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Where’s Jesus?

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s s u I e s i

Dear Saint Paul, God sent you to bring his Gospel message of love to all the people of the world. At times this meant having to face difficult challenges. You believed that with God’s help you could do anything he asked of you. Like you, I want to have more faith and trust in our heavenly Father. Please help me to become more like Jesus and share God’s love through kind words, fulfilling my duties, and being a good friend.

Q. What are the only things you can’t have for breakfast? A. Lunch and dinner! Q. How do you make a lemon drop? A. Let go of it. Q. How do you fix a broken tomato? A. With tomato paste.

Welcome to Hello from JClub, where the “J’ stands for Jesus!

JClub is a place where we can learn about and share our Christian faith. How? Just as you can find Jesus on the cover of this magazine, you can find him in everyday life, too. We can also learn more about our faith and share it through Catholic books, DVDs, and music. Enjoy the articles in this fall’s JClub magazine and read of how each of us has been given special gifts from God. We can make a difference in our world today by being thankful for these gifts and sharing them with our family, friends, and everyone we meet. Enjoy the fun activities and add some jokes to your collection. Most of all, take this opportunity to choose some wonderful titles that will help you learn more about our faith. That way, you can become more like Jesus. God bless you and your family, Sister Lily

Q. Why are elephants no good at surfing the web? A. Because they’re scared of the mouse. Q. What runs around the cow pasture but never moves? A. The fence. Q. What did one shrub say to the other? A. I’m bushed! Q. What did one worm say to the other worm? A. “Where in earth have you been?” Q. What did one wall say to the other wall? A. “Meet you at the corner.” Q. Why did the picture go to jail? A. Because it was framed. Q. What’s the easiest kind of building to lift? A. A lighthouse. Q. What kind of clothing does a house wear? A. Address. Q. What does a clock do when it’s hungry? A. It goes back four seconds.

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Every Gift is Valuable, Share Yours! Geraldine Ann Marshall, Spider’s Gift: A Christmas Story

Of course, there were Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, and the wise men to celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus. We often picture the large animals that would’ve been a part of this joy: the sheep, perhaps a cow and a donkey, maybe even a few chickens. But what about those small animals that might also have lived in the stable? Did you ever think that a cricket, a honeybee, and an ordinary, orb-weaving, brown spider such as you might find in your own gardens could have been there for all of the excitement? I did. I am the author of Spider’s Gift: A Christmas Story. I love all kinds of animals (just ask my dachshund dog, Jackaroo, who is keeping me company while I write to you today)—even those sometimes forgotten or misunderstood small, but often helpful, of God’s creatures, such as crickets, honeybees, and spiders. Because of my love and interest in animals, in college, I studied zoology (the study of animals). I also love stories and kids (so much that I even had two daughters of my own) and so I combined my love of animals, stories, and kids into a career of writing books for children and some books for adults too. Almost every story I write, whether fiction or nonfiction, has an animal in there somewhere!

Even though my daughters are grown up now, I am still writing a Christmas story for them every Christmas. I decided that Spider’s Gift would be a good story to share with children everywhere. I am so happy that Pauline Kids wanted to publish Spider’s Gift and that a wonderful illustrator, Rebecca, was found to draw the pictures. Making a book requires the gifts of many people to make it happen and bring it to you. Remember that you, the readers, are the most important people in the life of a book! Knowing that people are reading her book is the best gift a writer can receive! Spider found that she too had a special gift to give Baby Jesus—a gift given with her love. I hope that you have as much fun reading Spider’s Gift as I have had writing it and now sharing it with you.

Spider’s Gift started out as one of the Christmas stories I write each year for my own children. When my first daughter was a year old, I decided that she should have a special story every year for Christmas. Soon, I had a second daughter and so there have been many years of stories.

Pauline Books & Media


Jesus Blesses the Children Luke 18:15-17 Once when Jesus was teaching, some mothers

But Jesus called the children over to him. “Let them come,” he said. “Don’t send them away.” The children gathered around Jesus and he smiled at them, touching their heads and blessing them. “The kingdom of heaven belongs to people who are like these children. If you don’t accept the kingdom of God as a child, you won’t be able to get into it.”

brought their babies and small children to him. They wanted Jesus to touch and bless their children. Jesus’ followers saw all the children going near Jesus. They didn’t think this was right. They thought it was more important for Jesus to talk to the grown-ups and answer their questions. They thought Jesus was too busy teaching to be bothered by the children. So they started telling the children to leave Jesus alone. They told the mothers to take them away.

