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HOOLIZINE Paulina Andrade



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Tolerance in society Tolerance is the way you accept behaviors, beliefs, ideas, feelings that are different from yours. Being tolerant is the key for coexisting in this society, accepting others the way they are and the way they think can make a little change society’s close mind ideas. No two people in the world are exactly alike, everyone has its own experiences and its own point of view and you do not have to like or believe in the same as others, you only need to be open for learning about those differences, being open to learning about the people that is around without having a negative attitude, tolerance is treating others the way you would like to be treated. The importance of tolerance is to accept new ideas for creating a society with more people of open mind and put the example of those who have the future in their hands accepting different points of view for coexisting in society. Gives you the chance of growing as a person having complete general culture by knowing different customs and beliefs It can also help you in different circumstances, it can open your doors and give you new opportunities, it is not only for own benefit, tolerance is for give and receive the chance of learning new ideas by others perspective and with this develop as a country. Tolerance is the most important value for our daily life because is the way of accepting ones to each other’s, respecting people’s ideas, beliefs, behaviors and feelings. It need to become a habit for making a better society without problems and misunderstandings. Having tolerance, making the change. 4

Beauty postal Nature is amazing Nature is lovely Sometimes is sweltering And sometimes is cheeky

Under skies full of stars Without luxurious cars Rosy flowers Greeny grass

Beauty beach Strong waves Beauty forest Snappy air

Let’s enjoy For having fun And take care Of our beauty world


NOT You are not your age, Nor the size of clothes you wear, You are not a weight, Or the colour of your hair. You are not your name, Or the dimples in your cheeks, You are all the books you read, And all the words you speak, You are your croaky morning voice, And the smiles you try to hide, You’re the sweetness in your laughter, And every tear you’ve cried, You’re the songs you sing so loudly, When you know you’re all alone, You’re the places that you’ve been to, And the one that you call home, You’re the things that you believe in, And the people that you love, You’re the photos in your bedroom, And the future you dream of, You’re made of so much beauty, But hat you forgot, When you decided that you were defined, By all the things you’re not it seems. -e.h


The teddy bear in love Once upon a time there was a group of three friends who met at school, although one of them was a higher grade, they were inseparable although they see each other daily in the school, they went out everywhere together, to the movies, to take dinner, they even go to travel. One day, they decide to explore Guanajuato, so they went to San Miguel de Allende and Guillermo saw a white teddy bear and he decided to give it to Fidela because her favorite color was white and she was her best friend, when Guillermo bought the white teddy bear he was with Philip and Fidela was with Julian, they were seeing bracelets and necklaces made by hand, Julian bought her a white bracelet and Philip said to Julian that it was a good moment for asking Fidela to be his girlfriend but in that moment Guillermo gave to Fidela the teddy bear and the “special” moment finished, they looked for a place to eat Mexican food because that was something they have in common, they favorite food is Mexican food, they founded a place call “El bigote feliz” they liked the idea of Mexican moustaches so they enter to eat, while they were eating Philip said that the teddy bear has a black hand and Fidela get mad with him because black is her “bad luck color” but when they looked at the teddy bear it was not a joke, the hand of the teddy bear was black so Guillermo thought that he bought like that the teddy bear but Philip said that the teddy bear wasn’t like that, it was completely white, Julian gave the option of going back with the women who sold them the teddy bear, after eating the Mexican food, they came back to the place the women was selling the teddies, but the moment was not at the same place she was, Philip and Guillermo were sure that she was selling her commodity there, they wanted to ask for help but the only one who knew how to speak Spanish perfectly was Julian, so he asked to the women that bought them the bracelet that where do they can find the women that sell teddy bears, the women said to them that she haven’t saw her, that it was the first time that women was working in that area and after selling them the teddy bear , Fidela, as always was so scared because that women escaped without giving any explanation about the color change of the teddy bear, Philip was thinking about why does she run away after selling us that white teddy bear, Guillermo and Julian where asking for other places where they can buy souvenirs or things made by hand, a man said to them that sometimes people use to put some places and sell things in the down town of San


