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Paperback, 336 pages #74892 $27.95

Transformed in Love: Leader and Team Manual offers a comprehensive and practical approach to integrating human and faith formation, sexuality, and dimensions of everyday family life, such as household responsibilities, work, raising children, holiday celebrations, and finances. The program incorporates a variety of methods to help couples engage with the content: witness presentations, new media, teaching modules, group and individual exercises, and mentoring. This program manual includes team member roles and responsibilities, step-by-step instructions, directions, surveys, forms, and scheduling options. Transformed in Love is easy to use because most of the preparatory work has already been done for you! The program includes a DVD of visual presentations.

“I joyfully share this marriage preparation program with all who want to help prepare couples well for the great vocation of marriage. It is my hope that Transformed in Love will be an instrument of God’s grace in the New Evangelization and that it will serve to strengthen the vocation of marriage not only in our archdiocese but also in the wider Church. As we go forward with the work of the New Evangelization, helping engaged couples to understand the relationship between marriage and the life of the Church is of great importance. Also, at a time when society far too easily accepts and in many circumstances even

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Transformed in Love: Engaged Couple Workbook is uniquely designed to provide a reflective formational experience for couples participating in the Transformed in Love program. It contains activities, practice exercises, and integrates Scripture quotes, thoughts on marriage from various Church documents, helpful tips, and spiritual and marriage resources.

encourages divorce, we must do all that we can to prepare couples for their lifelong commitment to one another.” — From the Foreword by Seán Cardinal Patrick O’Malley, OFM Cap., Archbishop of Boston

If you want to help couples build a loving marriage in today’s world, Pauline Books & Media has just the program for you! Transformed in Love is a ready-to-use, Catholic marriage preparation program that responds to the pastoral challenges of current cultural attitudes toward marriage and family life. This program is designed to help couples build strong foundations for a lasting union by:  Reconnecting (or connecting) them with the Catholic faith;  Clarifying the nature and sacramental grace of marriage;  Offering practical skills for living out marriage vows;  Providing the witness of faith-filled married couples. Transformed in Love was developed by a qualified group of married couples, priests, deacons, theologians, and psychologists in the Archdiocese of Boston. During a three-year pilot program, Transformed in Love: Building Your Catholic Marriage was enthusiastically received by engaged couples, program leaders, and parish team members. Their valuable feedback was a major factor in further shaping the program to make it even more adaptable and user-friendly. Over 850 people so far have benefited from their participation in the Transformed in Love marriage preparation program—and this number is growing! As a comprehensive “teach-out-of-the-box” formation program, the Leader and Team Manual includes all the step-by-step instructions and materials you need to offer young couples the tools they will need to build a lasting, love-filled marriage. Why not join all those in marriage and family ministry who are already experiencing the benefits this program has harvested in their parish and diocese? Because the Sisters and staff of Pauline Books & Media believe in the grace of God so powerfully at work through Transformed in Love, we want to share this great news with you as you continue to build and nurture marriage and family life in your parish, in your diocese, and in the Church! May God, the source of hope, fill you with all joy and peace.

Sr. Mary Mark Wickenhiser, FSP Publisher

“Transformed in Love was undoubtedly one of the best things we did during our engagement. We came into the program looking to learn more about each other and the Catholic Church’s teachings on marriage, and we came out of the program enriched, enlightened, and totally excited to be husband and wife. The beauty of Transformed in Love is that it centers on Church teaching, which allowed us to more fully understand the truth about sacramental marriage. In that context, we learned how to utilize practical tools to build a strong foundation for our marriage and our future family.” — Katie Gohn and Benjy Sung,Waltham, MA Engaged Couple, March 2013 Transformed in Love program

Transformed in Love: The Basics Marriage is a pathway to holiness. It is a vocation through which couples come to know, love, and serve God. Through marriage, as through the other sacraments, God helps us become the best version of ourselves and more and more transformed in love. Transformed in Love uses a “house building” metaphor to illustrate the concepts of establishing, building, and nurturing marriage and family life. Transformed in Love uses a holistic approach—body, soul, intellect and will—to prepare the person for sacramental grace. The program proposes ways for couples to grow in wisdom (intellect), truth (will), skill (body/human formation), faith (soul/spiritual formation), and love (by God’s grace). Transformed in Love includes the following topics:  Self-knowledge  Communication building skills  Marital expectations  Four types of love essential to marriage  Marriage’s sacramental meaning, marriage vows, and the Rite of Marriage  Financial assessment and planning  Spiritual practices for marriage and family life  Significance of the Mass  Marital sexuality, including principles from Blessed John Paul II’s theology of the body and the topic of fertility and infertility  How to make a marriage last a lifetime through guarding, revealing, and communicating love For a complete listing of topics, visit

“Transformed in Love is the premier resource for those who take seriously the imperative to bring marriage preparation to the next level. A comprehensive combination of the latest developments in understanding and communicating foundational human formation along with intelligent and attractive catechesis of the Catholic faith.” — David and Mary Brennan, Archdiocesan Marriage Preparation Committee and Transformed in Love Team Members at St. Brendan’s Parish, Bellingham, MA

“As a priest who has participated in the Transformed in Love program several times . . . I fully endorse this wonderful endeavor. I think that it really ‘brings to life’ the Marriage Preparation experience for our couples. The wide variety of topics covered, from Natural Family Planning (NFP) to Communications to Living a Sacramental Life, offer the couples of today a frank, open, and honest look at what it means to living a sacramental Marriage in the world today. As a priest, I especially like the ‘Teaching Mass.’ Time and time again, the comments come back from our couples that the Teaching Mass was one of the ‘highlights’ of their time spent with us … I cannot recommend highly enough the Transformed in Love program—it is a great benefit not only to our young couples preparing for Marriage, but for our Church as well. — Fr. Paul Ring, Pastor Our Lady of Grace Parish, Pepperell, MA

Top 10 Reasons for Adopting Transformed in Love as your Marriage Preparation Program  Life-giving—Connects both team members and engaged couples with the faith and strengthens their relationship with the Church.  Practical—Provides couples with an understanding of the sacramental nature of marriage, practical communication and relationship skills.  Pastoral—Addresses “hard topics” with pastoral sensitivity and solid catechesis.  Faith-filled—Assists couples to establish lasting marriages that will be a witness to the Gospel and life of faith.  Easy to use—No training required! Transformed in Love is a comprehensive “teach-out-of-the-box” program that provides team leaders with step-by-step instructions and electronic visuals for running the program  Contemporary—Helps couples build a loving marriage amid today’s cultural attitudes toward marriage and family life.  Credible—Meets the expectations of various church leaders, lay volunteers, and engaged couples! Over 40 highly qualified individuals contributed to the development of Transformed in Love: a bishop and judicial vicar, ans canon lawyers, theologians, psychologists, priests, deacons, religious sisters, and married couples.  Catholic—Reviews Catholic teaching on marriage along with the main themes of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Pastoral letter, Marriage, Love and Life in the Divine Plan. Transformed in Love is a great tool for the New Evangelization of the next generation of marriages and families.  Holistic—Uses an approach to teaching marriage preparation that addresses the whole person: body, soul, intellect, and will.  Flexible—Offers a variety of teaching formats: two, four, or six session options, or a single weekend retreat.

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