Excerpted from My Bible: The Story of God’s Love, written by Melissa Wright and illustrated by Augusta Curreli, © 2004, Daughters of St. Paul. All rights reserved.

Accept the kingdom of God as a child.


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Jesus was giving us an important lesson when he blessed the children. He was teaching us that all of us, even grown-ups, have to become like children in order to be his true followers. We must trust and obey God as little children trust and obey their parents. We must not try to act more important than others do. It’s important to love God our Father as completely as a little child loves his or her mother and father!


In this Gospel passage, Jesus blessed the children and gave us a very important lesson. Who is this lesson for? What is Jesus asking each of us to do? Sometimes it can be difficult to be a child. Can you think of some times when you missed out on something because of how old you are? Jesus wants all people, young and old, to come to him, to trust in him, and to have faith in him.

Pauline Books & Media

Check out this story in the Bible! Read Luke 18:15-17.


A. Find it by working out these opposites:

This Secret Makes Sense

1. over

2. fast

3. healthy ➙

Every saint tries to live like Jesus did. They all share one special quality.

Find answers at

4. light

5. hard

6. out

7. exit

8. yes

B. Write the underlined letters here:

Visit for Saint-A-Day stories, activities, plus more fun!

C. Unscramble to find the secret answer!

Crazy 8s­­——The Beatitudes There’s an 8-letter holy word hidden on each octagon. Find the first letter of each word and you’ll discover the rest of the word!

God made all of us out of his great love for us!


Pauline Books & Media

Meet an Author

An Interview with Sherry Weaver Smith, author of The Wolf and the Shield and Search for the Hidden Garden

Why did you write about Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick shows us how to have the courage to care for others. He escaped slavery in Ireland and returned to his British home. But after hearing a call from God, he went back and shared stories of Jesus with the Irish people—even though he was scared. It’s easy to be scared. But like Kieran in The Wolf and the Shield, you can make a choice to care for something. With St. Patrick’s help, Kieran chooses to protect a wolf pup and has many adventures. Perhaps reading about St. Patrick can give you new courage to follow Jesus. Why did you write about Saint Thérèse of Lisieux?

Have you ever been asked to use your talents to do something new? You may love to sing solo, but one day the music teacher might ask you to sing a duet. That’s how I felt when my publisher wanted me to write a new story about Saint Thérèse—a saint I didn’t know well! But when I started to read about her life, it was like meeting a new friend. Saint Thérèse was kind to everyone—especially those who weren’t her best friends. So I wrote a story about a girl, Charlotte, who doesn’t act like Thérèse, who decides not to share her discovery of a hidden garden with another girl. This choice causes problems that Charlotte (who is otherwise very caring) has to fix… with a little help from Thérèse! Thérèse shows Charlotte how, just like flowers in a garden, everyone is different—because God created them that way. Imagine if we all remembered that every day!

Pauline Books & Media

What are some ideas for students who want to start creative writing?

For me, the best part about creative writing is finding ideas! Here are some ways that I have fun while writing. Maybe they will help you: 1. Carry a 3x5-inch blank notebook or your phone to record your ideas. I put a sticker on the front that inspires me for my story. 2. Collect pictures of things that you like for your story: from newspapers, magazines, your own photos, or online. I gathered a lot of images of flowers and trees when I was writing Search for the Hidden Garden. You could photograph something at the mall that your main character might wear or do. 3. Line up a playlist or find a good radio station. Listening to music helps me imagine my characters in their world. When I was first writing, I lived in bright sunny California, surrounded by brown hills. But in The Wolf and the Shield, Kieran protects his tiny wolf pup in a dark oak forest. So to better imagine him, I found lots of songs and put them together into something like a movie soundtrack to echo his landscape. 4. Pray. I always ask the Holy Spirit to guide me in creating a saint story that teaches how to follow Jesus. Whether you want to write, create art, make an invention, do sports, or care for someone else, God has given you something special to share. When you pray, God will guide you in each word you write or step you take. 7


6. Everybody has a Body: God Made Boys and Girls This simple and fun picture book introduces boys and girls to the dignity of the human person and the meaning behind the similarities and differences of the human body. .95

1. Baby, Come to Church

Sights, sounds, and gestures fill a toddler’s world with wonder. A positive way to keep your little one engaged during the Mass.


