throughout with performances by singers of a series of songs from their upcoming Disney concert and their Christmas performance of Grease. A Memory box from Denny Abby provided household paraphernalia from the 40’s and 50’s and a school days memory box from Care Network Cambridgeshire’s close reminiscence work with museums, provided a talking point for both students and people attending.

How do I get involved? If you would like an activity or service but you think it is not available locally, please contact Jenny on 07436 813712 – together you may be able to get something started up. Jennifer Halsall, Melbourn Locality Worker

Direct Services Help at Home We have had 1342 referrals between Apr 12—Mar 13 – a 36% increase on the same period last year. The team has worked in conjunction with Warmer Homes Healthy People and Community Navigators. We have often found that Help at Home clients need extra help with keeping warm as they are less mobile during their illness – so the Warmer Homes project has been very beneficial to them. Both the Navigators and, in the East Info@GPs, have been a great help for signposting clients on to the other services they may need. We’ve also had an increase in volunteers to enable us to provide this vital service. We always If HaH were no longer available, what would the need more though, so if you are a current effect be on your patients? volunteer perhaps you could recommend us to any friends who may have some free time Increased risk of depression on their hands. We know the saying is true Loss of confidence – ‘’if you want a job done ask a busy Increased anxiety person!’ As many of our volunteers have busy lives, but because of the flexibility and People not able to live independently at home Greater likelihood of re‐admission short term nature of the service, can fit in Greater likelihood of admission helping out people in their time of need. People would stay longer in hospital In February we asked the people who refer 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% our service (GPs, hospital wards, care Percentage managers to name a few) what would happen if the service were no longer available. The table above outlines the responses. I think everyone receiving, or working within, the service knows the value it gives to the clients we visit. But it is great to hear the referrers think so too. Thank you to all our hard working volunteers for everything you do!

Our Information Officers Jane and Nigel have been kept busy helping people with all sorts of This has just completed its first year pilot which issues. They helped people with all kinds of ran from April 2012 to March 2013. The pilot difficulties and issues including helping patients operated in 9 Isle of Ely Health consortium who were homeless to access housing; newly surgeries and provided an information officer who diagnosed people to be in touch with support held weekly sessions giving information to groups, as well as scores of people who had patients. During this year we had 396 referrals concerns for benefits access the help they and helped people to access 965 different needed. We have developed a good working services. relationship with When we the Department planned the of Work and project we Pensions and envisaged are able to refer that it would people who be simple cannot get out signposting – to their visiting giving people service. telephone The service will numbers for continue as Isle them to of Ely Local contact the Commissioning people or group has groups who could help them. However agreed to fund the service on alternate weeks in signposting turned out to be the smaller part of the same surgeries for a further year. what the Information Officers did. Patients who came to us often required help to access the Hilary Johnys, Direct Services - County services they needed and in addition to this often Manager some advocacy on their behalf.

Information at GPs

Dates for Your Diary Wednesday 22nd May

09:30 - 1:00

Community Navigation training for those volunteering to be Community Navigators in South Cambs.

Monday 17th June

1:00 - 4:00

Community Navigation training for those volunteering to be Community Navigators in Fenland.

Tuesday 19th June

10:00 - 3:30

Visitor Training for volunteers from Help at Home and Community Groups that make home visits.

Tuesday 17th September

10:00 - 3:30

Visitor Training for volunteers from Help at Home and Community Groups that make home visits.

Saturday 21st September

7:00 - 1:00

Care Network Cambridgeshire Charity Ball at Queens College.

Changes to be made from Next Issue This Newsletter will be the last to be printed in full colour, and we are seeking to distribute future issues electronically where possible. It is prudent that we continue to look at ways of reducing our costs whilst still keeping our volunteers and supporters fully informed in what we are doing.

To contact us about our events or any issues in this Care Network News, please ring our main office on 01954 211919 or e-mail You can also write to us at the address below. If you’d like to volunteer with us, or suggest a new good neighbour scheme idea, please ring the same number and we’ll link you up with our office nearest to you. If you can help us by making a donation, we’d be very grateful! Cheques to Care Network Cambridgeshire, or log onto and type us into their search box. This is an easy way to give on-line.

We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your support!

Registered in England at 18 Broadway House, 149-151 St Neots Rd, Hardwick, Cambridge, CB23 7QJ Registered Charity No 1120693, Company Limited by Guaranttee No 6297277

Care Network passes on news from other organisations....

Care Network passes on news from other organisations....

Cambridgeshire Libraries Do you enjoy reading but have difficulty using a library because of your caring responsibilities? If your free time is limited or unpredictable you may be concerned about returning your books on time. Would the person you care for appreciate a regular delivery of books or audio items? If the answers to these questions is ‘yes’ then The Library at Home Service could help. Run by Cambridgeshire Library Service in partnership with volunteer library visitors, we can provide a free monthly delivery to your home. The feedback we have received from service users and Library Visitors alike tells us that the service is much more than a book delivery service. It can be a real ‘lifeline’ to them and the visitor a new friend. If you would like to know more about the service please contact one of the following co-ordinators. Fenland and East Cambridgeshire: Jenni Johns 01354 754766/ 01353 616169 Cambridge City/South Cambridgeshire: Elaine Mountfort 01223 718358 Huntingdonshire: Jakki Racey 01480 375023 We also have an extensive mobile library service - if you would like to choose your own books, but can't get to any of our library buildings, you may find that one of our mobile library stops near you. To find out, ring the Contact Centre on 0345 045 5225 or if you have access to the Internet, go to the Library pages on the County Council web pages - Under the 'Using Your Library' heading, you'll find a link to 'Mobile Libraries' which will give you details of all the routes. And if you have access to the Internet, you may also be interested in downloading e-books or audio-books from our website. If you have an e-reader (unfortunately most Kindles are not compatible with the open-source software available to libraries, but most other e-readers are) or any other device that you can use to read or listen to e-books or e-audio books, you can download free of charge from our website - look under the 'Online Service' heading on the website, or ring the Contact Centre for more information. Finally, if you'd be interested in joining an online book club, find out more from Brenda Mead, Community Librarian, at Happy reading!

