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e h t m o r f l u a P . t S f o s r e t Daugh

Communicating the LOVE OF GOD and inspiring HOPE through MUSIC

l u a P . t S of s r e t h g u the f Christ to o s e The Da tl s o be ap means sing the t. Paul, to

like S iation u ame secrated f reconcil n o o c e , g n a e s o he bec s s m e l, o u m w a e P re th We a ough for nouncing unding as not en w today, an f y o it c aching, fo d rl re le o p g w , same in e s v o A . the m g. At the ation n in ic o n id u u ly g s m u d m uo of co ching, an ompletely d, contin irit, and c cting, tea ler of Go p u e tr S v s e a in tr th , s e y th hristian moved b vision of ities of C postolic n deeply a -a c m ti s a y , commun c m is e same ysti was a m ing out th e make th l y u rr W a a . c s P , u e it s pir tim ve for Je , in his s ith his lo mmunity o c in on fire w e v e li own as w later. Paul our enturies c ty n e te tw apostola of St. ughters a D r u o up arious ho make tries in v w is in rs m te e is m cord a singing s ave full ti e and re mer, the f them h rs m o a u e ll s h A . ry re n e sic ey Ev sto in the mu h year th me to Bo c rs o a c e te ir s is o k s h e e we Paul C oston, th ers. to three rrival in B d engine t for two a n u a ir b , e , s s th n te ia ut sta fore sic ter Act,’ b onths be gers, mu is n M a ‘S . rr t m a o u n h lb it e new a orking w llis, “We’r harles E nd time w e C p t s e g io d d ri stu n!” tor, Sr. B lots of fu oir Direc Says Ch we have d n a , g can sin we sure



Pauline Music, a division of Pauline Books & Media, has won fifteen Angel Awards* and has sold over one million CDs and cassettes since the choir began recording in 1988. Pauline music has been used for three movies: “Lorenzo’s Oil,” “A Bronx Tale,” and “Noel.”

The mission of Pauline Music is to touch the hearts of listeners, inspiring in them a thirst for the true, good, and beautiful. Through music’s universal language, Pauline Music seeks to create a spiritual oasis of peace, hope, and joy, wherein people can connect more profoundly with God, who is love.

*The Angel Awards, based in Hollywood, CA, recognize outstanding moral, spiritual, or social impact in music, books, television, motion pictures, and all forms of


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Gone) • hains Are C y (M e c esu • azing Gra p • Pie J m U A e : s M e e d is a • When Inclu g • You R l Be In My Heart in K y M ’l u Partiro You Are ncis • Yo • Con Te ’ll ra in F h t it S f W o e ir ou Prayer ight the F m Your Angel • Y L • e v e li I’ You Be dbye) • d. Say Goo the Worl (Time To • We Are e n lo A alk .S. Never W $16.95 U 8 8 3 4 7 CD #

n Be There Ca


, Did Yo y Love b g • Mary n d o e S h n c o u ti To econcilia • I Need Jesus • s: The R s

Angel Award

ing • Un Include Eagle’s W agnificat (Haas) n O • ? for ∙M Know ce) • Cry r Hearts u la P O ly to n n e Liste Heav Here • lestial (A ar From ht Your Lugar Ce It Be • Not Too F s • Go Lig U t d e a L e • L Love epherd ike a Sh Savior, L teful Hearts. ra .S. World • G 1 $16.95 U 5 0 4 7 # CD

orship ise - A W

orship • Time to W r Love e th Is Now g of You : Come, Could Sin Heart/Take My I • Includes r e iv to My t the R out Gather a EDLEY: Come In es By Step • Sh m M ti • e t /I Is om Forever rcies • S Life Is in You Lord r e M t e e tte Life • Sw • MEDLEY: My tion • Be rd of Salva o g L r n e u o o S th Y t to g ee hrist • Sin weet, Sw Good • S • I Will Choose C ay Is One D e Lord. th to .S. Praise $16.95 U 2 5 5 0 CD #7

r Pra

Sing You

Unity Award







Catholic Favorites I



Includes: The King of Love My Shepherd Is • Come, Holy Ghost • Ave Maria (There Is a Heart) • Magnificat (Chepponis) • Pan de Vida • Holy God, We Praise Thy Name • Holy, Holy, Holy • Ave Maria (Arcadelt) • I Am the Bread of Life • Amazing Grace • Gift of Finest Wheat • O Santissima • The King of Love My Shepherd Is • Table of Plenty • O God of Loveliness. CD #15802 $16.95 U.S.