15. Where is God?

Rhyming text, playful pictures, and hidden flaps lead toddlers and preschoolers on an amusing search for God!


5. Every Body is Smart: God Helps Me Listen and Choose

This colorful and fun book teaches children how to understand what their bodies are saying, and choose how and when to respond to what our bodies tell us.

$12.95 4. Every Body is a Gift: God Made Us to Love

$12.95 2. Bible Stories for Little Ones

See and hear the best-loved Bible stories— from creation to the resurrection—come to life!


Simple language and everyday situations show children how the human body can be used to receive and give love to those around us. .95


8. The First Noel

Bring the real meaning of Christmas back with this timeless retelling of the Nativity story, enhanced by beautiful illustrations.


10. My First Bible

Some of the Bible’s best-loved stories from creation to the resurrection presented in a sturdy and colorful board book.

3. Christmas Shepherds

$17.95 14. What Did Baby Jesus Do?

A gentle blend of rhyming text and endearing illustrations follows Jesus 11. My First Prayers for Christmas from his birth through his The real meaning of Christmas is revealed to very young children in these tender first steps and words. prayers to be said with parents.


Colorful illustrations and enchanting interactive flaps open up to help toddlers learn to recognize the shepherds with their sheep and the angels, as well as baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


$6.99 8

Pauline Books & Media


Coloring & Activity (C&A)Books

9. Stories Jesus Told: Parables for Kids DVD

12. My Guardian Angel C&A Book

Jesus Stories help children apply the lessons found in the parables with situations they can relate to.

Reveals how we are protected, guided, and cherished by guardian angels.


$12.99 7. First Christmas C&A Book

13. We Thank God C&A Book

Games and homemade Christmas gift activities accompany the story of the first Christmas.

Encourages gratitude for God’s daily blessings and gifts by highlighting the joy of sensate experiences. $2.95



28. Daddy Am I Beautiful?

Leah discovers that acts of kindness and love make for true beauty.

17. Before I Sleep I Say Thank You


This bedtime story models and encourages a nightly habit of prayer and gratitude.

8. Mommy Am I Strong?


Caleb discovers that he can use God’s help to develop inner strength.

38. I Forgive You

Encourages children to recognize forgiveness as a love we can hear, ask for, and give.


$11.95 57. Shine: Choices to Make God Smile Christopher Award Winner!

Christopher Award Winner!

Wonderful examples of positive choices based on the fruits of the Holy Spirit promote Christian character.


35. God Has a Plan for Boys and for Girls

31. Every Body Has Something to Say

Bodies have a language all their own. This book makes children aware of how to react to what their bodies are saying and how their bodies speak to other bodies.

A joyful, engaging, and easy-tounderstand book that helps girls and boys discover who they are and God’s plan for each of us.


$12.95 Pauline Books & Media


32. Everybody Has Something to Give

This book helps children see themselves and others as gifts, explores giving and receiving in love, and shows how the gift of self is made through the body.



64. The Story of Saint John Paul II: A Boy Who Became Pope

This is the true adventure of a boy whose powerful faith shaped him to be a hero to people all over the world.


22. Brother Francis: The Saints (DVD)

44. My First Book of Saints

Brother Francis teaches us about the wonderful comfort, encouragement, and help given through our heavenly friends, the saints.

Spanning various cultures, historical periods, and popularities, this compilation brings together stories of 62 saints and $12.95 blesseds.

$12.99 19. Brother Francis: Following in His Footsteps (DVD)

Brother Francis shows us what it means to be a true follower of Go back in time with Katie who Jesus in action and deed. unexpectedly finds herself on a $12.99 dangerous adventure in Assisi. She A fabulous blend of tale meets a young, wealthy woman named and history presents the 61. Whisper in story of a saint who treks to Clare who wants to join Francis and his brothers in service to God. the Ruins Jerusalem in search of the Join Patrick as true Cross of Jesus. $6.99 he journeys back $10.95 in time to Assisi, 42. My Bible: Story of God’s Love where he meets a 53. The Saint Who Sixty-two best-loved Bible stories with brave young man Fought majestic full-color who wants to leave illustrations and the Dragon: The Story his family’s wealth sidebars to help kids of Saint George to answer God’s call learn even more. This adventurous story of in his life. St. George, a loyal soldier $26.95 who fights a dragon—and $6.99 wins—captures Christian history and inspires 58. Spider’s Gift: A courage. $10.95

48. The Queen and the Cross: The Story of Saint Helen

46. Mystery at Midnight

Christmas Story

A story about a spider, a bee, and a cricket, and their presence at the birth of Jesus.

