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Interior Design has been thought of in every space that you enter. It isn’t just about adding a few decorations in a space but much more wider than that. Interior Design focuses on making a function of a space work as well as making it beautiful to look at . This can also change your mood and welbeing by simply altering the colours, composition, shape, scale and space. A space such as a house should always have a theme that it generates. All rooms shouldn’t be identical but should share simplarites. Key elements that should be thought of when desinging: • • • •

Colour Scale Theme/ Style Focal Points

My main objective for this unit is to understand different functions of a cliff home. I will be exploring the Interior Design of spaces rather than just focusing on the Architecture side. This has been my choice as I want to explore Interior Design in depth. I will be focusing mainly on Cliff and summer homes and cimbining them together through out my project.

Cliff homes

• • • • • • • • •

Living on the edge Embrace nature Urban Different Create adventure Dangerously precarious home Panoramic view Thrilling

Vacation Homes

• • • • •

Relaxation Peace Spacious Minimilistic / simple Beautiful location

My box

South London Gallery

These are photographs I have taken when visiting the South London Gallery in Peckham. This visit will be used as inspiration for this project. The main gallery which showed off his work I didn’t understand as much. However, I still managed to take on some knowledge of his thinking by the way he layed out the space. I learnt from this visit is how an artist shows different culture, connection and his history through his work. The artist orginates from Columbia. He has shown this through the different food packaging places in the center of the wall in a long line. Representing a time line or stages of his past to his present. The chest tables represent the gambling happening in Columbia right. The beer lids still left on them showing whats left on the table when the area has been left. I also found the round cemet balls on the floor very intriguing. I didn’t quite understand the idea of them but they gave me a sense of annoyance as they were placed randomly. This made a couple of my peers also trip over them. I personally thought they could represent a life journey as there will be a bump in the road and you might stop and fall but you’ll get back up and keep moving.

These are photos of the artists own recordining of him in columbia following a local man selling lottery ticks.

20 SEP – 1DEC 2013 ADMISSION FREE As an active component of his exhibition, Oscar Murillo has devised a lottery. The silkscreenprinted tickets are shown here, alongside the copper table on which the artist and a member of his family apply the oil paint and number to recentely sold tickers on most Saturday afternoons throughout the exhibition period. Every Saturday from 2-6pm a calligrapher also works at the table, inscribing sold tickers with the names of their purchasers‌

Latest work  
Latest work