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Summer Reading 1st Grade


With gorgeous illustrations, Beginnings describes God’s wondrous love and teaches children to cherish life at every stage. #11726 $16.25

Little Lost Lamb The Very Worried After several Sparrow adventures, a little lamb learns that there’s no place like home—and no friend like his Good Shepherd! Over 60,000 copies sold! #45280 $11.25

This tiny sparrow was very worried until he made a very important discovery. Discover a comforting tale of faith, hope, and trust. #80388 $16.25

Little Book of Saints Volumes 1-6

These are marvelous introductions to the lives of great friends of God, and each story connects to a young child’s everyday experiences. $ 6.25 each Vol 1 #45108 the Blessed Virgin Mary, Sts. Francis, Bernadette, Juan Diego, and more Vol. 2 #45116 Sts. Patrick, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Michael, Catherine of Siena, and more Vol. 3 #45264 Sts Peter Claver, Anne and Joachim, Kateri Tekakwitha, and more Vol. 4 #45272 Bl. André Bessette, St. Katharine Drexel, St. Francis Xavier and more Vol. 5 #45302 St. Teresa of the Andes, St. Clare of Assisi, St. Benedict and more Vol. 6 #45310 St. Margaret of Scotland, St. Peter the Apostle, St. Stanislaus Kostka, and more

2nd Grade

No Room for Starring Francie Francie How will O’Leary Francie come up with a clubhouse to impress her friends? Meet the lovable, feisty Catholic heroine! #5168X $8.75

Francie’s starting second grade…could things get any worse? Follow Francie as she discovers that there’s more than one way to be a star! #7132X $8.75

The 3 Trees

The story of three little trees with big dreams. Adapted from a traditional Lebanese folktale that has enriched the faith of generations of children. #74264 $11.25

Beautiful Story of Jesus

Jesus’ life comes alive with rich and colorful illustrations and compelling storytelling! #11777 $19.95

My First Book about Jesus

Beloved Gospel stories are brought to life and children discover that Jesus is with us always through his Body, the Church. #48654 $9.95

My First Book about Mary

This perfect introduction to the Blessed Mother includes: simple text, bright illustrations, a section on Marian apparitions, feast days, and how to pray the Rosary. #48611 $9.95

Joseph from Germany

This delightfully illustrated biography of Benedict XVI leads young readers to identify with the adventures and challenges that molded Pope Benedict into a missionary of God’s unconditional love. #39884 $11.25

Karol from Poland

Here is the charming story of the special little boy who grew up to become Pope John Paul II. #42095 $9.95

3rd Grade

Adventures of Saint Paul

Storms at sea, shipwrecks, dangerous bandits, a daring escape in the dark of night…now young readers can travel alongside this inspiring saint! #07869 $12.50

Saints and Their Stories

This splendidly illustrated collection of magnificent stories introduces young readers to eighteen popular saints. #71346 $24.95

Family Ties

Children are sure to enjoy this collection of short stories exploring the rewards and challenges of family life. #2688X $9.95

Friend 2 Friend This collection of twelve short fiction stories highlights the ups and downs of friendship with faith, and good humor. #26855 $9.95

Now You’re Cooking!

These short stories cook up tales of friendship, fun, and food. Complete with kid-friendly recipes and kitchen safety tips! #51671 $9.95

Goodness Graces!

These fun and relatable short stories remind children that receiving the sacraments can strengthen their relationship with God. #31107 $9.95

My Bible: Story of God’s Love This beautiful children’s Bible is packed with sixty-two of the best-loved stories of the Old and New Testaments. #48344 $31.25

4th Grade

Saints of Note

Experience the timetraveling adventures of these comic characters as they meet saints from around the world and throughout history. #71206 $11.25

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Saint Ignatius’ amazing story reveals the secret of his strength and happiness. #70439 $9.95

Saintly Tales and Legends

Saint Francis of Assisi

Journeys with Mary

Saint Martin de Porres

Explore a world of saints and angels, wonders and miracles, hope and love, and let storytelling work its wonders. #70838 $21.25

Discover the stories of nine apparitions of the Blessed Virgin, and see how Mary shows us how to follow her Son Jesus. #39728 $9.95

Francis was hoping to become a knight, but he discovered that God’s plan for him was even more glorious. #70307 $9.95