24. The Christmas Activity Book Engage in the nativity story through press-out Christmas cards, puzzles, and a make-your-own nativity scene!

25. Christmas Fun: Bible Activity Book

Children will have fun with a wide range of activities that cover Bible stories central to the birth of Jesus and the story of Christmas.


54. Santa’s Secret Story 49. The Road to Christmas Day

Hear the angels sing, trail the shepherds, follow the star like the Wise Men, and discover what happened on the first Christmas day!

A magical journey through the wondrous Christmas season reveals the story of the real St. Nicholas.

$9.95 52. Saint to Santa DVD

With a cast of kids and zany puppets discover the real story of Saint Nicholas as he reminds us that Christmas is the birthday of Jesus. $19.95

23. Candy Canes in Bethlehem

Unwrap gifts of tradition from cultures around the globe and learn what Christmas is all about! $7.95



260. Strangers at the Manger

Our time travelers, Katie & Patrick, meet two strangers on the road to Bethlehem. In this new adventure they learn a new lesson from the Christmas story; to care for those who are displaced.


Pauline Books & Media

The Gospel Time Trekkers (GTT) series follows the

adventures of three siblings as they travel back to Gospel times to find Jesus and learn to discover him in their everyday lives.

The In My Pocket (IMP) series guides children

through Catholic sacraments and prayers. Collect all volumes for a fully illustrated mini-library of the faith!

56. Shepherds to the Rescue (GTT #1)

The siblings meet a boy named Benjamin and learn about shepherding and the birth of Jesus. $6.95

18. Braving the Storm (GTT #2)

Jesus feeds a hungry crowd with only five loaves and two fish and he turns water to wine. The adventures continue as the kids get lost in a raging storm! $6.95

29. Danger at Sea (GTT #3)

Fish flapping wildly and whirling winds.... Will Caleb make it with only a torch to light the way? $6.95

37. The Holy Mass IMP with Bracelet (colors may vary)


Introduces children to the wonder of Eucharistic adoration.


45. My First Missal

When the siblings learn that Jesus is going to Jerusalem, they want to follow him. Will they decide to make the journey?

Explains each part of the Mass with the prayers and responses according to the revised Third Roman Missal. .95

$6.95 30. Discovery at Dawn (GTT #6)


The time-traveling siblings learn that Jesus is in town! Will they finally be able to meet him, even with darkness consuming the sky? $6.95

43. My Book of Prayers

Introduces children to a wide range of Catholic prayers and places God in everyday life.

36. The Holy Eucharist C&A Book

39. Little Books of Saints V5

19. Brother Francis: Bread of Life DVD

40. Little Books of Saints V6

Pauline Books & Media


This fifth volume introduces St. Clare of Assisi, St. Benedict, Bl. Charles de Foucald, St. Lorenzo Ruiz, and more! Special Price $2.00

Children learn devotion to Jesus in this interactive guide to the Eucharist. $2.95



26. Come to Jesus

$6.95 27. Courageous Quest (GTT #5)

Learn about faith and family life from Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and enjoy a surprise activity on the back cover.



When four of Jairus’ jars go missing, one of the siblings becomes the prime suspect.

33. Fun with the Holy Family C&A Book

50. The Rosary IMP with rosary

51. The Sacrament of Reconciliation IMP

47. Mystery of the Missing Jars (GTT #4)

55. Seven Sacraments C&A $2.95

16. Basic Prayers IMP with crucifix

This sixth volume introduces St. Margaret of Scotland, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, St. Edith Stein, St. Peter the Apostle, St. Thomas More and more! Special Price $2.00

34. Fun with the Saints C&A Book

Includes 64 pages of favorite saints and blesseds, complete with prayers, comic strips, and activities!



Brother Francis prepares children for their First Holy Communion. $12.99

21. Brother Francis: The Sacraments (DVD)

Brother Francis teaches children the wonderful way in which God provides grace and strength for our entire life through the seven sacraments. $12.99


81. Search for the Hidden Garden: A Discovery with St. Thérèse

84. The Wolf and the Shield

When Charlotte finds her way to a secret garden for children, she learns from Saint Thérèse that treasure is more than just what’s at the end of a map.

