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My music magazine does not necessarily represent a specific group of people as it is slightly different and it is mainly aimed to a larger range of audience. It aims to a different type of audience every single month. It mainly it targets male audience between 17 and 35 years old. At times it also targets women as the magazine does not support discrimination or racism. I think trying to show what group of people would represent the magazine, in pictures, would be very hard because it would take too many pictures. I don’t see why magazines usually target such a restrained representation. In my media world, the representation is greater; it means a lot more to represent and be represented by a greater group. In the following images we can find one of the groups I have represented, also known as “rahs”; they are very well known for their posh and fashionable qualities.

Just next to it, we can see a real life photo of the represented group. As we can see, there are similarities between the two pictures. Mainly, the way they look, which tends to be smart or casual.