Care Network passes on news from other organisations....

Volunteer Library Visitors Library Visitors make sure that people who have particular problems in visiting a library do not miss out on a regular supply of books or audio books. Have you got a few hours to spare each month? Do you get on well with people? Would you like to share a love of books with readers who can’t get to a library by delivering to them? If so, The Library at Home Service of Cambridgeshire Libraries would love to hear from you. Here are some comments from readers receiving the service: …. an excellent service and much appreciated. …. a wonderful service – I should be lost without it. I cannot go out alone and this service is of great value to me. Thank you to all concerned. What would we do without it!!! Thank you I cannot say how good the service is it makes my life so happy as I am housebound and I look forward to my books which are very good. Best wishes to all. I am glad you are here for me and others like me. All the books I have been given are what I would have chosen myself which I think is very good. My thanks go to all the volunteers who undertake this service and bring pleasure to people like myself who cannot visit their local library. Please get in contact with us if you are interested in volunteering for this service. Telephone 0345 045 5225, e-mail:, or ask at any library.

University of the Third Age Open Day The U3A in Cambridge is holding an Open Day on Saturday 13 April from 11am to 4pm at 27-28 Bridge Street, Cambridge, CB2 1UJ We are a self-financing organisation run by our members. We provide educational and recreational activities for people who are no longer in full-time work and, with around 2,500 members, we are able to offer classes in a wide range of subjects, as well as putting on various social events. If you cannot attend our Open Day, you can get details of activities by visiting our website or by contacting the office on 01223 321587 or . You can also call in at the offices at 27-28 Bridge Street, between 10am and 2pm on weekdays.

Moving & Handling Safely Awareness Sessions The Carers Support Team will be offering moving and handling sessions including healthy eating and nutritional awareness in and around the County. They will be in:

Fenland in April Huntingdon in June Cambridge in September

Any Carers who feel that this may benefit them in their caring role are invited to contact the Carers Support Team and book a place. Venues dates and times will be confirmed. Fenland & East Hunts Cambridge City & South

Julie Jeffryes 01354 750010 Gemma Whitehouse 01480 373278 Sue Mayes 01480 373281

Care Network passes on news from other organisations....

Carers Drop-In/Support Group Fellow Carers offering a listening ear, sharing experiences and information, the Carers Support Team is available to support you. We will sometimes have speakers and activities at these groups, but most importantly, there’s time for us to just meet up face to face. So if you need a chat, have a query or just fancy a coffee and chat then we can help you. If you need to discuss anything about what we do or you feel you need to talk to us for information or support, please do not hesitate to call the Carers Support Team 01480 377616 Cambridge City Venue: The Youth Room, The Meadows Community Centre, 1 St Catharine’s Road, Cambridge CB4 3XJ Dates: Thursday 4 April 2013 Carers Assessment - what is it/the benefits of one? Thursday 9 May 2013 Screenprinting - bring a plain pillowcase, tea towel or t-shirt Thursday 13 June 2013 Falls Prevention Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm Contact: Sue Mayes 01480 373281 South Cambs Venue: Flaxfields, Nichols Court, Linton CB21 4AF Dates: Tuesday 23 April 2013 Carers Assessment - what is it/the benefits of one? Tuesday 21 May 2013 Screenprinting - bring a plain pillowcase, tea towel or t-shirt Tuesday 18 June 2013 Carers Week Time: 10.30am to 12noon Contact: Sue Mayes 01480 373281 St Ives Venue: Dates:

Dolphin Hotel, London Road, St Ives PE27 5EP Meet up to eat lunch and chat (Lunchtime buffet currently £8) Mondays 15 April 2013 / 20 May 2013 / 10 June 2013 Time: 12noon to 2pm Contact: Gemma Whitehouse 01480 373278 Huntingdon Venue: Cromwell’s Bar, 137 High Street, Huntingdon PE29 3NF Dates: Mondays 8 April 2013 / 13 May 2013 / 3 June 2013 Time: 7 to 9pm Contact: Gemma Whitehouse 01480 373278 Littleport Venue: Littleport Village Hall, Victoria Street, Littleport CB6 1LX Dates: Thursdays 18 April 2013 / 23 May 2013 / 20 June 2013 Carers Open Access Support & Information Drop In Time: 10am to 1pm Contact: Julie Jeffryes 01354 750010 March Venue: Dates: Time: Contact:

March Library, City Road, March PE15 9LT Wednesdays 10 April 2013 / 8 May 2013 / 12 June 2013 10am to 1pm Julie Jeffryes 01354 750010

Wisbech Venue: Dates: Time: Contact:

Wisbech Library, 5 Ely Place, Wisbech PE13 1EU Tuesdays 2 April 2013 / 7 May 2013 / 4 June 2013 1 to 4pm Julie Jeffryes 01354 750010

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