A young boy is influenced by his friendship with St. Patrick and his experiences caring for an orphan wolf pup.


71. Pictures of Me

A fun read about 11-year-old word-loving Annie who learns who her real friends are and who overcomes her fear of public speaking

$10.95 63. Anna Mei, Escape Artist

$11.95 64. Anna Mei, Blessing in Disguise

Anna Mei discovers what real life—and friendship—are all about. Themes include: identity, adoption, conflict resolution, friendship, serious illness, family life. Special Price $2.00

Anna Mei tries to cope with the pressures of junior high. Themes include: identity, adoption, cultural differences, stereotyping.

80. Saints of the Americas C&A Book

82. Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy C&A Book

Coloring pages for various saints who have lived and served Jesus in the Americas are accompanied by short biographies and activities.

Explains what the works of mercy are and includes activities to reinforce the behaviors associated with them.


70. Page-a-Day Children’s Bible Can you read the whole Bible? Of course you can: the Page-a-Day Children’s Bible takes you there every day with great stories and cool pictures.



GRAPHIC NOVELS 87. Pope Francis: I Believe in Mercy- AND MANGA Manga Style Comic

90. Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Comic Book

The story of an ordinary teenager in Argentina who was determined to follow Christ even to Rome and the heart of the Church! Read Pope Francis’ experience of the mercy of God.


85. Paul: Tarsus to Redemption 91. Saint Teresa of Avila, God’s Troublemaker

Saint Teresa’s conversion to the heart of Jesus and her bravery in the face of great adversity are vibrantly depicted in this full-color, Shoujo-style graphic novel. $14.95

86. Philip Neri, the Laughing Saint

The story of Saint Philip Neri, patron of joy and of laughter, is told in a full-color Shounenstyle graphic novel.


Special Price $2.00

Paul was perhaps one of the most influential early Christian missionaries. The story begins with his days as a persecutor of the early Christians, his conversion on the road to Damascus, his adventures as a missionary, and ending with his eventual imprisonment and martyrdom. $15.99

89. Saint Ignatius of Loyola: Leading the Way This full-color graphic novel tells the story of a knight transformed by Christ and the saints.


Saint Kateri Tekakwitha’s story is brought to life in this comic book rendition of the first Native American saint.


88. Saint Francis of Assisi: Messenger of Peace

This full-color graphic novel tells the story of a glory-seeking knight- turned-peacemaker.



Pauline Books & Media


The Encounter the Saints (ESS) series

retells the lives of the saints, vividly recreating the saint’s place of origin, family life, and relevant historical events.

67. Journeys with Mary ESS

Here are the stories of nine apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary that have been approved by the Church.

$8.95 73. Saint Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes ESS This young French girl received various apparitions of the Blessed Mother at Lourdes; her trust in Mary blessed the world.

$8.95 74. Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton: Daughter of America ESS A convert, wife, mother, religious sister, Catholic school founder, and orphanage opener, Elizabeth captures the mystery of how God’s call unfolds throughout life.

$8.95 75. Saint John Bosco: Champion for the Young ESS

Saint John Bosco was a dreamer and a doer: he loved sports, developed a repertoire of magic tricks and had a knack for connecting with young people and educating them.


77. Saints and Their Stories

This illustrated collection of informative and entertaining stories introduces eighteen popular saints.

76. Saint John Vianney: A Priest for all People ESS

Discover John’s childhood during the French Revolution, his difficult years of study, and his transformation of the parish of Ars.

$7.95 62. 57 Saints

Some of the best-loved saints are profiled in a short-story format that includes biographical information, feast days, and illustrations.


$19.95 66. Catholic Prayers and Devotions/ Oraciones y devociones católicas (Bilingual)

65. Between You & Me, God

Prayers written by kids ages 10–13 reflect upon daily joys and struggles.

Biographies of saints and blesseds whose feast days are celebrated for every day of the year, accompanied by practical explanations.