Angel Award

Catholic Favorites II

Includes: To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King • Let All Mortal Flesh • Magnificat • How Great Thou Art • The Lord Is My Shepherd • O Bread of Angels • Salve, Mater Misericordiae • All Creatures of Our God and King • Adoro Te • No Longer I • Magnificat • Let There Be Peace On Earth • Now Thank We All Our God • Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence. CD #15829 $16.95 U.S.

Celebrating 20 Years - Best Loved Songs

Includes: How Can I Keep from Singing? • Prayer of St. Francis • Trust His Heart • Spirit Blowing Through Creation • Ave Verum (Instrumental) • The Lord Is My Shepherd • How Deep the Riches • O Sacred Head Surrounded • Via Dolorosa • `Tis the Month of Our Mother • Jesus Christ is Risen Today • On Eagle’s Wings • Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring • Salve Regina • Spirit Seeking Light and Beauty • Be Not Afraid (Instrumental) • Pange Lingua • Go Light Your World. CD #15810 $18.95 U.S.

Angel Award

Angel Award





Ever A

Ne r e v E , t n ncie

audes hant) • L (C e in m Do tius : Attende la Regis (Venan Includes il ) • Crux x e in /V tr ales a hant) (P (C mus u s is e c J ru e C Bon al) Adora g O u • rt ) o s P f tu no gina Fortuna King Joh ant) / Re t, h n (C a h li e (C a Fidelis Regina C ristus Resurrexit strina) • • Ch Te (Pale ictimae onstanz) (C a il b hant) • V u (C e ia il Caeli J tF • O Filii e Victoria). (Chant) e (d s e aud Pashali L 3 $16.95 U.S. 92 wnload CD #07 digital do a s a le b Availa

us Te


m• Paradisu In • s u rp eeking rum Co : Ave Ve la Regis • Spirit S speh • Includes il Jo x rgo • Ve gina • Te Tantum E eauty • Salve Re Maris Stella. B ve Light and • Ave Regina / A s ta . ri .S a U C Ubi 16.95 ad 032 $ CD #37 al downlo it ig d a s a Available


d In Para

Angel Award

Pulchra m • Tota iu id s e ra squin um P : Sub Tu a • Ave Maria (Jo s e d lu c In ll ater Maria Ste lorem • Stabat M e v A • s E F rdi ) • Virgam e Dawn • Condo Desprez th ry a si) • M elorum. (Pergole egina Ca R e v A • .S. Laetitia $16.95 U ad 8 3 3 1 wnlo CD #7 digital do a s a le Availab


Stella M


Angel Award


Handmaiden of the Lord I

Songs of Mary Includes: Hail, Holy Queen • Regina Coeli • Immaculate Mary • Tota Pulchra Es • Mirror of Infinite Beauty • Holy Is His Name • O Mary Immaculate • I Am Thine • Soul of Mary • Hail Mary: Gentle Woman • Sing of Mary • Ave Maria (Schubert). CD #33347 $15.95 U.S.


Handmaiden of the Lord II

Songs of Mary Includes: Daily, Daily Sing to Mary • On This Day, O Beautiful Mother • Hymne à la Vierge • O Mary, Our Mother • Mother Dear, O Pray for Me • Bring Flowers of the Rarest • Holy Mary, Now We Crown You • Ave Maria • I Sing a Maid • Voices Rise in Heartfelt Fervor • Ave Regina CaelorumMotet • Salve Regina • O Queen of the Holy Rosary • O Be Glad, My Soul, Rejoice • Hail, This Festival Day! CD #33428 $15.95 U.S.

Mary, Did You Know?

Contemplating Her in Song Includes: Ave Maria (Chant and Motet) • Be It Done To Me • Holy Is His Name • Ave Maria by César Franck (Instrumental) • Bethlehem’s Poor Child • Hail Mary: Gentle Woman • He Shall Be Born • As I Kneel Before You (Instrumental) • Hush, the Baby Is Sleeping • Mary’s Lullaby • Mary, Did You Know? • Hail Mary, Call Him Jesus (Instrumental) • Ave Maria by Franz Schubert • Immaculate Mary • Hail, Holy Queen. CD #48549 $16.95 U.S.

