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Mission Atlantis Explore depths of the ocean. Your journey begins now!

Stage 1

Build your Submarine Welcome to the Mission Atlantis. You’ve been selected to be part of qualified crew of your Submarine. Your ultimate goal is to find mysterious land of Atlantis.

Unfortunately your Submarine is unable to explore depths of the Ocean yet. It needs to be equipped with indispensable items. To buy them, you need to collect certain amount of % – which is official currency in SubStore. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! There is a captain of your Submarine, responsible for Mission Atlantis.

Stage 1: Build your Submarine

Your Captains








Stage 1: Build your Submarine

Pointing system Stage 1 of Mission Atlantis is focusing on getting OGX applications for your LC, and with every application each LC will get closer to meeting their goal.

After reaching certain % of the applications goal, you will be able to purchase a part to your submarine in order to build the best submarine in AIESEC New Zealand for the journey ahead to Atlantis. Your Captains have set the target for your Submarines. Remember, your way towards Atlantis depends on how well equipped your Submarine is!

Stage 1: Build your Submarine

SubStore percentage of target reached (OGX applications)

Equipment you get




Extra engine


Inertial guidance system for navigation


Reverse osmosis unit to produce fresh water


A cook is on board!


Never-ending rum supply


Party room in your Submarine

100% Map to Atlantis

Stage 1: Build your Submarine

What are you waiting for? It is now up to you and your LC to build a Submarine that is bigger, faster and stronger than all the other Submarines in New Zealand by gaining the largest proportion of applications compared to your LC’s goal. We have great expectations for every single Submarine out there and we are confident each submarine will delve to new depths. Now you have finished reading this, get out there and get those sign-ups, it is only a few weeks till the end of cycle one when we will launch the Submarines and start the search for Atlantis. Submarine Captains signing out.

AIESEC NZ | Mission Atlantis  

Description of internal campaign for Cycle 1 promotion in AIESEC New Zealand.

AIESEC NZ | Mission Atlantis  

Description of internal campaign for Cycle 1 promotion in AIESEC New Zealand.