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Children’s Saints/Intermediate

Saint Teresa of Ávila: God’s Troublemaker

What kind of trouble can a nun get into? The kind God calls her to! In answer to God’s invitation, Teresa of Ávila sneaked away from her father to join the Carmelite nuns. But that was just the beginning. Discover how Saint Teresa of Ávila fell in love with Christ, reformed her religious order, and shook up her corner of the world in this beautiful Shoujo-style graphic novel.


$14.95 U.S. ISBN-10: 0-8198-9038-3

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1/16/15 2:55 PM

Saint Teresa Of Avila  

The Shoujo-Manga style graphic novel opens with a young Teresa running away from her home in Spain to convert the Moors and be a martyr for...

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