Through joyful service and personal integrity, Saint Martin grew closer to God and shows us how to live in a way worthy of our dignity as children of God. #70919 $0.95

Blesseds Jacinta and Francisco Marto

Saint Joan of Arc

Blessed John Paul II

John Paul II

Share the joy of these two children as they see Mary. See how the courage to love Jesus can make a difference in the world. #11556 $9.95

He never let oppression and tyranny dampen his dreams or his faith. He inspired young people to live with joy, faith, and enthusiasm. #11785 $9.95

In her shining armor, this young teenager rode with her banner flying above her. On it were the names of JESUS and MARY. #70331 $9.95

This comic book recounts the true-life story of Pope John Paul II—a witness to the whole world of the power of love and courage. #59575 $9.95

5th Grade

Mother to the Poor

The story of Mother Teresa shows how even just one small person can make a difference in the world by sharing God’s love with others. #48638 $18.75

Stepping Stones Stepping Stones Saint Isaac With these fun Journal Jogues and inspiring comics, you’ll share the ups and downs, problems and joys, successes and failures of a great group of friends. #71184 $12.50

See how Suki, Denver, Alberto, and Chantal’s friendships survive the challenges at school and home. #7129X $11.25

Saint Isaac Jogues was born at Orleans, France and became missionary to the Huron Indians. #70633 $9.95

Saint Bakhita of Saint Damien of Molokai Sudan She is a heroic example of forgiveness and charity. Her discovery of God’s love amid extraordinary adversity challenges readers to respect the human dignity of all. #70943 $9.95

Saint Damien, well-loved around the world for his lifelong dedication to the outcast people of Molokai, found happiness in serving those in need—no matter what the cost. #71265 $9.95

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati His friends knew him as a lively prankster who enjoyed mountain climbing and skiing. Readers will discover how full and fun life can be when we follow Christ! #11653 $9.95

6th Grade

Anna Mei, Cartoon Girl

How’s Anna Mei Anderson ever going to fit in with the other sixth graders when she has an unusual name, an adoptive family she doesn’t remotely resemble, and an unknown birth mother somewhere back in China? #07885 $11.25

Anna Mei, Escape Artist On the surface, summer vacation couldn’t be better. But why doesn’t it feel that way? Read how Anna Mei discovers what real life—and real friendship—are all about. #0794X $11.25

57 Stories of Saints

Some of the bestloved saints of the Church are featured in a revised and updated edition of a classic collection of lively, accessible stories. #26812 $21.25

Saint Bernadette

What on earth was going on in the small town of Lourdes, France, in February 1858? Based on historical records, this graphic novel tells the exciting story of Saint Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes. # 71311 $11.25

Saint Joan of Arc

The Hundred Years’ War was raging, and hope was trickling away . . . But outside the besieged town of Orleans, a seventeenyear-old girl would lead the French army to an improbable victory. Who was this astonishing young woman? #71303 $11.25

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7th & 8th Grade

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

An inspiring biography that captures the spirit of an athletic, handsome young man who was always good for a laugh. He was the charismatic leader of a band of rowdy friends … and secretly gave away his wealth to help the poor. #11629 $12.50

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla

She liked fashionable clothes, painting and playing the piano. She enjoyed mountain climbing and skiing in the Alps, vacations in the country, and concerts. Meet Saint Gianna: a woman who truly loved life, her family, and her God and chose to serve and love others. #30992 $18.75

Five Loaves & Two Fishes

Uncover the unlikely treasures written by a Vietnamese bishop. Arrested by communists and imprisoned for thirteen years, Cardinal Van Thuan found the courage to secretly communicate to the young people of his diocese these words of humility, great joy, sturdy hope, and confidence in God. #267766 $11.25

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God’s Plan for You

Are you confused about feelings and relationships? Ever been disillusioned about marriage and family life—and maybe life itself? Discover the purpose of existence and the answers to your most deeply held questions about life, relationships, and sexuality. #45175 $21.25

Charles de Foucald

After early years of wrenching loss, rebelliousness, unbelief in God, reckless adventure, and the unbridled pursuit of pleasure, Charles experienced a profound conversion where he met God’s mercy and love. #15764 $18.75

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Summer Reading list for Canada  
Summer Reading list for Canada  

Great Catholic reading for kids to keep them reading through the summer?