Angel Award



l a t n e m nstru d

ection an

Sanctus ntal Music for Refl

e ple Instrum race / Sim G n g o in ti z a a r b • As • Am Cele nus Dei Hombres g e A D : s r e o d d Inclu eet Is Pesca oró Te • at Your F Gifts • Ad re You / Mother ll with My Soul • e efo • I Kneel B ve María • It Is W Schindler ’s List A m • o g fr n / li e e s s u Kne • Repri s • Sánc m, Lord Angélicu yrics is L n a Here I A t. P e ll • frain us Ba e c R a rt ld a p O S The from • Adagio Anthem . .S. included 4 $15.95 U 6 8 9 6 # CD tion f Peace rayer and Medita d o s g in On W ntal Music for P e Brea • I Am th e rs m te u a r st W n I ll Him r the Mary (Ca yer • ong Ove S il : a s H e • d r Inclu l Savio ur of Pra Beautifu weet Ho S • ly in r of Life • to a God • On ni Cre e O V , e • ) M s u Jes ded. epherd ithin • Sh ings. Lyrics inclu Deep W W Eagle’s .S. God • On 4 $14.95 U 0 2 4 5 # CD


Your Lo

ditation and Me r e y a r P r ful • Music fo er Wake l v ta E n e Is d m o •G You • Instru and See deemed e te R s a e T v : a IH Be With Includes On You • ave Loved You • ast • I t s e R s Our Eye Your Fe ove • I H Come To e Searched er Your L b e m W e • m e e R op u’v ning of H ame • Yo g• Me • Daw ife • Holy Is His N y Soul Is Thirstin L M • y e Place M sting Lov rics included. h Everla it Ly W t. u • O e M h Cry rt a E e h .S. Let All T $16.95 U 5 3 8 l 3 Ange CD #3

in Healed



With t•I hed g•

P rayer

Adoration I - Eucharistic Hymns

Includes: Ave Verum • O Sacrum Convivium • I am the Bread of Life • I Love You Lord / As the Deer • Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring • Gift of Finest Wheat • To Jesus’ Heart All Burning / O Lord, I am Not Worthy • O Salutaris Hostia / Tantum Ergo • Jesus, My Lord, My Life, My All • One Bread, One Body • Soul of My Savior Panis Angelicus • Be Thou My Vision • Pange Lingua Gloriosi • Adoró Te • Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All • I Love You, Lord • Here I Am, Lord.

CD #07729

$16.95 U.S.

Unity Award

Adoration II - Eucharistic Hymns

Includes: Beautiful Savior • Lead Me, Lord • Tantum Ergo (Instrumental) • I Lift Up My Soul • Panis Angelicus · The Majesty and Glory of Your Name • Be Thou My Vision (Instrumental) • Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts • Who Will Separate Me? • What Wondrous Love • Be Not Afraid (Instrumental) • You Are Near • O Lord, Hear My Prayer • In God Alone • Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (Instrumental).

CD #07761

$16.95 U.S.

Unity Award

Pray the Rosary with the Daughters of St. Paul

For those who are just beginning to pray the Rosary and those who have loved this prayer for years. Ideal for praying in the car, at home, alone, or with others. Includes all 20 mysteries, plus songs. 2 CDs #59443 $19.95 U.S.

Available as a digital download

Listening to the Bible

The New Testament on 16 CDs

NRSV Catholic Edition Narrated by Michael Scherer The New Testament on CD makes an ideal companion for busy commuting, personal prayer, Bible study, or prayer group use. Packaged in vinyl zipper case. CD #45078 $49.95 U.S.



s a m t s i r h



as l Christm a u n n a n an ir goes o milies together o h C l u a d fa th. f St P iends, an on of Christ’s bir ghters o fr u , a s D n e fa h ti T a ing in celebr ur, bring hristmas concert to l and holy music ay to begin the C tmas dw joyfu Chris a blesse through hope of e r ld. d a n a ts r y e jo nc e ew and o th n e ls r o a r h a s c These co rs of The Siste y refreshing mix season. ll fu r a wonde through

A King is Born

ir Paul Cho rs of St. le te u h d g e u h a D a sc Visit the book for e c a F n o ances fanpage al perform u n n a r u of o SPchoir o b e c a .f w http://ww


C hristmas

Treasury of Traditional Christmas Carols

Includes: Il Est né le Divin Enfant • O Little Town of Bethlehem • Silent Night • Lo How a Rose E’er Blooming Angels We Have Heard on High • Bethlehem’s Poor Child • Sleep O Holy Child of Mine • I Saw Three Ships • O Come All Ye Faithful • How Far Is It to Bethlehem? • What Child Is This? • O Holy Night, and more! CD #74280 $16.95 U.S.

Available as a digital download

Angel Award

The Season of Love

Christmas with the Daughters of St. Paul Includes: Glory, Glory • When Love Came Down • Carol of the Bells • Sleigh Ride • Candlelight Carol • O Come, Emmanuel • New York Christmas • First Day of the Son • Holy Night • Angels Among Us • Sing, Angels, Sing • What I Want for Christmas • Go, Tell It on the Mountain • Step Into Christmas, and more! CD #74221 $16.95 U.S.

