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Getting involved… Special events in our family’s life • Add a highlight from your family’s life

• Add a highlight from your family’s life • Add a highlight from your family’s life

“To catch the reader’s attention, place an interesting sentence or quote from the story here.”

30 Prisoners Getting Married By: Monica Rodriguez

Mercedes Jaime wanted to change the world. Make people happy and

enjoy life at its full potential. She wanted to help the people that need help. So

she started to work in the Penal, to help the families and the prisoners to live their life as good as it can and have a little bit of fun.

The Beginning of Her Project Mercedes Jaime is a woman, 69 years Recently she has organize an event were she old, working in Voluntarias Vicentinas de marries about 30 prisoners. This Friday Monterrey AC in Centro Pro Penal. She October 29, 2010 the weddings took place in helps the community by volunteering and the prison in a room were Mercedes Jaime was

working at prison by helping the families ready with all the necessary things so it would of those who are inside the prison. She not take so long. She had all the papers ready,

has worked for about 25 years and she so when the couple came over to her, they just organizes events in each of the holidays needed to sign the papers and when they were for the families of the prisoners. For finished with that they could only spend some example in Christmas she organize certain time together enjoying their piece of posadas, and has family members help cake. She helped them fulfill their dream and her so it can be successful, and about 100 to help them have a terrific family. persons attend to the party.

She wants to make a difference. December 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● BehindTheShadows ● ASFM

Going Beyond Expectations By: Isabella Tancredi

Miranda was born with hearing problems since the day she was born. In order to listen to what the teacher had to say, she needed a hearing device. At only age 5, the hearing device she depends on, is very valuable and expensive equipment, but in order to be able to listen along to conversations like a child

normally does, this device is the only thing that will allow her to do so. One day, as Miranda was getting home from school panic struck her when she realized that she didn’t have the hearing aid. Thoughts raised to her as to how she was going to be able to interact normally in her daily life. She put up posters all around the school to make everyone aware of it, but after several days of looking for it, nothing came up. Due to the high cost of this device, it would not be easy for her family to buy another one. Valentina Salvador got into action the moment she saw these posters put up. Her idea was simple: Begin a fundraiser to help Miranda buy a new hearing aid, and this is what she has to say about it…

Q: How old are you? V: I am 10, but when I started the fundraiser I was 9. Q: What was it that you did? V: I raised money for a girl from my school who lost her hearing aid and was having a little trouble buying a new one. It wasn’t allowing her to hear conversations or her classes. Q: What inspired you to help her? V: The moment I saw the poster that was asking to see if anybody had found her device I just knew I had to help her. She had been looking for it for a long time and it still hadn’t been found. Q: Do you know the girl you helped? V: No, she was a total stranger to me, not even from my generation. The only thing that related me to her was that she is from my school. Q: Why did you decide to help her? V: She was very young and I felt bad that I was able to hear perfectly, while she couldn't. Q: How much did the device cost? V: It costs about $18,000 pesos. Q: How much did you raise? V: I raised about $12,000 pesos. Q: How did you earn so much? V: I sold some of my toys and things, and went around asking for money donations, explaining the situation. My dad took the can to his office and everyone helped.

December 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● BehindTheShadows ● ASFM

El Sillatón By: Sofia Segovia

El Sillatón is an annual event mostly made by CECVAC girl students of Monterrey. This event has been hosted and created by students, teachers and even parents. Approximately they’ve helped 600 children and young adults of Nuevo León. Their goal is to donate wheelchairs and equipment for people with different capacities. This will be the tenth year El Sillatón occurs therefore there will be a concert in order to cover funds called Beatlemania. Beatlemania will be happening in November 23 at Auditorio Banamex. This is an excellent opportunity for students getting involved with people their own age who need their help. El Sillatón brings both smiles and tears throughout many faces. This is an event that is guaranteed to leave a permanent print in everyones hearts .

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December 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● BehindTheShadows ● ASFM Your Family’s Name ● (242) 555-0193

Iniciativa México By: Alejandro Guajardo

Iniciativa Mexico is a national project that is trying to rescue Mexico who, as we know is a beautiful place to live that has lots of rich people, and to recognize the people that work for our mexico that we all want. Iniciativa Mexico is pretending to happen Marco del Bicentenario de la Independencia and El Centenario de la Revolución Mexicana which is a call for action. That is why this project is send out to people, institutios, or organizations who has an idea or wants to turn around our country by presenting the projects socially or ecologically so that a good and positive effect comes from this. The top best projects would be granted and taken place by the help of Televisa, which is going to help economically so that this can happen. The president of the República Mexicana, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa recognized yesterday Raúl Hernández as the winner of the project Iniciativa México, for his proposal of"Agua para todos". During the awards they recognize him for the effort to improve the quality of the mexican society. With 30 years of work, the project, Raúl Hernández benefited around 200 thousands people, with his project that will give lower class communities water recourse. What is this about?

IGPM By: Alejandro Villasana

This association, is about letting mexican golf professional players go and fight to accomplish their dream, to play in the elite golf league, PGA. Sometimes players with extreme talent don't achieve their goal. due to the lack of money, which leads to a less quality for preparedeness and less oportunities to be big. The associations goal, is to gather money and donate it, to the professionals so that they can have an oportunity to accomplish their dream and have the same level forpreparedness than other profesionals around the world. Every year, i organize a social tournment. I invite 20 golf professionals, which are the recievers of the money gathered. The tournment consists in that every professional is playing with a group for the entire golf round. Every person's entry has a cost of 5,000 pesos, and there 5 players per professional. People love the experience of playing with the most talented players in the country. December 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● BehindTheShadows ● ASFM


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