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  In  Delta  Company  the  Timberwolves  have  been  working   hard  preparing  for  the  upcoming  deployment.    Starting   with  Task  Force  Organization  at  the  beginning  of  the   year  and  the  Joint  Operations  Access  Exercise  (JOAX)   more  recently,  D  Co.  has  been  well  engaged  in  support   of  the  Wolfpack.      

Task Organization  means  the  D  Co.  Hangar  now  houses  Apaches,   Blackhawks,  and  Kiowa  Warriors  which  now  comprise  the  Wolfpack   fleet.  

Although sadly,  we  had  to  part  with  many  beloved   Soldiers  as  part  of  the  task  organization,  there  are  also   eleven  new  Timberwolves  from  2-­‐82;  D  Co.  extends  a   warm  welcome  to  these  Soldiers  and  hopes  they  feel  at   home.      

A special  congratulations  is  extended  to  the  youngest  new  members  of  the  pack:  1SG  White,  SSG    Tann,  SGT   Garcia,  SPC  Leonard,  SPC  Boykin,  SPC  Lumpkins,  PFC  Hardin,  and  PV2  Arroyo,   are  proud  parents  of  the  newest  members  of  the  pack!   Along  with  the  many  daily  maintenance  tasks,  Delta  Company  is  currently   performing  phase  maintenance  on  an  Apache  helicopter  which  amounts  to  a   complete  breakdown,  inspection,  and  rebuild  of  the  aircraft.    Already  this   year,  the  Timberwolves  have   Newly  constructed  pull-­‐up  bars  now  adorn   participated  in  two  small   the  area  in  front  of  the  hangar.   arms  ranges  and  supported   the  Wolfpack  gunnery  exercises  as  well  as  the  Ft.  Bragg  JOAX   with  around  the  clock   maintenance.      

The Timberwolves  have  disassembled  this  Apache  as  part  of   its  "500  Hour  Phase."  

In addition  to  SPC  Carlin’s   promotion  to  E-­‐4,  SFC   Baker  was  selected  for   promotion  to  E-­‐8  and  

SGT Willis  to  E-­‐6.    SGT  Trottier  also  deserves  recognition  for  his   commendable  marks  as  the  Tool  Room  and  Waste  Management  NCOIC   during  the  recent  ARMS   inspection.    For  this  achievement   he  was  awarded  an  Army   Achievement  Medal.   Timberwolves  PV2  Garcia,  PFC  Cox,   SPC  Leonard,  SPC  Leuschner,  SGT   Arsenault,  and  SSG  Kelly  earned   the  German  Proficiency  Badge  just   prior  to  last  year’s  end.  

MARCH 2011  

Soldiers fire  from  the  kneeling  as  part  of  the  M-­‐4   Qualification.  

Shops Platoon's  PFC  Guertin  inspects  a  701D   engine  from  the  Apache.  

Finally,  three  Soldiers  from  Shops   Platoon  were  recognized  for   spontaneous,  selfless,  community   service.    Thanks  to  SGT  Thow,  CPL   Hopper,  and  SPC  Covarrubias  for   doing  the  right  thing  when  no  one   was  looking.  

March Timberwolves Newsletter  

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March Timberwolves Newsletter  

March News