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Mambo Developers - Easy to Custom Mambo Website Development Mambo is an open source content management system used for creation of dynamic and highly scalable websites. Simple and easy-to-install open source Content Management System that is written in PHP. It is one of the most preferred open source platforms because of its advance features such as page caching, multiple language support, RSS feeds option, competent indexing for static pages, comprehensive admin manager, advanced temple techniques, robust API, website searching and support for blogs, calendars, polls, forums and news flashes. It is an excellent choice for companies looking for website creation and management through simple web interface.

You will mambo CMS enables to establish a consistent look and feel throughout your website, but gives your non-technical content authors the power to publish and update their own content using simple, but powerful, browser-based tools. it has a very easy for user and administrator interface that makes it user friendly and easy to maintain. It has very flexible used for just about any type of site. In addition, it creates dynamic and highly scalable sites that can be customized with relative ease. We are develop the custom Mambo websites demanded by our customers. We provide services to installation and configuration to open source customization. Our services consist of::: → → → → → → → → → → → →

Installation Module installation Custom Theme Development Portals Maintenance Work Component Customization CMS Development Extensions Development Modules Development & Modifications Conversion of PSD to Mambo theme Conversion of HTML5 to Mambo theme Design Integration and Modification Templates Customization

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Mambo Developers - Easy to Custom Mambo Website Development