This collection of prayers in English & Spanish includes basic prayers, prayers to Mary and the saints, Reconciliation, and more! $9.95


83. Totally Catholic! A Catechism for Kids and Their Parents and Teachers Accessible, theologically-sound yet kid-friendly language explains Catholic beliefs and how to engage in the faith. .95


Pauline Books & Media

78. Saints for Young Readers $16.95 Vol. 1 Jan – Jun 79. Saints for Young Readers Vol. 2 Jul – Dec $16.95

69. The Mass Explained For Kids

68. The Kid’s Book of Prayers

Prayers directed at the joys and struggles of everyday life experiences with journaling and activity pages.


Describes what we do at Mass and why, linking liturgical texts with colorcoded explanations.

$2.95 72. Prayers for Young Catholics

Explains the importance of prayer and provides instructions on how to pray. Features a collection of prayers beautifully expressed through interior artwork.



JUNIOR HIGH 100. A Single Bead

103. Treachery and Truth: A Story of Sinners, Servants, and Saints

An intriguing story for teen girls about trauma, loss, the power of the rosary, and finding faith again.

An exciting historical novel for teens that takes place in the Middle Ages featuring Saint Wenceslas as told by his servant.



96. The Locket’s Secret

Fantasy and reality converge as Carrie, a 13-year-old homeschooled girl, struggles to make sense of loss and new beginnings. Themes include: family, fantasy, grief. $8.95

92. a.k.a. Genius

The hilarious story of thirteenyear-old Gabe Carpenter, a genius who can’t even open his own locker. Themes include: self-acceptance, giftedness, humor.

95. He Speaks to You

A daily discernment book for girls that leads to self-discovery, faith exploration, and growing closer to God.


Teens testify to the power of the Word of God in their lives.



94. Genius Under Construction

Gabe—St. Jude’s resident genius—is back for his final year… which means community service and a big decision about where to attend high school.


An adventure/ romance story set against the backdrop of championship snowboarding that deals with the themes of judging others, stress of celebrity status, and expectations.

101. Teen Prayers by Teens


Original prayers by teens, invocations to the saints, and traditional prayers with reflections.

99. Saints Alive: The Gospel Witnessed

Combining the art of dramatic storytelling with biography, Church history, and Catholic teaching and belief, this collection features saints from different eras, continents, and walks of life.

$11.95 93. Devotions to the Holy Spirit with dove emblem on cord

Begin a relationship with the Spirit with these prayers and readings. $5.25

This novelized account of a married Chinese-Filipino layman canonized a saint in 1987 retraces the series of events that led up to his violent martyrdom in 17thcentury feudal Japan.

98. The Perfect Blindside


102. Teens Share the Word

97. Martyred: The Story of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz

$14.95 14

Pauline Books & Media


109. The Joy of Love

In The Joy of Love, Pope Francis continues to guide and lead the Church, calling us to mercy.

108. The Face of Mercy: (Misericordiae Vultus)

In his official bull of indiction, Pope Francis recommends that this Holy Year of Mercy become a time for each person to grow rich in “living out in our daily lives the mercy” which God extends us.

$5.95 112. Works of Mercy Explained


105. Advent with Pope Francis: Daily Reflections and Prayers

Daily Inspiration from Pope Francis for your Advent journey


A Christian answer to one of the oldest and deepest questions that each of us asks: what happens to us when we die?

106. Blessed Are the Stressed

Reflections on the Beatitudes in light of the ups and downs of daily life.


$10.95 104t. The 10 Commandments Explained

111.. Our Lady’s Garden: A Coloring Book for Prayer and Meditation

This illustrated teaching guide delves deeply into the commandments with prayers, reflections, a notebook section and quotes from various saints and theologians.

Beautifully illustrated adult coloring book featuring Marian apparitions and prayers.


$6.95 107. The Creed Explained This illustrated teaching guide walks children through the basic tenets of Catholicism and into a deeper understanding of God by explaining each line of the Creed.


110. 110. Mary Did You Know CD

Enjoy traditional Marian hymns as you reflect upon Mary’s journey as the mother of God alongside the Daughters of St. Paul. This collection of some of the most beautiful and well-loved songs about Mary is a perfect companion for contemplation of Mary-and a heart-warming celebration of her faith and love for God.


Pauline Books & Media


Jclub Magazine Fall 2016  

JClub Catholic Book Fair Magazine Published by Pauline Books and Media. Available in the US at I...

Jclub Magazine Fall 2016  

JClub Catholic Book Fair Magazine Published by Pauline Books and Media. Available in the US at I...