Joy: Christmas Songs

Includes: Joy (To the World) • Do You Hear What I Hear? Hark! The Herald Angels Sing • The New Twelve Days of Christmas • Sing to the King • All Alone on Christmas • Jingle Bell Rock • Perfect Christmas Night • Happy Xmas (Was is Over) • Angels We Have Heard on High. CD #39817 $16.95 U.S.

Christmas Favorites

Carols That Warm the Heart

Includes: Overture (Hark! The Herald Angels Sing) • Hallelujah, the Lord is Born • Wexford Carol • O What a Wonderful Child • O Come, O Come, Emmanuel • There Is Born a Child • A Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy • The First Noel – Infant Holy, Infant Lowly • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year • Angels Among Us • Silent Night • White Christmas • Joy to the World • Coventry Carol – Still, Still, Still • Candlelight Carol • Feliz Navidad • The Little Drummer Boy • Ave Maria. CD #15586 $16.95 U.S.

Angel Award

Angel Award



s D C d e nhanc s d i r fo



hand motion s


sheet music


her t/teac paren urces reso

These enhanced CDs include upbeat and easy-to-learn lyrics, sheet music, hand motions, coloring pages, and more. Reproducible activities make them a valuable resource for home or classroom.

God, Butterflies, and Miracles I

Cool Songs and Awesome Activities for Kids Songs include: Jesus Is Here • Walking with the Lord • He’s Got the Whole World • Love Comes First • It’s a Miracle • My Good Shepherd • The Butterfly Song • Simon Peter • Together • Talking to God • God’s Happy Place. Enhanced CD #31042 $14.95 U.S.

God, Butterflies, and Miracles II

Cool Songs and Awesome Activities for Kids Songs include: All Creation Tell Us: God Is So Good • Love Hug • A Friend of Mine • The Beatitudes • The Blind Men • The Smart Song • In the Bread of Life • Getting God’s Work Done • Listen to Me, Dear Jesus • The Reaching Song • My Rosary • This Little Light of Mine. Enhanced CD #31077 $14.95 U.S.

Stepping Stones

Great Songs for Kids Based on Gospel Values Sung by niknak Song include: Hey, That’s Something Friends Should Do • Stepping Stones • We Must • You’re My Best Friend • Planet Earth • A Place to Go • Everyone Has Bad Days • George • Shining a Light in Our World • You and I • Sorry • Trust. Enhanced CD #7096X $16.95 U.S.


s m u b l l A a t i g i D d

oa l n w o d for


at available dsf downloa azon’s m A t a & s on iTune re MP3 Sto

TO ORDER: Call 1-800-876-4463

FAX 617-524-8035



Contact your nearest Pauline Books & Media Center:

CALIFORNIA 3908 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230; (310) 397-8676 5945 Balboa Ave., San Diego, CA 92111; (858) 565-9181 935 Brewster Ave, Redwood City, CA 94063; (650) 369-4230 FLORIDA 145 SW 107th Ave., Miami, FL 33174; (305) 559-6715 HAWAII 1143 Bishop St., Honolulu, HI 96813; (808) 521-2731 Neighbor Islands, please call: (866) 521-2731 ILLINOIS 172 North Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60601; (312) 346-4228 LOUISIANA 4403 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA 70006; (504) 887-7631 MASSACHUSETTS 885 Providence Highway (Rte. 1), Dedham, MA 02026; (781) 326-5385 MISSOURI 9804 Watson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63126; (314) 965-3512 NEW YORK 64 West 38th St., Manhattan, NY10018; (212) 754-1110 PENNSYLVANIA Philadelphia - relocating - (215) 676-9494 SOUTH CAROLINA 243 King St., Charleston, SC 29401; (843) 577-0175 VIRGINIA 1025 King St., Alexandria, VA 22314; (703) 549-3806


What are people saying about the Daughters of St. Paul Choir? “My whole life changed when I first heard your music.” —Emmanuel West Africa “We listen to your music as we drive back and forth on our way to work and school. It is really relaxing.” —Pat Kentucky

Daughters of St. Paul 50 St. Paul’s Avenue Boston, MA 02130

“My heart fills with joy when I listen to your music.” —Joann California “Music has a tremendous emotional impact. These musical recordings set my spirits soaring to the heavens. Here is music that can lead us to communion with God and connect us to all that is holy.” —Nancy Massachusetts

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Featuring the Daughters of St. Paul Choir. Pauline Records is the music division of Pauline Books & Media, the publishing house of the Daugh...

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