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Cakephp Development Rapid Development Framework....

What is CakePHP and Why ?? ➢

Free & Open Source

MVC Architecture

Flexible & Extensible

Reusable Code

Open Source , Write less & Do More

MIT Licence

Built in image, security, cookie & Session

Little About MVC ( Modle View Controller ) :-

MVC based upon separating your code into Three Sections:➢

Model – Represents Application Data


Controller – It handles & routes requests done by the clients.

- It renders a presentation of the model data

CakePHP on the Right Way:Think Twice & Code Once

Cake PHP Bahaviours :➢

Extended Models

Reusable Functionality

Use callbacks for automagic

Basic Principles of CakePHP :➢



1. Model Extensions

– Behaviours

2. View Extensions

- Helpers

3. Controller Extensions – Components 4. HTML & CSS

- Elements

Requirements For CakePHP :➢

HttP Server – For Example , Apache

PHP 4.3.2 or Greater Because It works fine on PHP4 and PHP5

It supports lots of database storage engine, like



Firebird DB2





Typical Request for Execution :-

CakePHP Directories Likewise :➢

Config –

Holds The Application Configuration Files, Database Connections,

Bootstrap, Core ➢

Controllers – Contaions Apps controller & Components.

Models –

Contains Apps Models as well as Data source

Vendors –

Third Party Libraries

Views –

What other see


CakePHP Stores temporary Data

Webroots - Contains JS/CSS/Flash files


More on CakePHP :➢



XML Reading & writing

Themes, ETC.

Want to Share Demo? ➢

Install CakePHP

Install a Components

Configure Routes

Retrieve Data from 3rd Party API

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Cakephp Development - Rapid Development Framework  

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