Miguel de Allende but when they were asking Guillermo saw the woman at the other side of the street, Julian and he started running but when they need to cross the street cars started moving and when they stopped the women was not there, it was only a teddy bear, what would happened? Fidela calmed down and they continue knowing the city, taking photos and going to museums, they were talking about their physics teacher and the difficult final exam they had last week, while they were walking, Guillermo had the great idea of going to see “Las momias de Guanajuato” it wasn’t that far, so, they go to the parking lot where they left the car, Fidela decided to left the white teddy bear with the black hand at the trunk and they take way to Guanajuato, were the museum was, there were noises at the back and Fidela started to tell Guillermo to stop the car, and they did not wanted, Philip said to Fidela that the noises she listen were on her head, “stop the music!” said Julian, Guillermo angry, stopped the music and Philip started laughing, “shut up” said Felipa, the noises were little bit louder, now, Guillermo and Philip can listen to the noises Felipa was talking about, Julian said that the noises came from the trunk, that Guillermo needed to stop the car, Philip said that they were at 15 minutes to arrive, they were a little bit scared. When they arrived, they left the car in another parking lot, they opened with fear and now, the teddy bear was half black and half white, Fidela asked to Guillermo that if there was a problem if she throw the teddy bear to the trash can and Guillermo was agree with Fidela, and while they were walking to the museum, Fidela confessed to Guillermo that she liked Julian to which he replied “Do you think I did not know that? I can notice from afar that you like him and that he likes you” Fidela’s face showed a big smile, she can’t believe that Julian likes her, Guillermo promised to Fidela that he will help them to be something more than friends, in that moment, Julian approached them and Guillermo left to leave them alone, Fidela was with rosy cheeks and she started to notice that Julian got nervous and she feel happy about it, when they arrived to the museum they were together and Philip just bother them, but they feel little bit uncomfortable but happy about what was going on between them, after the museum they went to take an ice-cream, they were talking about the las movie they saw, the sun was coming down and they decided to go for the car and go to the hotel, when they arrived at the car the teddy bear was in the place where Felipa was sitting, She screamed, scaring her friends, Guillermo took the teddy bear and leave it in the trash can of the parking lot again, it was getting late, the moon had already


appeared and the air began to blow harder, they were tired and the only thing they wanted to do was to sleep. When they went to the hotel they heard some strange sounds in the trunk, but they tried to avoid the sound and the volume of the music went up, when they arrived at the hotel and handed the car, the man opened the trunk to take the bags and In the end he took the teddy bear and put it on the Fidela’s suitcase, she screamed, again, and when Julian grabbed the teddy bear it turned completely black, Fidela said “wait, do not throw it” and she grabbed the teddy bear, instantly touched it, began to change color back to white and she let it fall, turning black again, Philip grabbed the teddy bear and took it to the room in which he will sleep with Guillermo, everyone was tired and the only thing they wanted to do was sleep, so they went to their rooms and sleep. The next day, when Fidela woke up, teddy bear was next to her, it was white color but she was angry because she thought that Guillermo had put it next to her, to scare her, in his anger, Julian tickled, for taking out that beautiful smile that made him felt in love. Fidela and Julian went to the hotel’s restaurant and there were also Guillermo and Philip, Fidela go with Guillermo to said him why did he did that and before Fidela’s speech Guillermo said to her “The teddy bear has gone, instead of the teddy bear it was a little note that said that he was going for the real love of his life, but it is a teddy bear, not feelings, not life, I am really worried about what would happened with the teddy bear” Fidela was surprised with everything that Guillermo said, she was in shock, she tell him to sit down, she went for a coffee and when she came back she told him what happened and what she thought, Guillermo, Philip and Julian were in shock too, they said that it would be a good idea to return to the place in which Guillermo bought the teddy bear, they got into the car and they went to the same place, Julian took the teddy bear, it started to turn into black color, so he leave it in Fidela’s legs and it started to turn into white color, he was a little bit surprised, so he took again the teddy bear and it started to turn into black, then Fidela took the teddy bear and it started to turn white, when Philip and Guillermo took the teddy bear it also turned into black color, their feelings were confused but they also were scared they have many questions and no answers, why does the teddy bear is white only when Fidela touched him? Finally, when they were a block from the place, Guillermo saw the women, he decided to get out of the car alone and go without scandal, Guillermo greeted the woman and asked her all the questions and doubts that he


had, even though the woman looked very calm she did not answered the questions that he was asking, Guillermo in his desperation, shouted at her, telling her to say something, the only thing the women said was “The teddy bear is in love, the only one that can solve it is you, said the true, send the bear” Guillermo did not understand anything, so he turned his head to see Fidela but when he turned around the woman was gone, afraid of not knowing the truth, he returned to the car, told his friends everything that had happened and decided to give the teddy bear to a little girl because of truths he did not know, when they returned to the hotel, the teddy bear was there, they were really scared and they started to analyze what do they did wrong and what does the woman said. Philip was tired of not knowing about that “true” that the women talked about and he said to Guillermo that if he had hidden a secret, Guillermo without security said “no” and he took the teddy bear, the teddy bear started to put in black, everyone was scary, but Guillermo said “I like you Fidela” the teddy bear turned into white, Philip was in shocked, Julian was angry and Fidela was confused. Philip said that the only thing they have to do was selling the teddy bear, because the truth is told, for that part, everyone was calm and happy, they decided to discuss the truth later, went out to sell the teddy bear and returned to their country, Guillermo talked with Fidela and Julian, told them to be happy together and that he would always be their friend despite the truth, that was a lie. The teddy bear was beside Guillermo, the color wasn’t white.



Pally girl with an Authentic and Unique personality Lovely and Innocent person with Nice attitude, little bit Abnormal