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Mexico as a global country

Mexico is becoming an immigrant destination. The Mexican economy is growing due to, in part, to a rapidly growing immigrant population. Also working in Mexico has caused the number of residency requests to grow by 10 percent. This change is drawing in everyone from laborers to business executives from several different countries. Guillaume Pace as an example, it was made clear that he saw his native France wilting economically, so with his new degree in finance, he moved to Mexico City. People come to Mexico with the purpose of pursuing dreams, living well and frequently succeeding, they think that anything could happen here, the unexpected; anything that can make them superior in their workplace. From what I could see, more Americans have joined the Mexican population in the last few years than Mexicans have joined the American population. Mexico is positioned to become the first-world partner to the United States that previous presidents have promised for several years. In Mexico City, immigrants are becoming a larger segment of the population, and they’re bringing their culture and business with them, like the Japanese culture. This have created new businesses opportunities and a rise in Mexican consumerism. As an example, American companies have taken advantage of this boom in the Mexican economy, building their skills by getting their products into Mexico. We can see a lot of products that are being imported in the supermarkets or any store. So this has become the perfect opportunity to tap into this rapidly growing market.

According to the 1917 Constitution, Mexicans are supported over foreigners for various Jobs. The Constitution even prohibited non-Mexicans from directly owning land within 31 miles of the coast and 62 miles of the nation’s borders. The trade in Mexico is very common, most of the emigrants send money to their relatives in Mexico so they can afford food, transportation or something they need. Immigrants from Canada and Americans retirees come to Mexico to Cancún or Puerto Vallarta to live or just for vacations, this increase our amount of Tourism in Mexico. For Immigrants, Mexico is the new land of opportunity, they are becoming a part of this country by opening new restaurants, designing new buildings, financing new cultural offerings, among others. Apparently, it seems that Mexico offers more opportunity for entrepreneurship. Immigrants think you should keep an open mind in Mexico because if you really want to make something happen you can make it happen. Here in Mexico the doors are more open for all Koreans, so they feel a bit in home, Mexicans are welcoming them with open arms. People from Spain are also building their skills in Mexico, it is clear that they find Mexico as an up and coming country, they think everything is possible here. Immigrants feel selfassured talking about finding a job in Mexico.

It cannot be said that the pros outweigh the cons because thousands of immigrants coming to Mexico without visas are forced to work on farms or in cities, they are often greeted with beatings by the Mexican police or intense pressure to work for drug cartels.

I’ve got to say that if a person find work in Mexico that no Mexican national can do, they should take their time and process information so they can obtain a work visa. I’m not saying it is bad if immigrants come to Mexico, it’s just that the consequence for not following the rules would be deportation at the very least and maybe even a jail term at the very worst.