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Landmarks of the U. S. A to Z

By​:​ Paul Jaxel Jr 


is for the ​Allegheny Portage Railroad

T​he Allegheny Portage Railroad​ was the finishing  piece of the Pennsylvania Mainline Canal​.  


is for the ​Brooklyn Bridge

T​he Brooklyn Bridge​ links the Borough of Brooklyn with Manhattan. It stands as a marvel  of engineering​. 

C​ ​is for ​Central Park       

    C​entral Park ​ includes attractions, activities,  events, concerts, tours, hotel information and the  Central Park Zoo​.   

D​ ​is for ​Disneyland             

    D​isneyland​ has attractions, entertainment,  dining, and events and tours​.     

E​ ​is for the ​Empire State Building         

  T​he Empire State Building​ has attractions,  monuments, and memorials​. 

F​ ​is for the ​Florida Keys     

      T​he Florida Keys​ is an extension of the state of  Florida made up of many islands​.        

G​ ​is for the ​Golden Gate Bridge   

      T​his bridge was open in 1937 after a four year  struggle against relentless winds, fog, and  treacherous tides​.     

H​ is for the ​Hawaiian Islands       

  T​he Hawaiian Islands​ are made up of 8 volcanic  islands ​(​Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai,  Maui, Kahoolawe, and Hawaii​)​.   

I​ is for ​Independence Hall   

      I​n Independence Hall​ you can see the Declaration  of Independence and the U. S. constitution​.          

J​ ​is for the ​John D Rockefeller Jr Memorial Parkway _Park_Wyoming.html   

  T​his memorial highway has 82 gorgeous miles of  parkway in honor of John Rockefeller​.   

K​ ​is for the​ Kennedy Space center 

      T​his space center launches things like space crafts  and the Hubble 3D. When you come to Florida  you can actually experience a launch in person​.        

L​ ​is for ​Liberty Hall 

    T​his site is where the drafting of the Declaration of  independence and U. S. Constitution​ ​took place​. 

M​ ​is for the​ Mesa Verde         

    M​esa Verde​ is spanish for green tables and also  has a stunning landscape of the southwest​.       

N​ ​is for ​Notre Dame        

T​he four available college courses you can attend  here are arts, letters, science, engineering, and the  Mendoza College of Business​.  

O​ is for the ​Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum 


    T​his memorial and museum stands because of a  strength in the wake of unspeakable violence​.       

P​ ​is for ​Pearl Harbor  

  T​his navy base is where the Japanese bombed the  U. S., which was the onset of World War ll​.    

Q ​is for ​Queensboro Bridge

T​his bridge is one of the major crossing of the East  River that connects Manhattan and Queens.  Everyday this bridge carries over 170,270  vehicles, 5,400 cyclists, and more than 2,000  pedestrians​. 

R ​is for the ​Rockefeller Center  

T​his is one of New York City’s most inspired  locations to visit, dine, shop, and explore this  national historic landmark in honor of John  Rockefeller​.  

S ​is for the ​Statue of Liberty 

    L​ady Liberty​ and Ellis Island are two of America’s  most visited landmarks in New York​.      

T ​is for ​Times Square  

    B​efore ​Times Square​ was built it was known as a  Longacre Square​.     

U ​is for the ​USS Arizona Memorial 

    T​his is the memorial for the ​USS Arizona​, which  was sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl  Harbor​.        

V ​is for the ​Vietnam Veterans Memorial  

    I​t honors service members of the U. S. armed  forces who fought in the Vietnam War​.             

W ​is for ​Walt Disney World 

  W​alt Disney was an innovative animator, who  founded Walt Disney World and created the  cartoon character, Mickey Mouse​. 


X ​is for the ​X-Bar One Ranch (Airport)

    T​his airport is located in Texas and also has a  beautiful landscape​.      

Y ​is for the ​Yorktown Battlefield

  Y​ou could discover what it took to be independent  and where the last battle of the Revolutionary  War took place​.          

Z ​is for the ​Zion National Park  

  T​his National Park, which is located in Utah has  dozens of waterfalls, a mountain ridge, rocks that  weep, emerald pools, and waterlogged slogs​.       

Landmarks of the U. S. A to Z​ is a primer that has all 26 letters of  the alphabet. Each letter tells you  about a landmark to help you  learn about the U.S.​.  

Paul Jaxel Jr rough draft of my eBook (landmarks is my topic) (1)  

Landmarks of the U. S. A to Z is a primer that has all 26 letters of the alphabet. Each letter tells you about a landmark to help you learn...

Paul Jaxel Jr rough draft of my eBook (landmarks is my topic) (1)  

Landmarks of the U. S. A to Z is a primer that has all 26 letters of the alphabet. Each letter tells you about a landmark to help you learn...